Best Golf Carry Bag Reviews 2018: What Not To Buy?

If you have evolved from learning golf at the driving range to practicing golf on the golf course, you need a golf bag in case you do not have one already. That’s where this best golf carry bag review article comes handy.

Or maybe your old one has worn out so you are buying a new one to accompany you on ground. In fact, golf bags are very important. It does not just carry your clubs and other essentials but also affects your mood and strength. Apparently, your focus will definitely decrease if your bag is too heavy and uncomfortable to carry. You might tire out too quickly or experience aches that do not support playing better.

Moreover, you should be able to take your clubs out as smoothly as possible. Collision among them does cause irritation and also harm to the clubs. So, you get the point. Golf carry bags are too important to not consider carefully. You need to be aware of every little detail and see if it fits your needs and is of high quality.

If you keep reading you will definitely know more about golf carry bags, what to consider while buying them and ten of the best golf carry bags on the market. Ultimately, we will help you find the best golf carry bag for you.

Best Golf Carry Bag Reviews

The top 5 golf carry bags we reviewed today are:

So, here are ten of the best golf carry bag reviews that will help you know about the best and worst features:

Ranger Carry Sunday Range Travel Bag by CaddyDaddy GolfRanger Carry Sunday Range Travel Bag by CaddyDaddy Golf

Are you looking for a carry bag that can also function as a travel bag? This Ranger Carry Sunday bag by CaddyDaddy fulfills your wishes in the most convenient way.

You can in fact not only carry it around the golf course easily but to your various travel destinations as well. Because it only weighs around 3.5 pounds and is quite concise in size to be stored in the car. If you do not want to stop playing in the rain, this bag will provide no obstacles. It is in fact made from high quality 1680 denier nylon which not only makes it weatherproof but quite durable as well. Moreover, the Ultra-durable 1680D fabric makes it guess what? Ultra-durable!

You can lay a quick nine-hole game, with this bag that has the capacity to hold nine clubs at a time. Also, it does the job of carrying and protecting the clubs quite well with its padded top which protects the delicate club heads. You can keep driver of 460cc in the bag’s 51-inch length room for the driver.

The base is also moulded with a five-inch rigid tube offering more robustness and protection. Apart from that, it offers three lockable zippered pockets and also a towel ring for your convenience. The brand looks over the comfort of carrying it with its padded shoulder straps to reduce strain on your shoulder. Moreover, it also features an easy grip rubber handle.


  • Very portable with its lightweight and minimal design
  • Fits the most essential nine clubs
  • Features a padded top for protection
  • Durable, weatherproof and quality build
  • Well-functioning zippers on the three pockets
  • Towel ring
  • Comes in two colors
  • One-year full bag replacement warranty


  • The cover is not removable so getting the clubs out can be awkward
  • Not a lot of space for balls and tees

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Wilson 2018 NFL Carry Golf BagWilson 2018 NFL Carry Golf Bag

Not all carry bags come with legs but this one does. The main feature of a carry golf bag is its lightweight making it easy for you to carry. Apparently, the Wilson NFL makes it easy for you to carry and also not carry when you are playing with the legs it features. Its quick-action stand and flat base let you keep the bag upright when you are taking out a club for taking a shot. Talk about convenience! In fact, the top of this bag has a dimension of 9.5” X 8” and is 4-way.

You will not have any trouble taking your clubs out as they will rarely collide with each other because of the two full-length dividers separating them. When it comes to comfort, this bag offers you a 4-point ergonomic double strap that distributes the weight equally across your shoulder. Moreover, it is padded to increase the comfort. It even features a handle to make unloading easier for you.

The Wilson NFL apparently weighs 4 pounds which is a bit heavier than the previous bag but for good reason. You can actually carry almost all your essentials comfortably in it because it offers eight pockets.

