Looking for the Best Golf Putters?

You may just be embarking on your golfing journey and wanting to make sure that you get the right gear.

Perhaps you already have putters in your starter set but are starting to realise that they are not as good as they were said to be.


The ones you have are doing an acceptable job. You are just wondering what is better out there.

Best Golf Putters

Without a doubt, putters are possibly the most important piece of gear that you will have in your golfing bag. Some may have reason to suggest otherwise.

Consider this for a moment. If your whole game was impressive across the golf course, but you struggled to put the ball into the hole. Would that not be a cause for great concern?

It is in putting that our overall score is judged. This is why it is important that you have a good putter right from the beginning.

In A Hurry?

If you are not in the mood for a lot of reading, you can stop right here. We have chosen to make this a lot easier for you. You have other pressing matters to tend to.

Out of our top 5 picks, we have gone a step further and tested them against one another. We wanted to see which one of them would be the best performer across a range of metrics that we created. Our results were fairly conclusive.

We found that the S7K Standing Putter was the leading performer in a closely contested field.

It made alignment of shots and their execution much easier than they would have otherwise been. There is great balance in the clubhead as well. You will find a more detailed review below.

Our Test Winner After 40 + Hours Of Research:

S7K Standing Putter

Our Honest Star Rating

Why is it the BEST?

  • The shot alignment was much easier.
  • The putter stands alone allowing shot preparation.
  • There is a firmness about the contact that it makes.
  • There is enhanced length control.
  • It is also quite aesthetically pleasing.
Our Score





40 +




Our top 5 Best Golf Putters

We set out to find the best putter on the market. We have always been of the opinion that it is not prudent for beginners to spend excessively on their first golf set.

You want to allow yourself the time to hone your craft before you pour more resources into it. There is no telling how long you will be playing. Other things may draw your attention away from golf, leaving you with expensive gear that is wasted. We began our search online, as you do.

This is where we would assess the putters that are commonly used by beginners to see how well they have been performing. It involves speaking to current users to get their experiences before shortlisting each putter.

Emboldened by our shortlist, we take this a step further. We consider which ones of these putters are actually sold by the manufacturers as one for beginners.

This is a great way to know what went into the process of developing the product. Products that are made for beginners tend to be ideal for beginners. I would imagine that to be a fairly obvious concept.

The final step is trying out the putters for ourselves, with the help of some beginners, of course. Through guided and unguided tests, we are then able to select a top of 5 sets that we recommend.

1. S7K Standing Putter - TOP PICK

S7K Standing Putter

Our Honest Star Rating

S7K Standing Putter is unlike anything you'll see on the market. They sought to set themselves apart by making reducing shot lining issues.

According to their research, under 10% of all golfers consistently get their alignment right.

To combat this, they created a putter that completely stands upright on its own. Most of the club weight was shifted towards the clubhead. It has one of the lightest graphite shafts on the market.

With a light foam grip that allows the club to stand upright.

One of the biggest things you can get with the S7K Standing Putter is that you're going to eliminate two huge variables every single time.

The first variable is: this putter is going to help you with your aim and alignment because that putter can stand up on its own and it's completely self-sustaining you can take a step back, unlike with any other putter and you can see where your putter is aimed where it's aligned. 

The second variable is: you'll notice that it is automatically kind of sets your hands in position. It has the perfect setup built right in. You don’t have to adjust the angle of the shift. First, you have to align it then hold the grip and take the stroke.

It has a stand-alone address, triple-line path guide, stroke-balance construction, deep, fly-cut mill pattern, mid-size, EVA foam grip and extreme MOI features which give you extreme confidence in your putting golfers is admiring about the S7K’s feel, balance & consistency from all distances.

The S7K is legal for tournament play and has a 1-year manufacturer warranty and 60 days money-back guarantee.

Be sure to check out our list of the Best Putter For The Money for more great items like this.


  • The shot alignment was much easier.
  • The putter stands alone allowing shot preparation
  • There is a firmness about the contact that it makes.
  • There is enhanced length control.
  • It is also quite aesthetically pleasing.


  • Some golfers were not sold on the look.

2. Wilson Men's Augusta Golf Putter

Wilson Mens Augusta Golf Putter

Our Honest Star Rating

As far as simplicity goes, it does not get any simpler than this. This is a putter that has stuck to the core business of the club without adding too many bells and whistles to a functional club.

Wilson designs and manufactures a full range of golf equipment, accessories.

The brand known for providing quality clubs at a reasonable price and the Wilson Augusta Putter is no exception.  This is a putter that was designed to suit the needs of golfers across the board.

Whether you are a beginner or a more seasoned player, this will do a great job.

The first thing that you will notice beyond the aesthetics is that it delivers a firm shot that is responsive to every shot. The brass blade is a sight that you can not possibly miss.

