If President Donald Trump’s example is one to go by, it seems golf does not discriminate by age. However, when you are over 60, you might realize you are not as strong, flexible or fit as you were in your 20s.

On the golf course, this can translate into slower and less powerful swing speeds, less height and less distance for each of your shots.

Fortunately, unlike many other demanding sports like tennis and football, golf is one of the most forgiving sports, and hence, is best for senior citizens.

Having said that, it still requires power, speed, and stability to drive your balls hundreds of feet to a hole.

Best Golf Clubs Seniors

Golf clubs for seniors have been designed to get around the loss of power and speed in your stroke. The best golf clubs for seniors come with a wider clubface, make it easier to land a good strike on the ball, as well as longer, flexible irons, which can compensate your lagging swing speed and distance.

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Many of these golf clubs are lightweight and some come with extra features like weight adjustments.

In this guide, we focus on some of the best golf clubs for seniors so that you can find out the perfect set for yourself.

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Our Test Winner After 35 + Hours Of Research:

TaylorMade Golf M6 Combo Hybrid/Iron Set

Our Honest Star Rating

Why is it the BEST?

  • The new Speed Bridge technology offers superior speed through the Speed Pocket.
  • Very flexible and achieves high accuracy.
  • The set comes with improved feel and set, thanks to its Advanced Hybar Compression Damper that minimizes vibrations.
  • It gives incredible value for money.
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Our top ​Pick

We understand that many of you do not have the time to scroll through to the bottom of the page to find out all 5 of our best golf clubs for seniors. For your convenience, we have picked out the best one that we believe comes with the type of versatile design and features that would suit most senior citizens.

Although the choice was quite hard, we believe that the TaylorMade Golf M6 Combo Hybrid/Iron Set is the best senior gold club of 2019.

Named as one of the most forgiving and longest golf clubs in the market, the TaylorMade Golf M6 Combo Hybrid/Iron Set has been created with the goal of maximum forgiveness and greater distance from their golf clubs.

The set features an exceptionally deep and low CG with an extremely thin face. Because of its adjustable thickness, the club can help your golf ball achieve maximum speed even on large courses.

The TaylorMade Golf M6 Combo Hybrid/Iron set will never fail to offer you anything less than exceptional performance.

Read a more detailed review below and also take a look at some of our other picks.

1. ​TaylorMade Golf M6 Combo Hybrid/Iron Set - TOP PICK

TaylorMade Golf M6 Combo Hybrid/Iron Set

Our Honest Star Rating

This hybrid / iron set combo is simply STUNNNING. 

For any avid senior golfer this set could really help your game.

Our top pick will not let you down, the Taylormade brand promises top quality and this set delivers.

TaylorMade’s irons are among the longest irons in the market which offer unrivaled playability and its latest model for senior citizens doesn’t disappoint either.

The M6 Combo set consists of hybrids that are equal to 4 to 5 iron and its Speed Pocket increases clubhead speed. This is done by making a variable thickness face which is only attached to the body by the top line so that it forms a sort of hinge.

The innovative design not just reduces the weight in the sole but also moves the point of shaft deflection down. These hybrids are great for senior golfers since they allow more speed and greater distance than regular irons.

All the irons in the M6 Combo Hybrid sets are packed with new features, which add cutting-edge technology like the Fluted Hosel and Speed Bridge to the clubs.

Because of these innovations, TaylorMade offers the best feel of all the iron golf clubs in the market. Additionally, a lightweight graphite shaft on the hybrids helps to increase the speed of your swings.

Because they come packed with technology, TaylorMade Golf M6 Combo Hybrid/Iron Set is one of the priciest golf set available in the market.

However, if its value for money you want, this hybrid set is the one for you.

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  • ​The new Speed Bridge technology offers superior speed through the Speed Pocket.
  • Exceptionally thin face
  • The clubs have a low center of gravity.
  • The set comes with improved feel and set, thanks to its Advanced Hybar Compression Damper that minimizes vibrations.
  • Very flexible and achieves high accuracy.
  • The most forgiving golf club set of 2019.


  • ​The size is a bit larger than average, but that is done to increase the impact zone.
  • Only irons and hybrids are included in this M6 set so you will need to get your own driver, putter, extra wedges, and golf bag.

2. ​Tour Edge Male Bazooka 360 Box Set

Tour Edge Male Bazooka 360 Box Set

Our Honest Star Rating

We love this Tour Edge Bazooka 360 box set. For a senior golfer that's just starting out, this would be a great set to start with.

Unlike the Taylormade M6 Irons / Hybrids above, these Tour Edge clubs are lighter on your wallet.

