So you are an average golfer huh? 

Are you in the market for new irons?

Over time golfing gear gets worn out. As your game improves you will find yourself in a position where you need to upgrade the irons. Most golfers start off with a set of clubs and replace individual irons as the need arises.

Most of us look to improve the quality of each iron as we replace the ones that wear out. Each year golfing brands flooding the market with new, innovative products.

The increase in choice also means that it gets that little bit harder to find the right one.

In A Hurry?

You may not fancy the idea of having to read this entire article before you figure out which product to go with. We cannot all be readers. Some of us just want to be out on the golf course, having a great time and improving our game. We cater for such golfers as well.

From our top 5 picks, we picked the ultimate one just for you.

If we had to go with just one of these, it would be Callaway XR OS Individual Iron.

This is an iron from a reputable golfing brand. It delivers great ball speed as well as control on your shots. It is lightweight and reasonably priced. Let me not spoil it for you. A more detailed review can be found below.

Our Test Winner After 40 + Hours Of Research:

Callaway XR OS Individual Iron

Our Honest Star Rating

Why is it the BEST?

  • Lightweight as the shaft is made from graphite
  • Great value for money
  • They are highly regarded among average golfers
  • They have been noted to improve chipping
  • Well suited for distance plays
Our Score





40 +




Our top 5 Best Irons For Average Golfer

We appreciate the continued improvement in the quality and the features of the equipment. Not only does it mean that there is more competition for manufacturers to get better.

It also means that brands have to deliver improved items each time. This is one of the reasons we have the irons that we have today.

To simplify your choice in such a crowded market, we spent some time researching. As we do each time, we looked online and within catalogue for irons that were sold as being ideal for the average golfer.

We are very sceptical of these claims so we put them to the test. The aim of these tests is to see if they would live up to them. We also consulted with others that have bought and used the irons before.

Getting their options and experiences makes for a more wholesome perspective. Having done this, we were able to cut them to just 5.

1. Callaway XR OS Individual Iron - TOP PICK

Callaway XR OS Individual Iron

Our Honest Star Rating

Callaway XR OS Individual Iron is a distance iron specifically designed for women.

The centre of gravity is lower and further back which is why it lends itself to an easy launch.

The soles on this iron are intentionally wider to enable forgiveness (this is a feature or number of features of a club that minimize the effects of poor swings and poor contact)  

The iron incorporates the 360 Face Cup Technology which is why balls fly at great speeds off it. The multi-piece development is a result of heat treatment that the face cup is subjected to. This feature allows you to hit great shots more reliably.

To enable you to hit the ball more accurately, Callaway incorporated the dynamic lengths and lofts throughout the set for longer separation off each club. The irons can be supplemented with Women's XR OS Hybrids.

The shaft of this club is made from graphite which is lighter than its contemporary counterpart, steel. This lightweight feature of it is why it is considered to be more suited to women or people with slow swing speeds.

These clubs are intended to deliver long presses in the set and give much more distance off the shots. For those who need to include separation, they've included more extensive soles graphite shafts, and lighter swing loads so they can hit the ball further.

The company gives a 12-month warranty with 90-day buy-back policy and guaranteed condition. The club is ideal for a right-handed orientation.

There are three types of variations in configurations that you can choose from these.

Be sure to check out our list of the Best Irons for 20 Handicap for more great items like this.


  • Lightweight as the shaft is made from graphite
  • Great value for money.
  • They are highly regarded among average golfers.
  • Well suited for distance plays


  • The bottom weight is heavier than expected.

2. Callaway Golf 2019 Apex Pro Smoke Individual Iron

Callaway Golf 2019 Apex Pro Smoke Individual Iron

Our Honest Star Rating

The Callaway Golf 2019 Apex Pro Smoke Individual iron is a relatively new club offered by the golfing stalwart, Callaway. The official launch date worldwide was the 25 January 2019

There are quite a few variations in the composition; there is a choice of a left or right-hand orientation, steel or graphite shaft material and about 9 configurations.

