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We will talk about the best golf drivers today!

A golf driver is a large metal club head that adds weight to the ball when you are driving it long distance. This is the longest club you can find in any golf ensemble. These types of clubs we can use for par – 5 and long par – 4 holes. You can call it 1 wood as well. It has the lowest loft among all other types of golf clubs. A loft is the angle of the club face which can control the trajectory. It can also affect the distance of how much the ball can pass through. A driver generally has a loft that lies somewhere between 7 to 12 degrees.

The professional golfers have always preferred lower lofted drivers over the higher ones. They are usually less than 10 degrees of loft. They require more skill to hit than the higher lofted drivers. The face of the driver is the largest hitting area in general. The largest club head is 460cc but they come in smaller sizes as well such as 440 cc or less. But they are usually used by more experienced players. As a general rule of thumb, keep in mind that the higher the cc, the more off center shots it can make.

10 Best Golf Drivers & Their Reviews

What are the ones we will cover? Here they are: Best Golf Drivers Review & Guide 2017

  1. TaylorMade 2017 M2 Men’s Driver 460cc
  2. Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver
  3. Pinemeadow PGX 500 Driver
  4. Adams Golf Men’s Blue Driver RH
  5. Cobra Men’s Fly Z Driver
  6. Cobra Men’s Bio Cell Golf Driver
  7. Nextt Golf Solstice Black Driver
  8. Callaway Men’s Great Big Bertha Driver
  9. Callaway Men’s XR 16 Driver
  10. Pinemeadow SPR Driver



TaylorMade 2017 M2 Men’s Driver 460cc 

This premium quality driver is manufactured using all new multi-material construction technology. This coupled with the 6 layer carbon crown with 911 skeletal titanium built body reduces weight by 25 grams & repositions the CG even lower & deeper for creating a larger overall footprint. The new position of the CG offers higher launch, lower spin & increased stability at impact. The driver is more forgiving than ever before with its inverted cone technology.

With the use of Geocoustic technology, TaylorMade has combined innovative shaping into the driver to increase the moment of inertia at impact & also offer better acoustic & feel at impact. The speed pocket on the new M2s has undergone a redesign, which now has three times the flexibility of its predecessor, allowing faster ball speeds. Like its predecessor, the new M2 has a 460cc cube head & a lightweight aluminum loft sleeve that allows loft by +/- 2 degrees with 12 settings. The unit comes with a stock high-launching, mid-spin Fujikura Pro XLR8 56, but more than 30 additional options are available at no up charge.


  • More forgiving than other conventional drivers.
  • Allows easy grip & flight control with the adjustable loft sleeve.
  • The shaft options allow all styles of players to pick up this driver.


  • Not offering many benefits over the previous generation of M2.

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Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver

This driver will surely surprise you if you have not used an offset driver before & are desperately fighting a wicked slice. If no matter how hard you try to correct your slice, but still have not found any luck, the PGX offset driver is going to be a treat for you. The Anti-slice technology that it comes equipped with differentiates this driver from the other competitors in the market. This Anti-slice technology has existed in the market for years, but it is only recently gaining popularity from hobbyist & professional long time golfers.

The 460cc driver head is set to provide a better timeframe to square the face at impact enabling you to hit the golf ball straighter & longer. The offset head allows more accurate control of the flight of the ball. While everybody wishes to have the perfect swing, it simply is not viable for a hobbyist golfer to devote so much time into it. The Pinemeadow PGX offset driver is a wonderful option for such golfers. It makes the same swings much straighter & more accurate.


  • 460cc driver head allows more room to make the shots.


  • Some users have complaints about the swing distance of the driver

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Pinemeadow PGX 500 Driver

This is a golf driver that features a massive club head of 500 cc. this exceeds the maximum club head size as allowed per the USGA rules. The head makes up for large Sweet Spot. The massive Sweet Spot is what helps you getting the better angle and distance. It has a 10.5 degree loft, which is also a good indicator. The total length of the golf driver is 46 inches. It has a mid shift graphite shaft. The standard grip is made of Pine meadow.

When you pair the massive head size with the lower center of gravity, you will get to cover a lot more distance. These two combined will increase the launch angle so that it will create larger distance. With the help of this, you are set for drives which are straighter and bigger. The club driver comes in a sleek matt black finish. There is a head cover in the package so that you get to carry it with you.


  • Straight and long.
  • It will improve your skills dramatically.