This is what makes up the head of the club. The material used on the head as well as on the shaft assures you of a club that will last.  It does not get damaged as easily as a painted putter or one with a special putting surface.

The head will also give the golfer a smooth putting stroke. it has a steel shaft and comes with a traditional shape blade which gives the golfer a solid response.

The grip of this putter is applicable for all weather. The paddle grip is oversized which ensures extra control. It has a unique cosmetic stitch design. This putter is a hybrid model that can be used right or left-handed.

This Putter is a classic golf design with a shiny gold and silver colour. If you want an old fashioned, simple putter that just gets the job done, this Wilson is for you.

Make sure you also check out our guide to the Best Putters In The PGA .


  • It is a beginner-friendly club.
  • Weight and grip are exceptional.
  • Results were terrific and accuracy improved greatly.
  • The grip is applicable for any weather.
  • It has a steel shaft and a brass head.
  • It is lightweight but sturdy.


  • It is not as suitable for more experienced players.

3. Pinemeadow Golf Regular Black Zinc Style Putter

Pinemeadow Golf Regular Black Zinc Style Putter

Our Honest Star Rating

Pinemeadow Golf first came to our attention for their work in designing and manufacturing clones that were considered to be legal. They were able to produce this gear at the same level of performance as the top brand, minus the usual price tag.

Their name will also catch our attention. This was no different.

The Pinemeadow Golf Regular Black Zinc Style Putter is an inexpensive model that looks good and works well. On initial inspection, you will notice the mark that it on the face of the clubhead.

This is a guiding mark to show beginners exactly where this club’s sweet spot is located. It features a classic blade styling with top-notch material. The manufacturing feels well-balanced, between feel and weight.

This makes it possible to make almost every shot count. Alignment becomes that little bit easier when there is a balance.

The putter features die-cast zinc alloy construction. It is equipped with an alignment aid feature that allows you to get the best out of the club. The putter comes standard with a 125-gram steel shaft and a 49-gram tacky standard black putter grip. It also comes with 34” shaft that is sure to improve the game.

It is affordable and backed by a 1-year warranty.

It is well-designed with black colour, modern style, perfect shaft length, as well as the amazing hybrid design and performance makes this putter the ideal and affordable gift item for all golf players or lovers.

We have also reviewed the Best Putters for Beginners, so check them out as well.


  • It is a perfect putter for beginners.
  • Both left and right-handed putters are available.
  • It is an inexpensive option.
  • It ensures effective swing.
  • There is a perfect balance.
  • The clubhead has a sweet spot marker.


  • Not tournament-grade.

4. PGM 35 Inch Golf Putter

PGM 35 Inch Golf Putter

Our Honest Star Rating

PGM manufactures and designs putters with the best way possible so that golfer can have unbeatable confidence and physically have comfort.

The entire PGM Design Putter Series is available for golfers of all ages.

The face if the clubhead is made out of brush metal steel. It has an iconic look about it. Other materials used in this putter include 950 Stainless steel rods in the body and zinc alloy in the head.

The Brushed Metal was used to deliver a visually pleasing finish. It has strong torsion stiffness and strong directionality. There is a 71-degree lie, and a 3-degree loft on the club.

The most impressive feature of this putter is that the natural rubber is used in the grip firm. It has anti-slip features embedded in the design. There is environmentally friendly material used, it does not emit an odour. The texture groove gives you more control on each shot.

So, you do not have to worry about slipping, stability, or smell. The CNC manufacturing method is used in the head which gives you a soft and solid touch with stable shot and more accurate putts. It has 3 baselines which help you to aim.

The design of this putter will likely draw some attention and compliments when you are out on the green. It will also give more confidence when putting. In the case of mishaps, there is a 1-year warranty that covers both exchange and refund.

There is lifetime customer support. Although we are yet to try it out.

Check out our review of the Best Putters of All Time for our top picks.


  • The putter is not too light or too heavy.
  • It lines up well and holds steady.
  • The grip is reasonably solid.
  • The grip feels comfortable in your palms.
  • There is good accuracy on your putting shots.
  • It is reasonably priced.


  •  Some golfers found the putting strength to be underwhelming.

5. Wilson Staff Infinite Putter

Wilson Staff Infinite Putter

Our Honest Star Rating

Wilson Golf has designed, manufactured and distributed first-class and amusing golf equipment throughout the world. They have 6  unique infinite putters, three mallets and three more traditional heel-and-toe weighted blade style putters.

If you cannot find something that you like from all of those, there is a problem. 

The infinite line is of Wilson's best-selling putters. That says a lot about this product when you consider the size of the company. The putter includes multiple head shapes.

