Considering getting the best golf balls for the money?

  1. Using cheap golf balls has not gotten you to where you want to get to. It is time to upgrade.
  2. Golf balls are of great importance to your game, and you recognise this. It is worth the investment.


3. These golf balls are going to be a gift some someone that is special to you. You want to ensure that they are of good quality.

Golf balls play a massive role in your golfing game. It is unbelievable what sort of difference there is between a good golf ball and a poor one when their performance on the course is compared.

A good golf ball will facilitate a platform that you can build your game on. A terrible golf ball will do just the opposite.

In A Hurry?

Perhaps you have already had enough reading for one day. We cant all be golf nerds. Some people prefer just getting a recommendation so they can get on with making the purchase.

To assist you with this we made sure that we did a more in-depth analysis of the top 5 products. If we had money to buy just one of these balls, which ones would we go with?

It is not as simple as I make it seem. There is a lot of back and forth that goes into this.

After it all, we landed on a winner. Our top pick is the Titleist Pro V1 Prior Generation Golf Balls.

They have a low spin off the tee and great overall performance once you are on the green. They are also durable. Go and read the detailed review below.

Our Test Winner After 40 + Hours Of Research:

Titleist Pro V1

Our Honest Star Rating

Why is it the BEST?

  • Has both low spin and high-speed performance
  • Cover longer distance for all types of shots
  • Offers high consistent ball flight
  • Has an upper, responsive and ionomeric case layers
  • Has high shot quality with consistency
Our Score





40 +




Our top 5 Best Golf Balls For Money

What most people do not realise is that there is a lot of work that goes into a golf ball. Most balls are made up of multiple parts and layers. Each one of these components has a specific purpose that it plays. This is where you get the distance, flight as well as overall performance on the green.

The inner core of the ball is usually the one that is responsible for getting speed on the ball. The outer layer will give you a good feel and goof performance on the green. The dimples that are placed around the outer layer ensure that there is great aerodynamics.

It is the aerodynamics that allows you to get a better flight on the ball. They are designed to reduce air pressure resistance.

Choosing the right golf balls is not the easiest of tasks. We will concede that they are usually so cheap that the cost of this mistake is one that most of us can take on the chin. Nevertheless, no one likes to waste money on products that are sub-standard. To make sure that you would not have to endure this set back we did some research.

We searched the web and in various golf shops to find balls that would fit the bill. These had to be balls that were worth purchasing. They had to be balls that performed well when we tested them. How well they did both off the tee and on the green had to be factored in. In the end, we had 5 balls that we will be introducing you to.

1. Titleist Pro V1 Prior Generation Golf Balls - TOP PICK

Titleist Pro V1

Our Honest Star Rating

If you are a professional golfer or a senior golfer in need of high-quality golf balls, then look no further but consider Titleist pro V1 prior generation golf balls.

Titleist is among the top brand in the gold industry with the reputation of producing high-quality products for golfers.

The fantastic thing about these balls is that they offer a higher consistent ball flight that comes with extraordinary distance.

The new 352 tetrahedral dimples design is the factor behind the higher consistent ball flight, and this is the reason behind their popularity among top professional golfers. But that’s not all. These multi-component balls provide unmatched quality that comes with consistency for every shot a senior golfer makes.

The balls have given both senior and professional golfers easy time while on course. They have become an excellent ball for top significant tournaments around the world. 

The most beautiful thing about the balls is that they offer a drop and stop short game control. Besides that, they provide soft feel both on the tee and the green. If you are a senior golfer looking for a magical ball design that has high performance and astonishing design, then consider shopping Titleist Pro V1 prior generation golf balls.

The good news that the price attached to these great balls are quite low, but the quality is unmeasurable when you want to compare to the cost.

Also, these balls have a solid construction; hence, they can withstand the hits and abrasions with ease. The construction design and materials used give the balls long term durability when compared to other ordinary golf balls in the market.

Above all, these balls occur in different sizes, and avid golfers can easily order any number they want without facing any challenges. The balls are also a perfect choice for handicap golfers since they offer an excellent low and high swing speed for them. These balls are of high quality, and they have the capability of improving the performance of a golfer after persistent practice.

