Looking for a set of golf clubs for a beginner?

  1. Starting off your journey as a golfer ought to be done right. A good set of clubs will help you do just that.
  2. You are looking to share the game that you hold so dearly with someone else. Having a good set of clubs will help them.


3. When you started playing you used sets that you were given. Now that you know you enjoy the game, it may be a good time to go all in.

Best Set Of Golf Clubs For Beginners

It is surprising to note the difference that having a good set of clubs as a beginner will have on your golfing journey. What a good set of clubs delivers in abundance is belief. This is done by making your shots just a little bit easier than they would have otherwise been.

Your mistakes are not amplified either. The untrained eye will not be able to tell when you mishit the ball. It is only with time and improvement that you will start to see just how far you have come.

If you are a senior beginner just starting out, then we have put together a special Best Golf Clubs Seniors post here.

In A Hurry?

Not in the mood for some reading? Oh well, let’s see what we can do about that. We decided that we should perhaps take this a step further. This saw us compare our five top picks to see which one we would go with.

The premise was that if we were in a store to get the set of golf clubs for a friend which ones would we settle on. We then asked ourselves the same question, except this time it was if we were getting it for ourselves. Fortunately, the answers were largely the same.

It could have been embarrassing if we were to choose a pricier one for ourselves but not for our proverbial friend. It is human nature.

Anyhow, we agreed that our top pick is the Callaway Strata Complete Golf Set.

It includes a 460cc driver, fairway wood, irons, a hybrid and a putter. The price is reasonable for such a top brand. We also loved that it comes with a lightweight bag. You will find a detailed review below.

Our Test Winner After 40 + Hours Of Research:

Callaway Mens Strata Plus Complete Golf Set 16-Piece

Our Honest Star Rating

Why is it the BEST?

  • Reasonably priced for a higher quality golf set
  • Lightweight and easy to carry Bag
  • 460cc forged driver with a titanium head and large sweet spot
  • The irons are made of stainless steel
  • Very forgiving having stainless steel irons
  • Headcover included with driver and wood for safety
  • Lightweight stand bag with a good number of pockets to organize.
Our Score





40 +




Our top 5 Best Set Of Golf Clubs For Beginners

Getting a set means that you have early exposure to a varied range of clubs. This allows you to develop all sorts of skills and techniques as you progress in your game.

Over time, the difference cannot be denied. Beginner level is a formative stage. Most of the things that you admire about professional players can be traced back to this season in their life. It is not one that should be taken lightly. At the same time, it is also the same stage where some of the bad habits and poor technique are developed.

It is amazing how difficult it can become to try and get rid of them later on. Bad habits die hard.

As we do, we sought to find the best set of golf clubs for beginners. We wanted it to be a set that we would proudly give to our loved ones as a gift and know that their golfing journey is catered for. This would mean the inclusion of various irons.

If you're a female beginner, then you may require a slightly different club - check out our Best Golf Clubs For Women article.

It also had to be of good quality. Based on the gift premise, we want to give good gifts. Instead of one, we actually found 5 sets. You will get information about them shortly. At least one of them should meet your requirements.

1. Callaway Strata Complete Golf Set - TOP PICK

Callaway Womens Strata Plus Complete Golf Set (14-Piece)

Our Honest Star Rating

Callaway Strata complete golf includes 12 pieces in the set. It is designed to provide maximum performance for the beginner and experienced players right out of the box.

It includes clubs that will deliver a good performance from the tee all the way through to the hole. For distance, there is a lightweight 460cc forged driver. It boasts of a titanium head that grants you more forgiveness on your long shots.

There is a fairway wood that is just as forgiving. There is more emphasis on the aerodynamics on the design of the head of this one. It has a lofted angle of 15.5-degrees.

The #5 hybrid provides the best alternative to difficult long irons for playing a variety of shots. It also features a reasonably large head. There is a large sweet spot to go with it. It has a 26-degree lofted angle. It is made out of stainless steel.

For the irons, you will get the 6, 7, 8 and 9. The lofted angles range from 28-degrees, 32-degrees, 36-degrees and a 40-degree loft. There combine control with forgiveness.

The putter is of the mallet variety. This guarantees you a more accurate putting experience. There is an alignment feature to guide your shots.