These include a 3-iron, 4-iron, 5-iron, 6-iron, 7-iron, 8-iron, 9-iron, AW and PW. The choice of shafts depends on the golfer.

Players that swing fast will benefit from the steel shaft as it provides a counterbalance of sorts to their swing. You can choose from graphite or steel. The flexes are available in Regular, Stiff and X-Stiff.

The main body is fashioned from a forged 1025 mild carbon steel body and urethane microspheres; these two features are the reason the club has an exceptionally soft feel for a better game.

The 360 face cup has been imbued with tour performance capabilities to deliver consistent distance. Some Tungsten has been added to the construction materials (about 50g of Tungsten).

Tungsten helps to promote accuracy with shots, control and optimal ball velocity.

Check out our review of the Best Golf Irons For Seniors for our top picks.


  • The clubs are designed to be durable.
  • There is more distance on your shots.
  • There is a good amount of feel in your hands-on impact.
  • Choice of shafts to reflect skill level


  • They are somewhat pricier than others.

3. Square Strike Irons

Square Strike Wedge

Our Honest Star Rating

Square strike irons are supplied with a choice of left or right-hand orientation. Autopilot golf club main aim is to make a definitive lineup of clubs that work for all types of golfers: from beginner through pro.

The sets include a 7-iron, 8-iron, and 9-irons. They are accessible in right-and left-hand variations. You can also choose between steel and graphite shafts.

This club, unlike most clubs, has a bevelled leading surface that prevents the club from digging. This can be likened to a ski that has a bit of curvature to ensure seamless contact with the snow.

Morphologically, the clubs feature an extra-wide sole that’s gently curved from back to front and heel to toe to enable a pristine glide on the green.

The weight distribution favours the toe of the club and as such, there is less twisting and therefore less opening and closing.

There are improvements in both flight and direction and more forgiveness for miss-hits as the blade stay square to the target line for longer. It does not have a leading edge. This means that it may not be the best iron for the execution of some shots.

There is anti-rotational weighting on the clubhead. It encourages a better centre of gravity and a high moment of inertia. If you want to feel comfortable and confident when chipping Square Strike Iron would be the best choice for you.

We have also reviewed the Best Game Improvement Irons Of All Time, so check them out as well.


  • It makes chipping so easy.
  • They are on the cheaper end.
  • You get more clubs for the money.
  • Consistency without tons of practices.
  • You can just relax and make a putting stroke.
  • They are very forgiving.


  • They do not give as much distance as you would expect.

4. Srixon Z Utility U65 Iron

Srixon Z Utility U65 Iron

Our Honest Star Rating

This is actually one of the most popular utility irons on the market among average golfers.

Srixon has designed a set of irons that are geared towards improving players.

They are a worldwide pioneer in hardware and advancement. For this set, they utilised 1020 carbon steel in the body of the club. It is designed to give you more spin on your shots.

There is a hollow construction that has made room for more weight to be placed within the head of the club. The result of this is an increased initial launch on impact.

Inspiration was taken from an iron-like address that is featured on the club. This is what makes it great for delivering both off the tee as well as when playing on the fairway.

The laser milling across the face of the club fully equips you with much-coveted ball control. You will see increased consistency of spin whether you are playing on the fairway or looking to rescue the game from the rough.

Once you are on the green, you will also benefit from the increased strength that you can generate. There is also a reasonable stopping power. The shafts are either a Regular or Stiff one.

This club is phenomenal. You can work the ball both directions and flight it high or low.

Feels really balanced in my hands, easy to swing and contact with the ball feels effortless. You can get them for both left-hand and right-hand clubs. The shafts are available between graphite and steel.

There is 1 year’s manufacturing warranty to cover defective products.

Find more great products like this by checking out our guide to the Best Golf Irons For Mid Handicappers.


  • There is an impressive amount of feel on impact.
  • There is a free headcover included.
  • There is more turn control on impact.
  • The green game saw a marked improvement.
  • It makes a good alternative for hybrid irons.
  • The stocks of the clubs are lightweight.


  • The feel can be a bit more intense than necessary.