Be sure to check out our list of the Best Golf Balls For Distance for more great items like this.


  • Has both low spin and high-speed performance
  • Cover longer distance for all types of shots
  • Offers high consistent ball flight
  • Has an upper, responsive and ionomeric case layers
  • Has high shot quality with consistency


  • Plenty of counterfeit in the market - only buy from reputable sellers

2. Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls

Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls

Our Honest Star Rating

Callaway is another top brand company with a reputation for producing high-quality golf products like golf balls ideal for seniors and professional golfers.

One thing that makes Callaway golf superhot golf balls to stand out from others is that they have unmatched quality. The reason behind why many golfers prefer them over other senior golf balls.

If you are a senior or a professional finding your mind being tossed on the blue ocean while shopping for golf balls, then consider Callaway superhot golf balls.

Callaway superhot are incredibly soft and long straight distance balls ideal for golfers of all category more so seniors. The most beautiful thing about these balls is that they tend to have a low compression core that helps to foster fast speed and also increase the degree of accuracy. ​

But that’s not all. These balls are made from a new Low-Drag HEX Aerodynamics which is optimized in a way that it helps reduce drag and increase lifts for longer carry as well as long distance.

Besides that, the cover is made from a new softer Trionomer formulation which enhances low compression to bring out soft feel and increase greenside control.

Did I forget to mention that most Callaway superhot golf balls are made according to the USA guidelines? This is true though the superhot balls are made in Korea. Another good thing about the balls is that there are no knock offs, especially among the beginners since they tend to have a soft feel.

If you are a golfer who is struggling with consistency, then look no further since these balls have the reputation of helping an individual player with flexibility.

Callaway superhot balls are relatively affordable as compared to other senior balls in the market today. The balls also come in a multipack that comprises of sleeves that have different colours such as lime, orange, white, and turquoise. The colours of the ball make them quite visible both in the air and on the ground while in the course.

Make sure you also check out our guide to the Best Golf Ball For Seniors.


  • Quite soft golf balls
  • Have low spin to enhance straight short game control
  • Have a variety of different ball colours
  • Low compression improves the faster speed
  • Quite affordable


  • Distance cover does not meet some senior’s expectations

3. Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft Golf Balls

Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft Golf Balls

Our Honest Star Rating

It is quite challenging to find any other golf ball that is as soft as Bridgestone golf e12 balls. These are some of the top brand balls offered by Bridgestone Company.

The company has been in the golf industry for over some couple of decades, and it has never fail golfers as far as their products are a concern. These balls are made of an active acceleration mantle which is known to consist of a new high-performance polymer material.

The high-quality material help to create an increased thrust and a higher ball speed at an impact. This is what many professional golfers are looking for into a ball.

The most beautiful thing about these balls is the delta dimple design. The dimple design help to reduce drag and enhance smooth airflow when the ball is in flight. Besides that, the aerodynamics feature brings more unusual things like enhancing straight distance properties in the ball.

But that’s not all.

The balls are designed for higher launch and more carry for swing speeds. This is one of the reasons why they are boosting lots of praises on golf forums and Facebook groups.

Above all, Bridgestone e12 golf balls are made in the United States of America, and this signifies that they meet all the requirements or standards required in a golf game. If you happen to be a senior who struggle to keep the balls in the air, then Bridgestone e12 golf balls are a perfect choice.

The price tag attached to the balls are quite affordable, and they tend to be ideal for low-budgeted golfers who are starting in their career. Also, the balls are made from high-quality materials that help to foster the long-lasting feature hence reduce the cost of replacement after some few weeks.

Furthermore, the ball cover is quite resistant to abrasions and cuts while on course hence considered to be quite durable.

Our handy guide to the Best Golf Balls For Slow Swing Speed features more great products like this.


  • Does not experience air resistance since they are smooth
  • Occur in red colours that are quite visible
  • Incredible soft golf balls
  • Ideal for advance smooth and straight shots


  • Too soft for mid-handicappers

4. Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls

Our Honest Star Rating

Vice golf is among the smallest companies in the golf industry, posing lots of competition to giant companies as far as the production of golf balls is a concern.