They offer refined detailing with classic shapes that deliver tremendous value. This is what makes these putters perfect for beginners.

All putters in this range have a double milled face technology. It is known to give you consistent impact, roll and control off your shots. Wilson also added counterbalance technology making heavier heads that are less likely to twist out of line.

It makes them very stable to use. You will also see more accuracy on your shots.

The stability helps you to move the balance point closer to your hands for a smoother, more controlled putting stroke. The Infinite Putter features a new ultra-dark PVD, matte finish to reduce glare and accentuate sight-lines.

It is available in 33”, 34” and 35” lengths. You can choose a loft of either 0 or 3-degrees. The club flex is regular.

We could not find a left-handed version of the putter at the time of testing and writing this article.


  • The counter-balanced model feels comfortable.
  • The rear pronged head design aids in alignment.
  • It has smooth weighted contact.
  • There are two lofts to choose from.
  • There are various lengths to choose from.
  • It is beautifully constructed.


  • The design is different than the standard shaped putter. This may mean time to get used to it.

Best Golf Putters Buyer’s Guide

We have now covered all of our top products in some detail. The next step is to make sure that you know exactly what we were talking about. This allows us to move from a place of talking at you, to where we can talk to you. Enter the buyer’s guide. This is written to provide you with additional information relating to the products that we have covered in the reviews. We will also look at putters in general. After you have read this, you should be able to consider your choice from a more informed perspective. Some of the questions that will undoubtedly have come up as you read the reviews will be tackled in the guide as well.

What length putter do I need?

The length of your putter plays a massive role in shot execution. If your putter is either too short or too long, you may find that it makes easy shots more difficult than they ought to be. So, how does one go about figuring out the length of the putter than they need? Well, it is much easier than you would expect.

A putter that is the right length does not negatively impact your stance. In fact, it should not affect your stance at all. While you are in your striking stance, you want to be able to see the ball in direct eyeshot. Your hand positioning on the grip of the putter should be normal. It should neither be too high or too long. If you find that your hands are stretching too low, this is a sign that your putter is too long for you. If your hands too far up the shaft, it will tell you that the shaft is not long enough for you. In this case, you may also find that you are having to lean forward more, or bend your knees a little more.

How do you lengthen a putter?

Perhaps you have done the test and realised that your putter is too short for you. There are a few options that you would have. The first thing you could do is replaced the putter with one that is custom-fitted to the correct length. This is a pricier option, so, we will skip right past it. The second solution is to replace the shaft of the club with one that is longer. Our favourite solution is the third one. This will involve making your current putter a bit longer.

You will need to have a clamp to hold your club securely while you work on it. A gripping station would also suffice.

Remove the grip from the shaft. You can either do this using a blade or roll it up. Some clubs will not permit the latter option. Once it is completely stripped off, take some time to clean off any glue or other residuals that may remain. You want to have a clear view of the shaft. Remove the grip cap as well.

Find extension tubes that are the right size for your putter. If you already have some, you can try them on to see if any of them fits. Otherwise, you will need to measure the diameter of your shaft and order the extensions. You want to make sure that the extension that you use is lengthier than your desired final length. You will be able to cut it down afterwards.

Before inserting the new extension, you want to use a wire brush to create some abrasion on the inside of the current shaft, as well as the exterior of the new extension. This will create the friction that is required to hold the two in place. You may need to sand the new shaft down to make a perfect fit.

You can use epoxy adhesive for the next part. Apply it on the inside of the shaft, and the outside of the extension. Allow this a few minutes to start to dry up a little before sliding the two together. You want to move the two in and out of each other to make sure that the epoxy is spread out.

For a firm hold, you can then use a mallet to knock the top of the extension into the shaft. Be as gentle as possible. You do not want to break things. If you are extending a graphite shaft, skip that last part completely. You can use the ground or the wall to push it in. Once this is secure, give the epoxy some time to dry up. Half an hour should be enough.

Once it has dried up measure the new length of your extended shaft. Mark the area where you want to cut it to meet the size that you actually want. Secure it in the clamp and use a saw to cut it. Replace the cap that you removed.

To finish it off, you want to get your grip back onto the putter. This can be done using the one that you cup off or a new one.

Can you shorten a putter length?

If you found that your putter is too long for you, you would want to shorten it. Fortunately, the process can be completed using the same things that we discussed above. You will need the clamp, a saw, epoxy and some time.

Start by making note of the length that you want your putter to be. You will need to refer back to it later on.

Remove the grip from the putter by using either the cutting or rolling method. This is either cutting the grip off your club or rolling it up. Do not discard it.

Clean off any remaining residuals from the shaft. Pop off the end cap from the shaft.

Measure the shaft and mark the position that you want to cut it.