In fact, it features a large garment pocket, a valuables pocket, an accessories pocket, an insulated pocket, an open pocket for rangefinder or beverage and two mesh pockets. Moreover, it also features a towel hood on which you can hang your towel anytime. You can even play with it in the rain as it comes with a rain hood and also an umbrella holder.


  • Comes with retractable legs
  • Quite lightweight
  • Adequate space for carrying all the essentials
  • Good quality Rip-Stop Polyester construction
  • Padded, ergonomic double shoulder strap and handle for easy carriage
  • Easy to unload
  • Features umbrella holder, towel ring and a rain hood


  • Not enough slots for clubs

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PING 2018 Hoofer 14 Carry Stand Golf Bag

If you do not mind carrying a lightweight golf bag on your shoulder, given that it gives you more space for everything, then this is the bag you need. Heavier than the first two, this carry bag weighs around 5.5 pounds but also provides greater value for the trouble. In fact, it is not just a carry bag but a hybrid of carry and stand bag.

Yes, it comes with retractable legs that make it easier for you to handle it while playing. Apparently, it features two adjustable straps with shoulder pads which make it quite comfortable for you to carry despite the heavier weight. Moreover, if you want a break from carrying your golf bag, this bag even features a cart-strap channel system that you can use to easily keep it on a cart and also unload the essentials co conveniently. So, you might even consider it a hybrid of three kinds of golf bags.

Another one of the many great features this bag has is the 14-way top. This helps you to find the club you need without any hassle. Moreover, this prevents noise while walking as well. As for the accessories you need to carry, this bag offers a generous twelve pockets to accommodate anything you might need.

Also, the pockets are quite easy to access. It even features an umbrella compartment and a towel ring. The unique, attractive design will definitely win you compliments.


  • Features padded double shoulder straps for easy portability
  • Has retractable legs to improve convenience
  • Features a cart strap channel system for attachability to carts and easy access
  • 14 way top solves all problems related to unloading clubs
  • 12 pockets provide enough space for everything
  • Features an umbrella hood and towel ring
  • Great quality, durable build with an attractive design


  • Does not feature full-length dividers which leads to the collision between grips

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Mizuno Golf Scratch Carry BagMizuno Golf Scratch Carry Bag

If you are a beginner who mostly practices in the driving range and plays 9 holes per day, Mizuno Golf Scratch Carry bag would be a great choice for you.  As you are just a beginner, you do not need loads of clubs to play with neither do you need the weight of them to slow you down.

So, this carry bag from Mizuno weighs only 2.5 pounds minimizing the weight that the carry bag puts on you. So, you can play around the golf course without any stress at all. Moreover, it features a 4 way top which is super divided by dividers. So, you can keep just the adequate number of clubs you need for your game with you. In order to make carrying the golf bag even less of a matter, this bag features aero strap dual harness that provides both comfort and performance. The weight of the bag will be distributed equally across your shoulder so you never get a muscle pull or too much stress from it.

Apart from all that, this carry bag gives you 4 pockets to keep all your essentials in. It also includes a mesh drink pouch so that you can keep your beverage there. So, you get to stay cool and hydrated throughout the game thanks to the generosity of this bag. Now, how well does it protect your clubs? Very well indeed. It has a structured internal tube that provides complete waterproof protection to your clubs. Moreover, the Mizuno shower cap enhances the protection of the club heads.


  • Very lightweight to carry
  • Great for beginners and short rounds
  • Provides good waterproof protection to the clubs
  • Quite comfortable to use
  • Well-built and looks great too


  • Could be made a bit sturdier
  • Not for a golfer who needs to carry a lot of clubs and other accessories

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TaylorMade Golf 2017 TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0TaylorMade Golf 2017 TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0

TaylorMade is one of the most well-known brands of golf so you can be free of doubts about the quality it provides. This apparently is stand bag as it comes with retractable legs. But you can use it as a carry golf bag thanks to its lightweight and easy carry features.