The company has been in the industry for over some decades, and it has emerged among the best producers of golf balls. Vice pros plus golf balls have solid construction due to the four-piece with a cast urethane cover. The material makes the balls to be durable when compared to other ordinary golf balls.

When the ball comes into contact with the clubhead, it rarely experiences cuts and abrasion making them regarded as long-lasting balls in the golf industry.

Besides that, the balls have a highly durable 336 dimple design which helps to reduce the drag and increase smooth airflow when the ball in the flight. The most amazing thing with these balls is that they offer much distance needed by professional golfers. They have high performance with low spin and more natural shot game control.

Vice pro plus golf balls have a fantastic spin since a golfer can control the ball around the green nicely and also roll off the putter. The quality and excellent feel make this golf ball to function as the other high-end ball, but they tend to be offered at an affordable price worth the value of your money.

But that’s not all. These balls tend to perform exceptionally well in any weather condition, especially if you are playing in an area with cold and windy conditions. They can withstand the condition.

The balls occur in red colours, making it quite easy to identify them while in air and also along with the green or tee. The visibility structure is what makes them impeccable. Unfortunately, holding two balls in hand tend to produce funny, gripping sounds, and the issue can make other golfers laugh at you.

However, hitting the ball makes you feel nice since it does not sound like hitting a rock with a club head. It is the reason why they are also ideal for women golfers.

Find more great products like this by checking out our guide to the Best Golf Ball for 70 mph Swing Speed.


  • Quite a durable dimple design
  • Has dual casting to enhance extra distance and lower ball flight
  • Has a nice swing feel
  • Quite affordable


  • Not ideal for handicap golfers

5. TaylorMade TP5 Pix Golf Balls

TaylorMade TP5 Pix Golf Balls

Our Honest Star Rating

TP5 pix golf balls offered by TaylorMade are perfect balls for mid-golfers who want to improve their performance as far as having more spin around the green is a concern.

The performance of the balls is considered to be great when you are trying to compare with the price attached to them. The most beautiful thing is that the ball is crafted for those golfers looking to play more than a simple distance.

This is a three-piece golf ball that comes with a low compression core, mantle, and a high-performance urethane cover. Besides that, the balls can move in all directions so long as they are appropriately hit and they can land on the green. But that’s not all.

Taylormade Company focuses more on the material and high-performance golf balls rather than the distance covered. This is the reason why so many golfers love these products.

The only issue with the balls is that they tend to have higher prices when compared to other golf balls, but they offer much value to the golfer.

Another good thing about the balls is that they come in multiple colours that are bright to enhance visibility while in the air and on the ground. If you tend to struggle with your vision, then Taylormade golf balls are the perfect choice products for you.

The ball covers are made from thin urethane, which offers high performance. The cover makes the balls to have more spin and soft feel. The golf balls have low compression that offers incredible swing speed of about 100 mph for golfers.

Did I forget to mention the mantle? The Taylormade golf balls have mantles that help to reduce drive spin but increase wedge spin. Therefore, Taylormade golf balls among the best golf balls in the market as far as performance is a concern. If you have the desire to take your golf game to another level, then consider these golf balls.

We have also reviewed the Best Golf Ball for 10 Handicap, so check them out as well.


  • Quite visible due to different bright colours
  • Provide the best spin around the green
  • Fantastic speed in most complete tour balls


  • Too expensive

Best Golf Balls For Money Buyer’s Guide

Now that we have revealed our hand. What do you say? Wait. Before you make up your mind, there is one more thing that we have that could make this easier for you. Enter the buyer’s guide. This is written for the express purpose of providing you with information that we considered when picking our top 5. There are various things that we have also added to ensure that you know more about the golf balls. The more information that you have the better placed you are to make a wise decision.  

Will golf ball sink in water

Yes, golf balls will sink in water. They will not float. The science that is behind it quite simple. For something to float, it needs to have buoyancy. Golf balls do not float because they lack this upthrust. What is buoyancy? It is a force that pushes things upwards. It is an opposing force to the gravity that pushes everything downwards. When an object is placed on a fluid, the liquid is displaced. That is the simplest way to describe buoyancy. If the level of density is greater than the buoyancy, the object will sink. The density of the golf balls is greater than the buoyancy. As a result, there is a stronger force of gravity.

