Losing your game because of inaccurately measured distances? Well, that is one reason you should not be losing for! What’s science and technology for then? To take you to the next level of perfect golf, Bushnell has included another rangefinder in its stock that is even more accurate than the others- The Bushnell Tour Z6 Rangefinder!

Now, if you are familiar with rangefinders already, you might think that it is similar to the last generation of its series- the Tour V2. But, it’s not. In fact, it’s even better. So, to help you know it is the rangefinder you need we have made this Bushnell Tour Z6 review. Stay with us through this and you will know if it has what you are looking for. Here goes the Bushnell Tour Z6 review:

bushnell tour z6 review

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The Bushnell Tour Z6 Review

We discussed enough Golf Rangefinders in our website before. In fact, we actually did reviews on Bushnell Tour V4 vs V3 & Bushnell Pro X7 before. But this one is different.

Features of Bushnell Tour Z6

Obviously, we will start with the features of this interesting rangefinder. Trust us, there’s a lot to talk about here in the features arena.

JOLT Technology

The feature that makes Bushnell tour Z6 unique is the JOLT technology it comes with. It’s quite common for players to think that they have got the distance to not the target but a tree or something behind it even with PinSeeker technology. But, worry no more. The embedded JOLT technology sends out short vibrating bursts to help the PinSeeker technology do its job of eliminating other objects in the background of the flag even well. So, it’s time you were sure that you got the right distance.

Vivid Display Technology

Tour Z6 includes the vivid display technology which provides us with better contrasted, clear views. Also, it provides the display information in red making it easier to read. Lastly, it dramatically improves the light transmission as well. So, if your preference is clearer view for a rangefinder, this is what you need!


The rangefinder is battery-powered. Moreover, it uses CR2 3-volt battery which is quite available everywhere and also very cost-effective. In addition, the manufacturers recommended replacing the battery every six months for higher efficiency.


The Bushnell Tour Z6 can measure ranges starting from 5 yards to 1300 yards. In fact, it accurately measures 450+ yards to flags and 900 yards to trees.

Magnificationbushnell tour z6

Any good range finder must have a minimum magnification of 4X. In fact, Bushnell Tour Z6 has a magnification of 6X which makes it a really good rangefinder and a treat for the eyes of the user.


The Bushnell Tour Z6 is not just great in quality but in being fashionable as well. It is a vertically oriented sharp looking device with only two buttons on it. One is the power/laser button and the other is the mode button which is used for determining the setup. Moreover, it comes with a carry pouch that has both a zipper and a magnetic latch. As for its looks, it looks marvelous with a smooth white aluminum trim extending from its front to back.

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If you are terrified of losing your grip and turning your valued properties into pieces, then you need not be terrified anymore! Because Tour Z6 comes with a grip made of textured black rubber which makes it easy to grip, harder to slip and better to look at!


Feel carefree like never before about ranges while you make decisions before shots. Because the Tour Z6 has an accuracy of ½ yards for ranges of 5-125 yards. Much more accurate than what your caddie or your eyes tell you, isn’t it?

Laser Technology

It uses laser technology to measure distances rather than GPS. Hence, this rangefinder is much more accurate in what it does.


Afraid to play during rain because your rangefinder cannot help you? Welcome to the end of the cave era! The Tour Z6 has a waterproof body plus a rain-guard coating on the lens to keep aiding you even during the worst weathers like a true friend.


It has only one mode- the PinSeeker mode.


You can feel safe about spending money on Tour Z6 as this rangefinder comes with a warranty of 2 years!


  1. Easy to use
  2. Convenient structure.
  3. Lightweight and compactly made.
  4. Wide field of view.
  5. JOLT technology assures correct range measurement.
  6. Clearer and brighter view.
  7. Low maintenance cost. (Battery)
  8. Two-year warranty.
  9. Legal for tournaments.
  10. Accurate by ½ yards.
  11. S.P- Extreme. Speed. Precision.
  12. 6X magnification.


  1. Need of firmly pressing the firing button to activate it.
  2. No automatic scan feature, so cannot pan across targets and measure ranges for a number of objects simultaneously.
  3. More expensive compared to other rangefinders.
  4. No slope adjustment technology.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can this measure how far the ball went?

Answer: Absolutely! You can use this rangefinder to determine the distance to anything within its range.

  1. Does it work well in foggy conditions?

Answer: It totally depends on the density of the fog. Denser fogs make the rangefinders measurements less accurate. But, it works fine in mild fogs. Also, rain limits its accuracy.

  1. Does it come with a carry bag?

Answer: Yes, it does. One with both a zipper and a magnetic latch.

  1. How is it different from other rangefinders?

Answer: The main difference between tour Z6 and other rangefinders is the JOLT technology which the Z6 has and other rangefinders do not.

  1. Will it be difficult to use it wearing glasses?

Answer: Not at all. People even use it wearing sunglasses and they face no problem at all.

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Hopefully, you know all there is to know about this amazing little piece of technology. Now, compare it with other rangefinders on your list and you will definitely find it better than them.Then, buy the rangefinder you deserve and require and rule the golf course like never before! It might be a bit pricey but you should prefer quality over everything, right? This little expenditure might help you to win much more than what you imagined. Lastly, we hope with all our heart that our Bushnell Tour Z6 review was able to help you.

1 thought on “Bushnell Tour Z6 Review

  1. Z6 is a FAILURE,DUD and disappointment… I had several bushnels previous to z6 1500, 1600,v3. It has good touch and accurate as other bushnells but it surely eats up battery like nothing else. Lately, it seems the battery analysts a week at most and I have been using trusty 1600. Unfortunately, I have lost that couple of weeks ago and I have ordered a new Nikon with better warranty.

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