First of all, this bag only weighs around 4 pounds so you will find it no strain to carry around. Secondly, it features a comfort shoulder strap system which allows you to carry it comfortably on your shoulder. Most importantly, when you are done carrying and need to keep it down, you can just bring out its retractable legs and keep it standing there in all its stability. It has an anti-split stand system and it is also non-slip. Therefore it won’t be slipping and breaking when you are not looking. Apart from all that, it features a 5-way divider top. So, that protects your clubs from some collision but not totally.

In fact, it comes with six pockets. Ball and tee pockets are included in these six pockets. Moreover, you get a velour-lined valuables pouch. So, the waterproof design of the valuables pouch protects your phone or other valuables from getting wet. You can have a relaxing time without any worries at all. Moreover, it is so weather-friendly that it also features an umbrella pouch. And, that is not all. It even has a rain hood to protect itself and your valuable clubs from the rain. Therefore, this is a carry plus stand bag that you can use anytime and anywhere.


  • Lightweight enough to act as a carry bag
  • Comfortable to carry thanks to the comfortable shoulder straps
  • Great quality build with attractive, sporty design
  • Offers ample space for storage of essentials
  • Quite weatherproof with a waterproof valuables pocket, rain hood, and an umbrella pouch


  • Does not have full-length dividers
  • Not spacious enough for golfers who need more clubs
  • Best Golf Cary Bag

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Benefits of Getting a Carry Bag:

Do you want to carry all your clubs by hand and also a bag of balls throughout the course? No? Thought so. There are some of the benefits of a golf carry bag:

A safe and convenient place to keep your clubs: Golf Carry bags not only help you keep your clubs organized in a place or you to carry easily but also keep them safe.

Saves your money and gives your freedom: When you use a golf cart bag, you cannot move the bag wherever you want to play. However, carry golf bags let you have the freedom to carry it anywhere you want and also easily because of its lightweight and portable features.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do these come with top covers?
Answer: Yes, all the mentioned bags come with a top cover or a rain hood.

2. What is the difference between the carry bag and stand golf bag?
Answer: Carry bags are usually lighter than stand bags and stand bags may or may not be as light but they always come with retractable legs that aid them to stand.

When you play golf, it is not only the clubs and the balls that matter, your comfort does too. A golf bag can deteriorate your game to a considerable level if it does not have the right features. It should provide you with comfort and peace of mind. And, golf carry bags can cause more trouble as they need to be carried. So, you need to find the best golf carry bag to accompany you or else you might be doomed and your money might be wasted. Our guide should help you know about the features that matter. Also, our reviews should help you find the best golf bags. So, scrutinize and buy.

best golf carry bag reviews

Your Golf Carry Bag Buying Guide

First, you have to know everything you need to know about golf carry bags and the features to consider.

The Types of Golf Bags:

Before you learn about the features of a golf carry bag, are you sure the carry bag is what you really need? Because there are a total of five kinds of carrying bags. Know them all before you purchase:

Carry Bags:

As the name suggests, these are golf bags that are suitable for carrying. The first feature that makes it so is its lightweight. They weigh less than all other golf bags. Apparently, it has straps on it so you can carry it on your shoulder and also handles to carry by hand.

They normally do not come with retractable legs so they are quite easy to store and transport. On a special note, if even the carry bags cannot provide the minimum space you require then you have Sunday bags to choose from. They are apparently, thinner and even less spacious.

Moreover, they have an adequate number of pockets to accommodate only the essentials you cannot do without.

Stand Bags:

Again, as the name suggests, you can make these bags stand while playing. They usually come with retractable legs. As carry bags often require you to lay them down while taking your shots, stand bags give you the flexibility and smoothness to easily keep it standing on the ground, getting your club out and taking your strike. However, they are heavier than carry bags. You should definitely consider the stability a stand bag provides while choosing one.