Can't see the golf ball in flight

Every golfer will face a situation where they cannot see the golf ball in flight. The first issue to consider is whether your eyes are in good nick. Once that is crossed out as a potential cause we can consider other things. The speed at which golf balls move in flight when they have been struck with a good swing speed makes it very difficult to spot them. The clouds make it easier for a white object to somewhat blend in for a while.

There is no one that could dispute the fact that white balls are not the most visible colour to go with. The saving grace is that there are other colours that are more visible that you can purchase. Our favourite one is yellow. Yellow balls are easy to spot in flight. There is hardly any chance that they could become camouflaged with the clouds. If you are struggling to see balls in flight, go for a more visible colour. The colours to avoid are those that blend in with white, and perhaps blue.

Other colours that you can consider for more visibility include red, orange and green. 

Cant hit golf ball off grass

If you find yourself struggling to get the ball off the ground there are various things that you can do. The troubleshooting should always start with your technique. No matter what gear you have, there is simply no way around having poor technique. If you can resolve issues with the way that you are striking the ball your problem will disappear. The most likely scenario is that you are striking the ground as you swing the club. This would force your club to remain grounded and push the ball instead of lifting it. To eliminate this issue, you can test your shot using a tee. If you find that your shots fly when they are on the tee. Consider your swing motion as well. A clean swinging pattern will certainly get you the lift that you are looking for. You can compare your stance and swing to that of professional golfers.

Once the technique is eliminated as a potential problem, you can move on to the gear that you are using. The club is one of the things that you cannot get around. Imagine trying to get a ball off the grass using a putter. Check that you are using a club that has some loft to it. Any of the irons in a golf bag should be able to do the job.

How to spin golf ball

Spinning a golf ball is one of the most important techniques once you get on the green. Playing on the green with good spin technique makes things unnecessarily difficult. There are two key things that spin will do for you. It will help you get the ball to stop reasonably quicker than it would have otherwise. It will also help in changing the direction of a ball while it is in motion. Those that have mastered it can use it to go in a certain direction and change the path of flight just in time to avoid hazards. For the average golfer, this is not something that can constantly be achieved.

Spin is essentially the art of causing the ball to roll while it is in flight. Let’s start with backspin. Backspin causes the ball to bounce back. It rolls back in the opposite direction to the one that you have struck it in. Chip shots will benefit more from the backspin. They tend to roll too far after they have landed on the green. When they have backspin, they would then have a backward pulling force that would return it. To achieve this you need to make contact with the golf ball as you clubface rises. You are looking to get the ball to roll off the clubface.

The same technique can be applied to sidespin. In the case, you are looking for the ball to roll across the face of the club as the club goes in the opposite direction as the one that you want it to spin to.

When is golf ball out of bounds

A ball is considered to be out of bounds when it goes outside of the perimeter of a golf course. The perimeter in which you are permitted to play is usually surrounded by white stake markers that stand at least 30 yards apart. When you hit a ball beyond those stakes, you have gone out of bounds.

The penalty for going out of bound is one stroke being added to your score, as well as being sent back to the position that you took your last shot from. Essentially, you find yourself right where you were before, but with one more shot than you had.

On the other hand, if you hit the ball into a water hazard you can retake your shot from where you were without the penalty.

Final Words

Now that you have considered all of the golf balls that we recommend, I am sure that you have your eyes on one of them. If not, take your time to read through the reviews of each ball. You will know what we liked about the golf balls as well as some of the things that we thought could have been better. Compare all of the balls, considering the good as well as the bad parts of it. Our buyer’s guide includes some information that will tell you about some of the things that go into a good golf ball as well as some of their functions. Once you have read the buyer’s guide, we encourage you to revisit the golf balls’ reviews to see if your mind is not altered by the new information.

If none of this appeals to you, you can always fall back on our top 5 picks. Better yet, go with our top pick. Happy Golfing!

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