If you are looking for a high-quality and high-value full set of clubs, you need to take a look at the Tour Edge Male Bazooka 360 Box Set. The amazing golf set comes with 12 premium clubs as well as a bag at the best price.

The Tour Edge Male Bazooka 360 Box Set comes with a driver, 3 wood and 5 wood that are designed for maximum distance. The 460cc titanium matrix design of the driver comes with a moderate 11.5 degrees of loft. The 3 and 5 woods are both oversized but still have a low profile.

All three club designs are made to improve distance from the tee and the hole.

Additionally, the set also consists of 4 hybrid, plus irons, ranging from 5 to sand wedge. Each of these iron features a cavity back design for optimal forgiveness and higher launch. The hybrid features standard design with a slightly normal-than longer tank. All the clubs come with lightweight graphite shafts to create a higher swing speed.

One of the best things about the Bazooka 360 box set is that it is available in both left-hand and right-hand orientation. The bag comes with shoulder straps but not with stand legs.

So if you plan on walking, you may have a hard time making the bag stand by itself.

Find more great products like this by checking out our guide to the Best Golf Clubs For Beginners To Intermediate.


  • ​There are 12 lightweight clubs, four headcovers and a bag.
  • The senior-grade clubs have a high loft for increased height on shots.
  • Oversized clubheads come with a weighted heel to toe area.
  • The cavity back irons and the large titanium matrix design offers improved accuracy.
  • The woods and hybrid come with a lower center of gravity that increase launch height.
  • Available in both left-hand and right-hand orientation


  • ​The Bazooka 360 is targeted towards seniors and high handicappers. As such, experienced players may not like the added forgiveness features at the cost of finesse and control.
  • As it is packed with features, it is a bit expensive.

3. ​MDXII Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Full Package Set

​MDXII Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Full Package Set

Our Honest Star Rating

This MDXII Men's golf club set comes with all the equipment you need to enjoy a great game of golf in your senior years.

We think of this set as our middle of the road selection within our Top 5. These clubs will serve you well out on the course.

As far as newcomers in the highly-competitive golf set market go, Precise seems bent on making its mark.

The new gold club manufacturing company has launched offerings that are very impressive and do not shy away from using premium-grade material and designs for its golf clubs.

The MDXII Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Full Package Set is targeted towards male senior players but it also contains many different configurations. We will talk about the senior flex with the all-graphite shaft in this review.

The set consists of a titanium driver, 3 wood, 4 hybrid, 5-PW irons and a putter. All club heads are designed with stainless steel with an attractive red, white, and black colorways. A stand bag is also included in the set.

The design of the wood and the driver make up towards more forgiveness and greater distance from the tee to the fairway. All the irons have a cavity back design with an amazing feel on all shots. A small Speed Pocket is also located on the soles of the iron.

What’s so interesting about the MDXII Men’s set is that even the included putter comes with a graphite shaft, which is pretty uncommon.

We advise caution while using the putter since it could easily break the shaft off at the hosel.

Aside from this slight issue, however, the MDXII offers one of the best senior golf clubs in 2019 at a lower price than many top-rated competitors.

We have also reviewed the Best Set Of Golf Clubs For Beginners, so check them out as well.


  • ​Comes with a full set of drivers, woods, irons, putters, and stand bag.
  • Headcovers are also included in the set.Design offers improved swing speed because of the graphite lightweight shafts.
  • Designed with titanium drivers and stainless steel club heads.Senior flex graphite shaft
  • Cavity back irons with Speed Pockets located on the sole.
  • Putter with a graphite shaft.
  • Offers optimal feel, control, and forgiveness.Not as pricey as other competing brands.


  • ​Does not come with a sand wedge
  • Graphite-shaft putter may break the shaft off the hosel

4. ​Wilson Golf Profile SGI Women’s Complete Golf Set With Bag

Wilson Golf Profile SGI Women’s Complete Golf Set With Bag

Our Honest Star Rating

We've included this excellent full women's golf set from Wilson in our Senior golfers selection...because we know all you lady golfers out there are just as competitive in your senior years as your male counterparts.

Read all about this set below...

If you are a senior lady looking for a golf club set that offers you a complete set of senior clubs with the best value, look no further than the Wilson Golf Profile SGI Women’s Complete Golf Set.

The set consists of long clubs with a driver, 3 wood and hybrid. All of these are constructed with stainless steel and titanium club heads. The SGI golf clubs are very aerodynamic in design and are aimed at an improved swing speed as well as better turf interaction.

The 6-SW irons are cavity backed excluding the sand wedge and pitching. The design of the cavity backed is simple and has a tiny undercut.

A muscle back is present on the sand wedge and pitching, which not just offers an amazing feel but an incredible spin on the shots as well.