Tour Bags:

Professional golfers need more space and efficiency from a golf bag, being under so much pressure. Moreover, they usually have a caddie to carry the bag around for them. Therefore, tour bags are the largest golf bags designed for professional golfers.

Apparently, because of their heavy weight, they are not suitable for carrying. You can roll them around on trolley or carts. They actually have enough space inside them and enough pockets to accommodate every little thing a golfer might need.

Cart Bags:

Quite clear from the name, these are bags that are designed to be carried easily on carts. They are usually spacious enough to have room for everything a golfer will need. Also, they are quite heavyweight. The pockets apparently are placed on one side so the player can easily take out what he/she needs. These are bags appropriate for mostly old or lady golfers who do not carry their bags by hand.

Travel Bags:

Golfers are quite passionate when it comes to golf. You might even go on a business trip but carry your golf clubs to clean them and play when you get a chance. So, for such golf enthusiasts, travel bags make the task easier. Apparently, you can choose between hard case travel bags and soft case ones.

The hard case ones are great for protecting your clubs from the mean handling in airports. While the soft case ones have a dense padding to protect the clubs plus make it lightweight and easy to transport.

Handles and Straps the Golf Carry Bag:

Since you will be ‘carrying’ the bag, you cannot ignore what you will carry it through. Firstly, make sure that the placement of the straps or handles make it convenient for you to use. If it’s not placed correctly, you will face extra trouble while carrying the bag. Moreover, make sure that the bag has the required number of handles and straps for you. If you want to carry the bag on your shoulder, you should look for a shoulder strap in it.

Moreover, a handle is almost always there, as you might need to fit through a place and you cannot if you carry your bag on your shoulder.

Apart from that, the handle and straps should both be very rigid and durable. Because it would be a great shame to see your golf bag falling off your handle because the handle could not take the load.

The kind and number of dividers: It is really very irritating to fight to get your club out of the bag. With so much to deal with, that is the last thing on earth you should be dealing with on a golf course. The reason for which this may happen is the dividers of the golf bag. So, you should check how many dividers the golf bag has.

The more the number of dividers, the less collision among the clubs so less damage. In contrast, the less number of dividers not only leads to collisions but also inconvenience when taking out a club. Apparently, some bags have no dividers at all and some have up to 14-dividers. Depending on the number and type of clubs you have, choose the divider that best suits you.

Moreover, there are two kinds of dividers- full length or half-length dividers. The full-length ones are definitely better as they offer more protection and convenience. But, only a few high-end bags offer full-length dividers.

A Putter compartment or not: As a golfer, you know that the putter is different from the other clubs. So, some golf bags offer a putter as well which is a putter compartment that stops it from harming other clubs and also being harmed by others. Moreover, it also makes taking out the putter convenient and easy for you.

Number and Types of Pockets:

Golf bags are not meant for only carrying the clubs but also other required items for the ground. Some bags have one or two pockets while others have many. It completely depends on what you require and use on the course that how man pockets you require. Some essential pockets are for balls and tees.

But, you may want to keep a rain jacket in which case an apparel pocket is what you need. If you need to keep your cell phone, you will be needing a bag with a valuables pocket which is often lined with a soft fabric. In order to keep you cool, some bags also offer beverage sleeve or insulated cooler pockets. So, first decide what you want to keep then choose a bag that meets your demands.
Umbrella Holder or not: Golfers have the tendency to keep playing even when the weather gets bad minus the thundering. So, a bag with a separate room for holding an umbrella will really come in handy.

Rain hood:

If it can carry an umbrella to protect you, it should also feature a rain hood to protect itself and your clubs.

Towel Ring:

You definitely do not want to carry a handbag to carry your towel on the field. So, your bag should feature a towel ring to help you get rid of all that sweat.

There you go. This was our best golf carry bag reviews that you were waiting for. Hopefully, you will like this piece and we hope we were able to help you choose the best golf carry bag according to your budget. We have reviewed some other golf bags too that you can checkout here.


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