5. TaylorMade Golf Rbladez Iron Set

TaylorMade Golf Rbladez Iron Set

Our Honest Star Rating

With a background marked by making progressive golfing gear for quite a long time.

Year on year TaylorMade draws in a significant number of the best competitors in all of golf.

TaylorMade is known to work directly with professional players and other golfing professionals. They use the feedback that they receive from these knowledgeable people to guide their development process.

The lineup of people involved includes heavyweights such as Rory McIlroy.

These irons are the second iteration for with these. They are version 2.0 of this club. This is a model that was introduced in 2018. They have introduced the speed pocket innovation throughout irons 4 to 7.

The face of the speed pocket iron is unique to the brand. No other golfing brand carries this innovation. It delivers ball speed on both well-connected shots and those that you may have mishit.

The face of the club is ultra-slim. It delivers both speed and overall distance.

The shape of the clubhead is such that the Speed Pocket. This is courtesy of their improved inverted cone shape and a high moment of inertia. The club weighs 17.5 grams. There is a higher launch angle for your shots.

Higher launch angle makes this ideal for performing good rescue shots. There is also a good descent angle that promotes a reasonable stopping distance on your shots. The balls will not roll too far from where you intend them to stop.

An extraordinarily figured polyurethane material fills the Speed Pocket for an awesome feel and less vibration. At long last, high-clean accents and green features make this a cool, present-day looking iron set.

Overall I can say this product has very forgiving and excellent clubs for the price and golf beginners. Irons were really good. Easy to hit and the ball went long. excellent quality, reasonable price.

To ensure that you get a good feel on your shots, there is a specially formulated polyurethane used. It covers the speed pocket areas and acts as a reductive measure for vibration.

Both the sand wedge and lob wedge irons are equipped with the ATV sole. This is a feature that improves your ball control on the green. The irons become that little bit more versatile.

Before you leave, why not check out our best Best Irons for High Handicapper guide - and see what our top picks are.


  • The irons deliver on accuracy.
  • They are well constructed.
  • You will realise increased distance on your shots.
  • The pockets make the clubs more forgiving.
  • There is more ball control on the green.
  • There is a reduction in club vibration
  • The feel is good.


  • The length of the club may be too short for some players.

Best Irons For Average Golfer Buyer’s Guide

You may already have an eye on one of the products that we have reviewed in detail. Before you head off, we have some knowledge to impart. There are those who may feel that they want to know a little more about golf irons before they make a purchase.

This is who this buyer’s guide is written for. 

We want to give you a small peek into some of the things that we take into consideration when making our selection. We will also explore some of the topics that most golfers have an interest in where irons are concerned.

Your decision may not be affected by any of this on this instance. However, this is a wealth of information that you can always take with you into your game, as well as when making purchases in the future. 

It could even come in handy for some good small talk or a pub quiz.

Who knows?

How to improve golf iron shots

One of the things that stop us from progressing in the use of our golf irons is the departure from the basics. You will find this in any sport. As players improve, they tend to pick up some bad habits that are not often found at a beginner level.

The reason why these will often go unnoticed at this stage is that our skills will mask these flaws. If a beginner does the same thing, the results that they get will cause them and others to reevaluate execution.

The best way to improve our golf iron shots is to strip everything down to the bare bones. We want to make sure that the basics are still being done right. Most golfers will see an improvement as soon as they resolve this.

You want to start by ensuring that your body is not doing some of the work that should be done by the club. For instance, you may find that there is a little more waist movement or wiggling in an attempt to get the ball lifted. If you cannot get the ball lifted without doing this, the most likely thing is that you are using the wrong club. If the club is right, then your technique will need to be reevaluated.

The loft of the club is what should be getting the ball up. Make use for it. To improve on this, you can start by tracking your swing pattern. Slow it down as you go through it.

Be more conscious of every bit of movement that you do. Consider the position that you want to make contact with the ball. Move slowly from your set position to strike repeatedly. Once you are happy with this, quicken the movement and marvel at the results. Do not chop down at the ball. Look for compression not a tilt of the face.