The overall set provides a great combination of distance, forgiveness and control for the golfer which makes the game easier and more enjoyable.

The lightweight stand bag is highly durable. It comes with five convenient pockets with an additional cooler pocket, a rain hood and backpack strap system.  

You can get them in both left and right-hand variants.

We have also reviewed the Best Women’s Golf Club for Beginners, so check them out as well.


  • Reasonably priced for a higher quality golf set
  • Lightweight and easy to carry Bag
  • 460cc forged driver with a titanium head and large sweet spot
  • The irons are made of stainless steel
  • Very forgiving having stainless steel irons
  • Headcover included with driver and wood for safety
  • Lightweight stand bag with a good number of pockets to organize.


  • Not as durable as some other sets

2. The Judge Founders Club Complete Golf Set

The Judge Founders Club Complete Golf Set

Our Honest Star Rating

The Judge Series which is made by the Founder’s Club was designed to deliver the best playability for beginners and casual golfers.

It is a complete golf set that includes 10 technology-packed clubs which will help golfers take better shots and enhance their overall performance. The bag features a six-way divider and seven pockets including a valuables pocket.

There are three matching headcovers to protect the driver, fairway woods and hybrid while travelling on and off the course.

The Judge Founders Club Complete Golf Set provides a great combination of distance, forgiveness and control. The driver can have an observably improved performance right out of the box with more confidence.

The set has a 10.5 degree Titanium composite 460cc forged driver with lightweight graphite shaft. It has the ability to help get the great distance right off the tee.

The Fairway Wood #3 has a lightweight graphite shaft. It can be used from the tee or on the fairway. The fairway wood provides excellent carry and great distance.

The Hybrid #4 comes with a lightweight graphite shaft which is a great alternative to the difficult long irons. It is famed for allowing a variety of shots that would have otherwise been difficult.

The Cavity Back Iron has wide sole technology that makes it user-friendly and helps the golfer to get the ball airborne quickly. It does this while providing longer and straighter shots.

The complete set includes #6, #7, #8, #9, PW and SW with graphite regular flex shafts, Stand Carry Bag with functional pocket space and self-activating stand along with towel loop and rain cover.

Check out our review of the Best Golf Clubs For Beginners To Intermediate for our top picks.


  • The clubs are well made.
  • Very flexible and forgiving
  • Reasonable price with Better quality
  • Super light-weight which makes it easy to carry all over the course
  • Hybrids perform better and 200+ yards are easy to cover with a single delivery


  • The left-handed set can be difficult to come by.
  • Not suitable for golfers that are less than 5.5 feet tall.

3. Wilson Men's Ultra Complete Golf Set

Wilsons Golf Package set

Our Honest Star Rating

Wilson designed this set to be one that helps beginners to get more yardage on their shots. The 460cc clubhead leads the charge. You are guaranteed to get more flight and overall distance off the tee.

There is a large sweet spot that makes it much easier to connect with the ball. Your mishits do not look as bad. They have used parameter weighting on the face of the golf clubs. This means more balance on impact.

Once you get close to the hole, you can depend on the alignment putter. Lining up your shots has never been easier. There is a soft paddle grip that improves your aim as you launch the putt.

All in all, the set includes 9 clubs. These are the driver with graphite shaft, Fairway Wood with graphite shaft, Hybrid with steel shaft, Iron #6, #7, #8, #9, Pitching Wedge and a Heel/Toe Putter.

They come with a bag to carry the gear in. It as a stand. Did we mention that they also included some much-needed headcovers? There are 7 compartments dividing the top of the bag. These also benefit from a further 4 closed pockets.

The stand bag is easy to carry around the course as it is only 1.94 kg in weight. To make it even easier, it has a should strap that is attached at two points along the length of the bag.

Why not check out our Best Golf Clubs for High Handicappers guide - and see what our top picks are.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Lightweight and easy to carry Bag
  • Available for both left and right-handed golfers
  • 460cc titanium matrix driver helps for better drive shots
  • The putter is comfortable with a reasonable weight with squared-off grip
  • Bags have a lot of pockets which helps to organize better
  • The new design focuses on getting a better distance with every swing


  • No Sand Wedge provided in the set

4. PROSiMMON Golf X9 V2 Golf Clubs Set & Bag

Our Honest Star Rating

The Prosimon X9 version 2 golf club set is designed to meet the need of beginners and intermediate golfers. It is for those that want to learn and improve their games out on the course.