The set includes a lightweight carry bag that comes with a backpack shoulder strap. The set comes in beautiful colors of green, teal, and white.

One of the best things about theWilson Golf Profile SGI Women’s Complete Golf Set is that it takes into account women of all height and offers adjustments accordingly. There are several lengths of clubs available that help to accommodate women who are shorter than 5’ 3 ‘’ and taller than 5’ 9”.

Looking at all its features, Wilson’s SGI club set for women provides great value with some excellent club designs and a great bag.

Check out our review of the Best Golf Clubs for High Handicappers for our top picks.


  • ​Designed for senior women with senior flex graphite shaft.
  • The titanium driver comes with a high loft that offers a sweet spot hit and optimal forgiveness.
  • Stainless steel irons with a low center of gravity for greater accuracy and distance.
  • The sand wedge aims to improve greenside control.
  • Amazing feel and grip on the clubs.
  • High-quality cart bag with padded straps.
  • Large driver for maximizing distance.


  • Not a very durable set for frequent players.
  • Distance gap between 5 wood and 6 wood

5. Aspire X1 Men’s Complete Golf Set

Our Honest Star Rating

The Aspire X1 Men’s Complete Golf Set which is considered as one of the best set of golf clubs for high handicapped golfers.

As a senior golfer this full golf set is a true solid set of golf clubs that can really help you enjoy your game.

The final position for the best senior golf club belongs to the Aspire X1 Men’s Complete Golf Set, which is considered as the best set of golf clubs for handicapped golfers.

The set comes with a 460cc titanium driver that can help you make the best shots. Additionally, its combination of fairway wood, hybrid, irons and putter will help you play the best game of your life. A 3D patterned sole also improves turf interaction and achieve low drag.

The wood and irons come with graphite shafts that offer 40 percent lighter weight than steel shafts

The Aspire X1 also comes with a deluxe golf bag which has a color scheme of white, black and green that matches the clubs.

The style of the club is attractive and sleek and can certainly help you turn help in the golf course while you are out practicing. Additionally, the golf set also comes with three convenient headcovers for your clubs.

The set also accommodates different size of players: those who are about 6 ft tall and those who are above 6 feet.

Why not check out our Best Golf Club Sets for the Price guide - and see what our top picks are.


  • ​“A” flex shafts are 40 percent lighter than steel counterparts.
  • Come with a large and comfortable grip with a better feel.
  • Large club heads with low center of gravity for improved forgiveness.
  • Lightweight stand bag.Offers two sizes for men


  • ​Only works well for right-handed men

Things to Consider When Buying a Golf Club Set for Seniors

Seniors require golf club sets that give them the ability to drive the golf ball to greater distances without undue effort. The best golf clubs for seniors provide them with better swing speeds, senior flex ratings, and improved distance, height and accuracy.

Here are some of the things seniors should consider when buying golf clubs


Hybrid clubs work the best for seniors who find it challenging to shoot long distances from their driver. If you are relatively fit, adding a bit of height to your loft will help you adjust.

However, if you have crossed 60 and have trouble with regular clubs, you should increase the hybrids in your set or get an all-hybrid set for seniors, like some of the ones described above.

Even if you can perform well with the driver and 3 wood, replacing the long irons with 3-5 hybrid clubs can give you amazing results.


The golf club shaft is vital for you to bring your A-game to the golf course. A lot of time, the importance of shaft is underestimated. However, the shaft’s weight, flex, torque, and alignment are all essential for your game improvement.

Shaft Weight

When we talk about shaft weight, we refer to the uncut and raw shafts before they are installed to make the golf club. Light shafts can help improve your swing speed and timing and are much more comfortable to hold. Typically, seniors should look for golf clubs with shafts that weight 60 grams or less with a light club head, as well.

Thanks to the latest technology, you can now find shafts that weigh even less than 50 grams.

Experts also advise that the grip end of the club should weigh more than its lower end.

Shaft Length

A longer shaft helps you swing with more speed and hit the sweet spot of the golf ball solidly. Although the average length of a shaft used on tour is about 44.5 inches, the average length of most drivers in the market is 45.4 inches. That’s because professional athletes prefer shorter shafts which afford them better accuracy and control.

However, senior citizens need the power, speed and width offered by longer shafts.

Shaft Flex

The shaft flex is the flexibility of the shaft during a swing. All shafts exhibit some flex during a swing, though senior-flex shaft bend to a greater degree. This affects the direction and distance of the ball. Generally, professional athletes who can swing over 90 miles per hour require stiffer or rigid shafts.

For seniors, however, who can swing less than 70 miles per hour, senior-flex shafts are needed.