Start with an easier iron. A number 8 iron is a good place to start. Avoid the temptation of going for too much power. The technique will always trump power. When you are happy with your movement, start looking at making sure that your shots are coming off the sweet spot.

When to use which golf iron

Most golf sets that you purchase will come with a selection of irons. This is great, but can also be confusing.

How do you know what iron you need to use in what situation?

 Most of us will have learned this through trial and error. When you use an iron in a situation and do not get the result that you wanted, you would then try another iron, then another one, until you get the desired results. 

Using the wrong irons will mean that you will not get the best possible result. 

The beauty of it all is that we can also learn from others. As you watch other golfers, you can note what they use in certain situations and use the same one when confronted by a similar situation.

The best place to start is by considering the distance that you are looking to hit. Picking an iron-basedn what you want to get out of it if a great idea. There will be variables such as your strength, gender (in some instances), technique and perhaps wind resistance. These are things that we can hardly exert any control on. We, therefore, focus on the things that we can influence.

As a rule of thumb, any shot that requires a distance greater than 190 yards should be attempted with an iron. You can use your rangefinder to get an estimation of the distance that you will be looking to get on your shot.

A 2-iron will be able to deliver shots of distances up to 190 yards. Go with a 3 iron if you need distances up to 180 yards. A 4-iron will execute distances up to 170 yards. The 5-iron will deliver up to 160 yards. The 6-iron will deliver up to 150 yards. For distances of up to 140 yards go with the 7 iron. An 8 iron for up to 130 yards. A 9 iron will deliver up to 120 yards. For distances of up to 110 yards, 90 yards and 65 yards, go with the PW, SW and LW respectively. 

How to grip golf iron

Irons shot execution depends on being able to hold your clubface in position. If the club faces moves when you strike the ball or during your swing, you will likely find that the direction of your ball is altered. This is how you can do everything just right and end up with the ball going in a direction that you had no intention of hitting it. The unfortunate reality is that we get stubborn as we get used to a grip. It is often difficult to teach our muscle memory to do the right thing when we have taught it the wrong thing for so long. The earlier you can start working on your grip, the better.

The first thing that you should check is that you have the right size of the grip on your irons. Having the wrong size may force you to alter your technique in the wrong direction. The right size of grip will fit into your closed hands without having to be forced. Now onto the technique. There are two key techniques that you should adopt. The long thumb and the short thumb. When you are going for distance on your shots you want to use the long thumb grip. For you closer shot, go with the short thumb. The name is based on the way that the thumb is elongated on one and tucked on the other one.

Place the club into your leading hand. Leave some room for the other hand to be in close proximity. For the long thumb, you only want to extend it under an inch. It should remain comfortable. Pull back a little bit if it feels uncomfortable. Your swing will usually go as far as the finger can be extended.

Close your grip around the club and make sure that you have a firm grip. Your guiding hand can now join the leading one on the club. The perfect grip will always see a V-shape being formed between the two arms. For the short thumb grip, just pull your thumb back in. Make some swinging motions to make sure that everything is in place. If you feel uncomfortable, there are two possible reasons. You may be too accustomed to the wrong way of gripping the club, in which case you will need to persevere. The other scenario is that you would have gotten something wrong in your grip setup. Start again and see if that changes things.

Final Words

We have considered some incredible golf irons for the average golfer. If you are to buy any of these, you would be assured of a product that would meet your needs. It is important that you read the reviews that we wrote about each of these products. This is where you will find out about everything that we thought was great about them, as well as the things that we did not like. It is then down to you to decide whether you like the same thing that we like, and dislike what we disliked about the clubs as well. Our tastes do not have to be identical. The goal of these reviews is to simply inform you. If we are in agreement, you can go with our top pick.

Our buyer’s guide is also packed with information that will be handy for anyone that is looking to understand more about these irons or irons in general. You will be surprised at how much further you can go with that little bit of added knowledge. We covered some key techniques that you can use to improve your shot execution. Go and enjoy your new irons.

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