  • The ball flight is worse than the normal driver

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Adams Golf Men’s Blue Driver RH

This men golf driver has a Velocity Slot Technology. What it means is that it has a sole slot. The sole slot means you get more flex with more speed. You can cover the larger area of the field with this one. The center of gravity is low and back. It allows the player to get more spin in the ball. It also means you will be getting more speed on more shots. The driver has a SlimTech shaft which allows for more kick. It also means you get easy launch.

The driver gives out a fairway of .320’’ Tip. The other products usually give out a .350’’ so this is definitely better. It is a good driver for the price tag it comes with. The driver is easy to hit with and hard to miss even without inaccuracy. As for the yardage, it can go anywhere between 250 to 270 yard with an occasional 300 yard.


  • Reasonable price with attractive features.
  • Advanced technologies help in getting more speed with more flex.


  • The head broke off for many users after only a couple of uses.

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Cobra Men’s Fly Z Driver

This driver has a speed channel face which means that there is an engineered trench on the parameter. This makes the wall thinner around the parameter which results in increased speed. It has a crown zone weighting technology that helps to remove the weight from the crown of the driver. So you can get a low and deep center of gravity because of it. It has an E9 zone face structure that helps in removing the weight from the key areas around the face part. It also increases the size and speed of the Sweet zone for more speed in case of off-center hits.

The driver has a SmartPad technology that gives a square face. It doesn’t matter what your loft setting is like. You can adjust the loft starting from 9.0 degrees to 12.0 degrees with 8 different possibilities. With this driver, you can really hit it off with style. If you are a newbie, you will greatly learn a lot as the face structure makes up for it even if you are not yet good with speed.


  • E9 face structure for making it lighter.
  • Increased sweet spot speed.
  • SmartPad technology for square face.


  • The shaft is only medium flex.
  • There is no head cover included

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Cobra Men’s Bio Cell Golf Driver

The driver comes with a special MyFly8 technology. MyFly8 means that the driver has eight different and adjustable loft settings in it. It helps to maximize the distance and to manage the angle for the ground as well as weather conditions. It also has a SmartPad technology that is great at delivering a square face to address the ball no matter what your loft setting is. It has an E9 BiO cell face technology built in as well.

It means the player with get to cover a larger sweet spot area for getting longer and straighter drives even on off-center hits. It has a neutral and draws bias weighting that lets the user to easily face the square at center. This makes up for longer and straighter drives.

You can also adjust the angle in eight setting starting from 9.0 degrees to up to 12.0 degrees. It will also likely add around 25 to 30 yards to your distance, which I think is really great, especially for a beginner. Beginners and professionals alike will benefit from this driver.


  • MyFly8 technology for 8 different loft settings.
  • SmartPad technology for great square face.
  • E9 BiO cell technology for a larger sweet spot.


  • The head snapped off at the shaft for many users.
  • Not good enough for the price it comes at as it breaks off easily

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Nextt Golf Solstice Black Driver Review

It has a power cell technology for more speed and accuracy. The golf driver is hard to miss with even with off-center hits. It uses enhanced aerodynamics which makes the golf driver really unique and one of a kind. It also comes with a custom head cover to fit the driver properly and securely. The price is affordable and the features are remarkable when compared to the price. It is a pretty well-balanced club. The flex is firm but it will still help an average golfer to play comfortably without any issues.

The yardage is great and the player will get around 15 to 20 yards more than the normal yardage coverage. The head is oversized at 460 cc so it is great for beginners and newbie also. The professional players can use it as well for a well-organized practice session. The grip is very strong and smooth to feel, which I believe many amateur golfers will appreciate. The length is 46 inches.


  • Power cell technology for speed and accuracy.
  • Firm flex on the driver.
  • Adds 15 to 20 yards for each hit.
  • Comes with a customer head cover.


  • It is a very new driver and for now, we don’t think it is a bad option

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Callaway Men’s Great Big Bertha Driver

This men’s driver has the Next Gen Rmoto Technology so that the user can get to greater distances. You get more speed because of it. It has the structure of a thinner face. This means the user gets to high ball speed with on and off center hits. It is a light and stable head design which means it is the best combination. It is also lightweight design. For all classes of swings this one club driver is perfect. There is a convenient adjustable perimeter weighting as well. There are 10 grams of sliding weight on the perimeter of the club head. The user can get an unlimited draw with less bias options. You also get great forgiveness.

The adjustable settings are simple to do. The player can easily and quickly slide the weight to any position at all on the track. It has an opti fit hosel that means you can choose from eight different settings. There can be adjustments in the loft, lie and face angles. It comes with a head cover but it is hard to put on and take off.


  • Next Gen Rmoto Technology for getting to greater distances.
  • Unlimited draws with less bias options.
  • Easy adjustable settings.


