Are you a golf enthusiast? Do you wish to become a pro golfer? Do you have difficulty in finding a perfect rangefinder? Well look no further, because we have just the rangefinder for you.  This is a complete Bushnell Pro X7 review. The Bushnell Pro X7, with its state-of-the-art technology is cheat to becoming the next Tiger Woods.

The Bushnell Pro X7 has a very nice sturdy construction, giving you the perfect balance and comfort to hold it in your hands. It is also waterproof, making it the perfect rangefinder to use in any weather condition. Speaking of weather conditions, the Vivid Display Technology (VDT) ensures that you can have a wonderful display regardless of how sunny or dark the sky is. As a result, you can read the screen in any light condition.

Along with the Vivid Display Technology, a new feature that the Bushnell Pro X7 brings in is the “Jolt.” The jolt happens when you lock on to a flag, giving you the solid target you need in order to be the very best. There are two adjustments possible in the eyepiece. One piece assists you to lock on your target. The other is beneficial if you wear glasses. You place it up to your eye and press the button once which turns it on. Very simple and thoughtful. Hold the bulls-eye over the flag and press the button again and immediately release it to lock on the flag and you will feel the jolt work.It also works fast, making it the best rangefinder out there.

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We all know that the landscape is not always plain. There are ridges and ditches. The Bushnell Pro X7 has Slope Compensation. It measures the distances and fine-tunes the elevation changes per the degree of slope. Other features are the Pin Seeker with Jolt technology which helps you lock in on the flag and the second generation Extreme Speed Precision (E.S.P). which deliver near to zero error precision yardages in a matter of seconds. They, in collaboration with the Vivid Display Technology, drastically improve the quality of colors, provide better and clearer images and help in the transmission of light. These attributes make the Bushnell Pro X7 the best golf laser rangefinder in the world.

With 7x magnification and pre premium HD optics that make sure you have flawless pictures under any brightness, the Bushnell Pro X7 has a ½ yard accuracy from 5 to 125 yards. It is lightweight and measures 5.5 x 4.25 x 2- inches in dimension.

So how does a Bushnell’s Laser Rangefinders Work?

Ready to know how this rangefinder works? Well in this section of the Bushnell pro x7 review, we will talk about exactly that. There is a Class 1 Laser beam, FDA approved, in the Bushnell Pro X7. Lasers shoot out and rebound off objects with the touch of a button. A high-speed digital clock is installed within the Pro X7. It calculates the time taken for the laser beams to go hit an object and come back. With the help of advanced technology, the rangefinder immediately measures the distance with a plus or minus 1 yard range and shows the distance on the LCD screen, which can be seen through the lens. The results can be seen either in yards or meters, as per the user’s wish. This whole process, from pressing the button to the information being displayed, happens in about a fraction of a second, making the Bushnell Pro X7 one of the fastest and most user friendly laser rangefinder of all time.

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Key Features

  • PinSeeker with JOLT Technology
  • Precise to 1/2 yard.
  • 5 yards to 1 mile ranging limit
  • 2nd Generation Extreme. Speed. Precision.
  • Vivid Display Technology (VDT)
  • Targets seem closer because of 7x Magnification with HD Optics
  • Slope Compensation
  • Posy-Thread Battery Door.
  • Approved for tours
  • Water resistant.
  • Has a warranty of 2 years.
  • 3-Volt 123 battery
  • Sturdy case.

Slope Compensation and Battery

The Slope Compensation built within has the capability to measure and modify the distance between the user and the target, regardless of the slope of the field. This makes it smooth and easy for the user to determine his moves. All it takes is 1 Lithium Metal battery to run this monster.

Ranging and WaterproofBushnell Pro X7 Review

The most powerful laser rangefinder in the world, the Bushnell Pro X7 features amazing ranging attributes, about 550+ yards to a flag. The Bushnell Pro X7 is precise to 1/2 yard with its 7x magnification and HD optics. Its tour certification means that you can dominate the tours with this and another plus point is that the Bushnell Pro X7 is waterproof. Rain or sunshine, this bad boy is your tool to greatness.

PinSeeker with Jolt Technology

The Pin Seeker helps the users to easily acquire the target without capturing background objects. If there are numerous objects in the surrounding, the object closer to the user is portrayed on the LCD display. The brand new JOLT technology enhances this even further. Short vibrations are triggered to support the laser’s lock on the flag, so that you can hit the target with the same yardage as much as you want, without any alterations.

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Extreme. Speed. Precision. Second Generation Technology

Distance is calculated faster and more precisely with the second generation Extreme. Speed. Precision. (E.S.P. 2). With lightning fast speed, the Bushnell Pro X7 provides accurate measurements from 5-125 yards distance and converts them to 1/10th of a yard.

Vivid Display Technology

The optical enhancements in this rangefinder ensures drastic improvement of the quality of photos displayed, the color differences and the transmission of light. Projection displays are a class apart. The Vivid Display Technology (VDT) also makes sure that users see the displays clearly under any light condition by making the screens bright and LCDs.


  • Excellent accuracy
  • Vivid display
  • Jolt technology makes it fast to calculate distances and lock on targets
  • Performs well if prisms are implanted on flags
  • Objects seem larger than usual
  • Study and durable case


  • Large size. The Bushnell Pro X7 is large and thereforehas to be kept in a bag and cannot be hung from the belt
  • Only 2 years of warranty, whereas some give you a lifetime warranty.
  • Display may stop working after warranty runs out
  • Readings over and over on the same flag from exactly the same location the distance can fluctuate by about =/- about a 1.5 yards even though the sales pitch says it is accurate to +/- 1/2 yard from 5 to 125 yards

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1. Is this vertical or horizontal?

This would be horizontal.

2. Is the display bright?

Yes it is.

All in all, what matters is what you prioritize the most- the size, the weight, to hang it on your belt or to store it safely in your bag, the quality of the images, the longevity, the features etc. The Bushnell Pro X7 is a magnificent rangefinder with a wide range of valuable properties. This is the best laser rangefinder in the world. This is what the Pros use. Get the perfect precision. GET THE JOLT!

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