The club set includes a 460cc driver with massive sweet spot and a graphite shaft. It is the culprit where distance is required. The Titanium Matrix Driver has an oversized club head with a 10.5-degree loft angle that helps deliver a strong shot on impact.

You also get 5 to 9 stainless steel irons and pitching wedge that all have steel shafts. They are all cavity back irons. As you may already know, the cavity back makes it easier to execute shots than the blade would. Each of the large clubs has a headcover included.

The number 3 and 4 hybrid irons are part of the ones that have headcovers.

The golf bag is the final piece of this beautiful puzzle. It features a deluxe 7 way top stand. There are auto pop legs which allow you to take shots without worrying that the bag will topple.

For carrying the bag, you have the dual shoulder straps. There is plenty of storage space in the bag. The various pockets allow you to store and organise your equipment.

There are 3 versions of shafts that you can choose from. You can choose graphite, a graphite/steel mix and a graphite/steel +1’’. Where the flexes are concerned, you can choose between a regular and a stiff one. The rain hood is the icing on the cake.

Be sure to check out our list of the Best Golf Club Sets for the Price for more great items like this.


  • It comes with protective headcovers which makes the clubs more durable
  • There is more distance delivered by the clubhead.
  • The light graphite shaft makes swinging the club easier.
  • The large sweet spot makes the club more forgiving.
  • There are various irons included.
  • The bag has a lot of storage space.
  • It is easy to carry.
  • It has an auto pop up stand.


  • Not suitable for golfers that are over 6.3 feet tall.

5. Confidence Golf Power V3 Golf Clubs Set & Stand Bag

Confidence Golf Power V3 Mens Golf Clubs Set & Stand Bag

Our Honest Star Rating

Confidence Gold Power V3 set with stand bag is designed to make golf easier and rewarding for the golfers.

The golf set includes 460cc Titanium driver with 10-inch loft for added forgiveness with an oversized wood for a bigger sweet spot, a versatile 24-inch hybrid iron rescue club, 6 to 9 PW easy to hit cavity back irons which are fitted with regular-flex steel shafts and all-weather grips.

The driver includes headcover to keep the club in great shape along with 10-inch loft which helps the ball airborne and reduces side spin for straighter shots.

The easy to hit 24-inch hybrid rescue wood combines accuracy and distance of long irons with the hitting of the fairway, tee box or rough.

The 5 cavity back iron set with steel shafts consisting of 6 to 9 PW helps with consistency and forgiveness. The 35-inch blade putter design helps minimize the impact of off-centre ball strike while reducing twisting through the stroke to hit the target hole.

The Stand bag has auto pop-out legs with plenty of pockets including a full-length apparel pocket for all gear and dual shoulder carry strap.

Make sure you also check out our guide to the Best Golf Clubs for High Handicap.


  • The set is very affordable
  • The driver has an oversized 460cc head and large sweet spot
  • It has hybrid rescue wood instead of long irons
  • The putter is semi-mallet design and very comfortable to use
  • Lightweight Bag which is easy to carry


  • Not ideal for experienced golfers

Best Set Of Golf Clubs For Beginners Buyer’s Guide

We have presented you with some great picks of clubs that would make a great addition to any golf beginner’s life. These should make your journey as a beginner much easier to navigate. There is nothing quite like having the right gear. The buyer’s guide is written to familiarise you with some of the things that we have discussed and described within the product reviews. You will find some answers to questions that may have come up as you read the reviews. 

We understand that we cannot possibly cover all of the questions that beginners may have about the game. However, we have covered some of the ones that we thought were the more critical ones that are linked to this topic.

What are golf club lofts

The loft of a golf club is the angle at which the clubhead is tilted. It is the one that determines how the club would be utilised. Clubs that have a low loft would be ideal for getting you more distance without the height. The higher the angle of the loft is, the higher the trajectory at which the golf ball will be launched on impact.

You will usually find that there is a relationship between the overall distance that can be achieved and the loft that the ball takes off at. Golf clubs that have a high degree of lofted angle are better suited for shorter distance short where the aim is on getting over an object in the way or something of the nature.