  • Custom head cover is hard to put on and take off

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Callaway Men’s XR 16 Driver Review

This driver is very special when it comes to creating new things as the manufacturer teamed up with Boeing to reach a new dimension for speed. It has extreme forgiveness as it has a larger shape for MOI. The player can stretch out the crown with a bigger footprint. It can also help in making the center of gravity deep and low. Also, it has more ball speed with a faster face. It is equipped with the next generation RMOTO face technology. It is 9 grams lighter and thinner than the previous models. The body has gotten lighter as well to make more speed across the face. It actually weighs 2.5 pounds so it is easy to hit with.

The face has become even stronger with the new 8-1-1 titanium technology. The faster face combined with the extreme forgiveness can lead to a lot of speed. Both the beginners and professionals will benefit from using this as it will help a lot with both and speed and accuracy.


  • The special addition of extreme forgiveness.
  • Next generation RMOTO technology.
  • Lighter than previous models.
  • More speed than ever.


  • Doesn’t add more distance than the other competitors’ ones.

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Pinemeadow SPR Driver Review

This SPR driver has a built in low torque graphite shaft. It means it helps the user to deliver with optimum ball trajectory. There is a head cover included with the packaging. It is a right handed driver hence can’t be used by lefties. The graphite shaft is strong and firm to drive more speed with better accuracy. The loft setting is set at 10.5 degrees. The club head is 460 cc in size. It has a single port driver to influence a higher launch angle to optimize the ball trajectory.

The driver has a shallow face. That combined with the increased MOI shape is the reason why this driver gives a larger sweet spot. It means the player gets more accuracy with increased distance. The driver weighs only one pound so it is very lightweight as well.


  • Built in low torque graphite shift.
  • Loft setting of 10.5 degrees.
  • Shallow face driver.
  • Value for money.


  • The head flew off within the very first few uses for a lot of players.

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Your Golf Driver Buying Guide!

The right driver can be great at giving the user higher swing speeds with more accurate shots and longer drives. With a little research and help from this guide, you should be able to find the right club for yourself.

Club Head

Club heads can be different for different types of golfers. They can be lightweight carbon crowns or come with adjustable weights. The new advancement in technology has really become a game changer for the golfers around the world.

Size of Club Head

Most clubs available on the market these days have the club head size of maximum 460cc. The larger the head, the bigger ‘Sweet Spot’ you get. This means you get a bigger area to get the shot you need. Smaller driver heads are also available in various sizes. The small head size lets the pro players practice the control they have. But if you are still a newbie, go with the maximum head size you can find.

Your Golf Driver Buying Guide


An awesome golf driver will come with movable weights as well. This lets the user optimize the driver for taking different shots. If you are a solid golfer, you can adjust the weight of the club head to take shot options that might not have been possible with the traditional club head. An adjustable driver cost around 100 to 200 dollars more than the non-adjustable ones. If your budget allows, I will recommend you to go for it. If you are planning to be a pro then this will be beneficial for you. Golfers who have consistency in their swings will benefit the most from the adjustable drivers.


Today’s technology has changed the traditional ways so it is important that you understand how each component of your golf club works. There is now ball technology and larger driver head sizes. These together mean that a higher loft will produce a longer drive. A higher loft equals to higher launch angle, which in turn results in a bigger distance. If you are contemplating whether to go with the 9.5 or 10.5 degrees, go with the 10.5. If you are in doubt, it is always advisable that you loft up. You can even consider getting a custom fit for your golf drivers as it will always give you the best possible result.

But players with swings over 90 mph will benefit more if they stay under the 10 degrees loft. The faster swing will produce more spin and distance.


You should get a right shaft flex to make sure that your distance and accuracy is at the top level. If you are a player with high swing speed, go with the drivers that have a stiffer shaft as it will help in increasing the accuracy. If you are a player with slower swing speed, go with a driver that has a more flexible shaft as it will help in maximizing your distance. As a general rule of thumb, choose the most flexible shaft that you can comfortably control.


This is one component that is often overlooked however; it can have a huge impact on how you strike the ball. Unless you have really large or small hands, you can probably play with the strong and standard grip. This is kind of universal to all golfers, but you can still speak to a certified club fitter to figure out the right size for you. Also keep in mind that you should not only get the right size, but also get one that has a texture and feel to it. This way you will feel more comfortable and will soon be hitting longer and straighter drives. A club fitter should be able to walk you through the whole process.


The first drivers were made with persimmon woods. Later they were metal and made from steel. Now the best golf drivers are made of either titanium or composite heads. Titanium is so popular now because it is super strong, lightweight and long lasting. It means the club head sizes can increase without being too heavy. It means players can now swing faster with more distance. This also means you can have greater margin with error with a larger sweet spot.