Shaft Torque

Torque, as we learned in physics, is the turning force. When we swing a club, your shaft performs a sort of twisting motion that is known as the shaft torque. The shaft torque is measured in degrees and is shown as ratings.

If the shaft torque has a low degree of twist, the rating is low. For example, a golf club with a 3-degree shaft torque will feel more rigid than a golf club with a 5-degree shaft torque.

This torque affects the trajectory of your golf ball.

Hence seniors should opt for golf clubs with a higher shaft torque.

Loft Angle

The loft angle of the clubhead has an effect on the trajectory of the golf ball. Many senior players often have difficulty in gaining enough height for their ball. The higher the loft angle of the clubhead, the higher will be the trajectory of the ball flight.

Generally, the ideal range for a loft angle, if you have a swing speed of over 100 mph, is 9 to 11 degrees. Senior players can add one degree for every 10 mph decline in this speed.

For example, if you have a swing speed of 70 mph, you should get a club of about 13-14 degree loft.

Clubhead and Face

The clubhead and face should be designed to afford more forgiveness to seniors. An oversize face can translate to a larger sweet spot hit and an adjustable weight can also add forgiveness.

Extra forgiveness can compensate for senior players’ decline in swing speed and accuracy.

Extra Wedges

​Senior golfers need more variety in their short game to compensate for the deficiencies in their long-distance shot games.

To improve your short game performance you need a variety of extra wedges like a pitching wedge, sand wedge, gap wedge, and a lob wedge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are golf clubs for seniors and how can they help you?

Golf clubs for seniors have several characteristic features that their regular counterparts typically do not have. Some of the most important ones are:

  • Lightweight: Senior-grade golf clubs are lighter than regular clubs. This is done to balance out your decline in strength. This is similar to women golf clubs which are also typically lighter than men’s.
  • Flexibility: Senior-grade clubs have a flexible shaft, typically made of graphite. This not just gives the shaft a lighter weight but also helps to counterbalance senior players’ slower swing speed and shorter distances.
  • High Loft: With the help of a higher loft, seniors can now achieve a higher launch.
  • Oversized Sweet Spots: To offset the reduced accuracy, large sweet spots on the clubhead help to improve precision and prevent mishits.

Should a senior-grade golf club have shaft flex?

The rate of flexibility in a golf club is graded into five categories: Extra stiff (X), stiff (S), regular (R), senior (A), and ladies (L).

Note that these are just manufacturing standards and you do not need to stick by them. However, these ratings can be helpful in fixing discrepancies in your swing speed.

Most young players and pros prefer stiffer shafts for maximum swing speed and accuracy. These people usually have a swing speed of over 90 mph. However, senior citizens, who have a swing speed of less than 70 mph, should look for flex with more flex.

Another way to determine whether a more flexible shaft should benefit you is to look at the maximum distance you can shoot. If you can hit a distance of 230 yards with your regular club, you can keep using it. However, if your distance falls to 200 yards, a senior-grade flex shaft can help you improve it.

Which loft angles can seniors pick?

The principle behind choosing the correct launch angle is that the slower your swing speed, the higher should be your loft angle. Therefore, we start by measuring your swing speed.

The average loft angle of a player in the PGA Tour is 10.9 degrees; however, these players have a swing speed of over 120 mph which can produce a distance of 300 yards.

For regular people, if your swing speed is over 100 mph, a loft angle of 9-11 degree will work well for you. However, if your swing speed is less than 100mph, start adding one or two degrees for every 10mph decline in speed.

For example, for a swing speed of 60 mph, a loft angle of 14 to 15 degree would do you well.

How can seniors improve their swing speed?

Your swing speed is affected by many factors, including precision, launch angle and the clubhead speed. You get precision by making a correct stance and practicing.

Although accuracy has no shortcut, a senior-grade club can help you build up enough ball speed, even if you have an off-center hit.

Even though swinging your club with more force can help generate speed, you also need to maintain your balance, center of gravity, and accuracy when you swing without compromising the launch angle and precision. You also need to maintain the correct balance between the launch angle and the spin.

Since the ball is hit at an angle to gain height and distance, it will generate a spin. If delivered with enough power, some golf shots exceed 5000 rpm, which can make the ball rise too high too quickly and cover less distance with little roll.

A proper senior-grade club can decrease the spin rate of the ball while producing maximum trajectory.

Final Words

​Whether your interest in golfing is new-found or if your body is adjusting as you come close to retirement, finding the right golf club is very important. For seniors, there is always the option to go to a sports store and get a simple feel of the equipment.

Though it may be dismaying to notice your handicap creeping up to you, switching to a better suited senior-grade golf club may be all you need for your game improvement.

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