You can categorise the irons as short, middle and long-distance based on their loft. The higher the number of the iron the shorter the distance that it can strike the ball. You probably guessed it, the loft angle on the higher numbered clubs is also high.

High lofted golf clubs are not designed to deliver long-distance shots. Granted, you may use your swing speed to force some distance on them. However, it would never be able to match the distance that would be generated by a low lofted club using less swing speed. The best thing you can do for yourself is to make sure that you are using the right clubs for the right tasks. The high lofted clubs will range between 37 and 41 degrees. This would work wonders when looking to get out of a sandpit. It is just not going to fly across the fairway.

The low lofted golf clubs are number between 1 and 3. They are known as the long irons. You probably guessed the reason. Yes, it is because they have long shafts. They range from 20-degrees up to 27-degrees. Low lofted irons are also very hard to use for most beginners. They are not as forgiving as the other irons are.

The middle lofted irons are numbered between 4 and 7. They are the bridge between the low and the high lofted clubs. They deliver more distance that you would get from the high lofted clubs. They also get you more elevation and flight than you would get from the long irons.

What are golf club distances

Golf club distances are the estimated distances that clubs of certain characteristics can achieve. There are average distances that men are expected to be able to achieve with each iron in a set. Women’s estimations tend to be 20 yards less than those of their male counterparts.

What are golf club covers for

Golf club covers are a form of insulation that is put in place to protect your clubheads from general wear and tear. They also ensure that your clubs do not get dented by knocking against other clubs or objects. There is padding on the inside of the cover. It works to absorb the impact of any knocks. If you are a travelling golfer, you will appreciate the cover even more.

They add extra protection to the clubhead when they are in the golf bag. Not only does that environment mean that the clubs will be knocking against each other. It also means that they will come into contact with all sorts of cargo. If you are asking yourself, “are golf club head covers necessary?” The answer is, Absolutely! You are better safe than sorry. We spend a lot of money on these clubs. It is our duty to make sure that they are protected. Most clubs will come with a headcover included. In some cases, you may need to buy your own separately.

Are golf club wrenches interchangeable

Yes, and No. When you buy an adjustable driver, it will come with a wrench that can be used to make adjustment as desired. They are not designed to be universal. That is the part that we are saying No. The part that we are saying Yes, comes from actually trying the wrenches on various clubs. They are all quite similar. You can usually use any wrench to make minor adjustments on a different club. The danger in doing this is that there are tiny differences that could lead to you damaging your threads. To avoid this you can use as little force as possible. If you cannot get it to adjust using the wrench you are using, you may be better off waiting. There are also some universal wrenches that are sold separately. They have bits that you can remove to use the right size every time.

Final Words

So, which set of golf clubs will it be? Any of the fives that we have picked would serve you well. They all include all the clubs that you may need to get through an entire round. Just to be sure, you can take the time to read through each product’s review. This will also provide you with enough information to compare the products for yourself before deciding on which one is the most suitable one for your needs.

There are a few points that you can make use of to point you in the right direction. If you consider each one of them, you should land yourself a great set. Consider:

  1. The clubs that are included in the set
  2. Pricing
  3. The suitability of the bag that comes with them.
  4. Durability
  5. Potential to be used at higher levels.

You can start by making sure that you have enough clubs to take you through an entire golf course. All of the ones that we have recommended tick this box. At the very minimum, you’d need to have a driver, a putter and some irons.

The pricing is not as important a factor if you are happy with the product that you have gotten. You only want to make sure that you are not paying more than something is worth.

The storage bag is a key component of a complete golf set. This will be the home of your beloved golf clubs. You’d ideally want it to be one that has enough storage room for other things besides the clubs.  It should also be one that is sturdy. There is no point having a bag that will fall apart.

Durability is also quite important, especially where the golf clubs are concerned. You can always find a bag relatively cheaply. Getting a good set of clubs for a reasonable price is the tricky part. Once you have gotten it right, you want them to last for a while.

The final point is just as important. This is where your progression comes into play. You will not always be a beginner. With that in mind, getting a set of clubs that you can grow with would be smart. They will unlikely take you all the way through to PGA level. All you want is to be able at least get to intermediate level with the same set. This should not be done at the expense of their performance at the beginner level. Your clubs should serve you well all the way.

If you get all of these things right. You are all set. Happy Golfing.

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