There are also composite drivers available in the market with combine different types of materials together. The lightweight materials such as the carbon or heavyweight materials are sometimes put together with titanium. This improves the driver performance.


COR is the Coefficient of Restitution. It measures the transferred energy. Another name is Characteristic Time (CT). If COR is 1, it means the entire club head’s energy will transfer to the ball. The governing bodies of the Golf have the COR limit of 0.83. What it simply means is that no more than 83% energy can pass through the ball from the club head.

Face Angle

Face angle is the angle of the face at address. Sometimes the face sits perpendicular to the target. This is a square. If it is facing away from the player, it means the face is open. This will reduce the loft of the club. If the face is facing towards the player it is a closed face. It adds loft to the face.

Face angle can have some effect on the ball flight. If you are a player who wants to slice a ball, you can square the club head at impact by doing a closed face angle. This will help to not lose the ball to the right. And for hooking the ball on the left, the open face angle will help to straighten out the impact position.

Center of Gravity

The CG is what helps find the balance. The player can move it either vertically, horizontally or back and forth in a club head. This can be done by moving the adjustable or fixed weights inside the head. The lower and further back the CG is, the higher the ball is going to launch as it will increase the spin.

Benefits of a Custom Fit

Now if you really planning to buy a golf driver, it is better that you get a custom fit for it. A custom fit has many benefits. Some of these are –

Getting the Right Equipment

With many sellers come many models and types of drivers, which mean more confusion for you. There are some important variables that you need to keep track of. A custom fitting by a certified golf fitter is the answer to all of that. When you know exactly know what type of club head size, weight, adjustability etc. are perfect for you, you can solely concentrate on your practice skills. Once you have the right product, you will be able to take the right measures.

It’s Free

You don’t need to pay anything extra to get a custom fit from a professional. When you go to buy your golf driver at a physical store, a golf fitter will help you understand the stakes and help you determine the right fit for you. Getting a custom fit doesn’t cost you anything extra so I will recommend you to always get one. All the drivers in the market will help you with that.

Beneficial for Everyone

Be it a pro or a newbie, a custom fit will be helpful for any golf players. When you have the right fit for your shaft type, flex, length etc. it will make you play the game with more ease and grace. When you try on your golf equipments, you will realize exactly how they fit you. Rather than taking a bulk of your stuff to the golf club and later realizing that they are a wrong fit is a hefty amount of loss both in terms of money and time. Instead take your time to get the right fit with the help of a professional and your life will be easier. Keep in mind that the fit doesn’t cost anything more than the ‘Off the rack’ golf drivers so regardless of your age, experience and other factors, you should get a fit.


Q: How do I clean my golf drivers?

A: Use some mild detergent with a damp cloth and a soft nylon brush. Brush off the dirt in 5 to 10 minutes. You can do this after each round of play to keep your driver as good as new.

Q: Do I need to buy a complete set to start playing?

A: No, it is okay to begin with a short set. There are boxed sets available for beginners which usually have around 5 to 7 golf clubs in them. But you have the money and know that you are going to be playing for a long time, you can get a complete set.

Q: How many clubs may I carry in my bag?

A: As per the rule of golf, you can carry up to 14 golf clubs in your bag at a time. It is better to carry less than 14. But for practice sessions, you can carry as many as you like.

Q: How do I clean the grips of the golf club?

A: You can wipe the grips down with a moist cloth and dry it immediately after with a second cloth. You can also use a mild cleaner to spray and then wipe it off. But make sure that you don’t use water on leather grips.

Final Words

The best golf drivers come in many shapes and sizes and you should choose the one that best goes with your experience level and style. The prices vary depending on the specifications but you should opt for the one that you can afford. While taking a look at the market, make sure you do a proper research. Reading customer reviews are always a good idea before buying any types of products, not only golf drivers.

Once you do your research, you will automatically know how much you are going to need to spend to get the set you want. Also, the manufacturers will provide you with a free custom fit and you should take advantage of that. A custom fit by a certified golf fitter does not cost anything more and you will get huge benefits from it. Sometimes what looks the best on other people is not what is right for us so following what inspires you blindly is not the best course of action.

The manufacturers will provide you with a free custom fit and you should take advantage of that. A custom fit by a certified golf fitter does not cost anything more and you will get huge benefits from it. Sometimes what looks the best on other people is not what is right for us so following what inspires you blindly is not the best course of action. Hopefully with this mini best golf drivers’ article, you will have a better overview of the available products. I hope you find the right fit for your golf driver.

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