Fasten it into your clamp and cut it. You always want to ensure that you cut it a bit longer than you want the final length to be. You can always sand down the excess. Cutting it too short will be much harder to resolve.

How is putter length measured?

To measure the length of your putter you want to consider it from the position in which it would be held when in use. Place it at a 60-90 degree angle. This can either be on the ground or held by someone else. What you are looking for is that the head of the shaft is at a natural position on the ground. The length is measured from the bottom of the head to cap of the shaft. A measuring tape will do the job. I would encourage you to take the measurement a few times before settling on a figure.

What Makes A Great Putter?

Head Shape

Putter heads usually come in one of two options: a blade-style or mallet-style. A blade is perfect for the golfer looking for more control with their putting stroke. Mallets are more balanced, heavier and ideal for the straight-back and straight-through swing.

Length of Shaft

Finding the perfect length of a putter shaft is crucial for maintaining a consistent putting stroke. If you buy one that is too long, it could create problems with the shortening of your arms. Shafts that are too small have the opposite effect of reaching with the arms through the putt.

Putter Grip

Finding the right putting grip is generally about finding the grip that fits your hands. Larger hands with long fingers seem to like the thick SuperStroke grip that helps prevent twisting through the stroke. Smaller hands should seek out the thinner, more traditional putting grip for stability.


The location of the hosel can be significant for a golfer looking to improve their putting game. Most blade putters have the hosel located to the inside of the club, closer to the golfer’s body. Some mallets, however, located the hosel in the center of the club head to improve contract and location of the contact.

Materials Used

Carbon steel is commonly chosen as the best material for a putter head. Coupled with face inserts that are milled and created from softer compounds, the head of a high-quality putter will be balanced and prevent the skidding of a golf ball for truer roll and more online putts.

Golf Putter FAQs

Q: Is The Putter Considered A Club?

A: A putter is differentiated from the other clubs by a clubhead with features that no other clubs possess and is a club used in golf to make relatively short and low-speed strokes.

Q: Which Head Shapes Should I Consider?

A: As stated earlier, putter heads come in two types; those with a relatively small head and putters that feature flat heads. Selecting a head type is solely dependent on you and the style of putting you choose to use.

Q: What Is The Proper Putter Length For My Height?

A: It's advisable to purchase a 34 1/2-inch putter if you're taller than 6 feet. Golfers who are 5 feet 9 to 5 feet 10 can get a 33 1/2-inch, with a 34-inch putter being more appropriate if you're 5 feet 10 inches to 5 feet 11 tall.

Q: Which Is Better? A Toe or Face Balanced Putter?

A: A face-balanced putter is best for the straight back-and-through stroke type of player. The putter will make it easier to get back to square on your target line by working with your stroke. A toe-balanced putter is more natural to open and close, making it easier for a player with a swinging-gate style or arc-style stroke to complete the movement. Within the toe-balanced category, the amount of toe-hang on the putter is determined by the amount of the toe that points toward the ground.

Q: Can I Carry More Than One Putter?

A: The rules of golf in the USA state that during his stipulated round, any player must select not more than 14 conforming clubs for use. However, he may pick any combination of conforming clubs, i.e. he is not limited to only one putter or left-handed clubs or only right-handed clubs during his round.

Q: Do I Need a Full Set of Golf Clubs to Start Playing?

A: Not having a full set of golf clubs doesn’t exempt you from being able to take part in the beautiful game. Some golfing pros even recommend starting with what’s known to many as a "short set." This set is made up about half the total number of golf clubs found in a typical golf bag. Beginning golf with a full set of clubs is excellent and admirable, but it isn’t compulsory.

Final Words

Have you got your eyes on your ideal putter yet? Out of our five putters, there will undoubtedly be one that you think will do it for you. It does not matter which one you end up with. They are all impressive in their own right. Take the time to read the reviews of each one of the products. This includes the ones that you do not fancy. Chances are you will find some features that you want to probe further. If nothing else, you would also have questions to ask when searching for your club. The more information you have the easier the process becomes.

We have also included a detailed buyer’s guide. It has tackled some key questions and given you some information on things that you can do if you find that you putter is either too short or too long for you. As always, it is encouraged that you revisit the review of your favourite product having read the buyer’s guide. You want to see if your feeling for it remain the same. At the very minimum, you may now have some questions that you may not have previously had. Getting answers to these is always a good way to ensure that you protect yourself from potential buyer’s remorse.

The final thing that you may consider for your beginner’s putter is longevity. This is not the same as durability. In this case, you are considering how long in your golfing journey you would be able to continue using the same putter. Ideally, you would want one that you can use at the intermediate level as well. It is inevitable that at some point this will no longer be adequate. That point should be held back for as long as possible. Happy Golfing.

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