Best Game Improvement Irons (of All Time)

Identifying the best game improvement irons of all time was no small task! From different brands to different iron models of the same brand to improvements in technology over the years...

Best Game Improvement Irons Of All Time

So much to consider that it made our heads spin. But we troopered through, folks.

Do you feel bad for us?

No? Good, because hitting irons is fun. What was I talking about?! Oh yeah, here you go...

List of the Best Game Improvement Irons of All Time (Updated for 2022):

  1. Callaway XR Irons (Best Game Improvement)
  2. Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids (Best Hybrids)
  3. Mazel Golf Irons (Best Value)
  4. Medicus Dual Hinge Irons (Best Innovation)
  5. Tour Edge Bazooka Golf Iron Wood (Top Price)
  6. Callaway Men's Big Bertha Iron Set

Are You In A Hurry?

We have gone through a tremendous number of golf clubs to find the perfect fit.

You would not believe just how many are touted as being the ideal one for our scenario.

Having tested them out we have a winner.

We would go with the Callaway XR. It offers an entire face that acts as a sweet spot. This means that you can focus more on your technique.

You will find a more detailed review of this club further down.

Our Test Winner After 40 + Hours Of Research:

Callaway Mens XR Individual Irons

Our Honest Star Rating

Why is it the BEST?

  • It has greater MOI (we explain what this is below).
  • You get to pick the shaft that you’d like to use.
  • It is very forgiving of stray strokes.
Our Score





40 +




Best Game Improvement Irons of All Time

1. Callaway Men's XR Irons

Callaway Mens XR Individual Irons

Our Honest Star Rating

Callaway built this for speed.

They sought to improve the face cup technology on these.

The cup increases ball speed on contact using a spring mechanism.

Whether you are hitting your shot high or low, you will benefit from this mechanism. Unlike other irons that have a sweet spot, the XR performs well across the entire face of the club.

You will get a lower centre gravity on average with every shot that you take. It also have a greater moment of inertia (MOI).

The face of the club is more flexible on impact with the ball. It produces increased ball speed. The MOI is incredible for moments when your club hits the ball with a part that isn’t quite the sweet spot.

Not that it matters as much in this case. Seeing as the XR is a very forgiving club.

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The construction is two-piece. It is put through dual heat treatment and rigorous testing.

The shaft is available in either steel or graphite. You can choose the flex from regular, stiff or one specifically made for seniors.

Weight is not of concern. It comes in at 1lb.


  • Great club for high to middle handicap players.
  • Improved accuracy due to enhanced forgiveness.
  • Good distance per strike.


  • Handle could be more comfortable.

2. Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids

Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids

Our Honest Star Rating

In many ways, improvement is directly tied to consistency.

This means consistency in the equipment that you use.

As you get better at using the tools that you have you become a much better workman.

This is how you master your craft. The Pinemeadow Excel EGI captures this sentiment quite beautifully.

It is available for both right-handed and left-handed players. The shaft is made of graphite, which is always a good sign.

In this case, the consistency comes from the range of loft angles that they have on offer.

You can get it in a 19 degree, 22 degrees, 25 degrees, 28 degrees, 32 degrees, 36 degrees, 40 degrees and 45 degrees.

This allows you to get a variety out of irons that you are used to.


  • Good value for money.
  • Improves your overall accuracy.
  • Great for adults as well as seniors.


  • Grip does not feel as good as I expected it to.

3. MAZEL Golf Irons

MAZEL Golf Individual Iron for Men

Our Honest Star Rating

If we haven’t mentioned this already, Mazel means luck.

You, my friend are in luck. The #7 offers a large sweet spot on its iron head.

This sees improved accuracy.

It has both a low CG and a high MOI. Both of these features are great for hitting shots for long distances with a good degree of control maintained.

The graphite shaft was built to minimise the weight that you contend with at each swing. As we head further up the shaft, we have good rubber grips.

They offer comfort and stability. Where other clubs would give you feedback shock after a shot. These handle grips are built to be anti-shock.

The forgiveness is not to be understated either. Your shots are more likely to be straighter and to go higher.

You will get more overall distance per shot, without making amends to the way you play.

This club is available to purchase for both left and right handed players. You can get the shaft in 12 variants of graphite and steel.

The flex is available in Regular, Middle or Stiff.


  • Great club for high to middle handicap players.
  • Improved accuracy due to enhanced forgiveness.
  • Good distance per strike.


  • The flexing is not to everyone’s taste.

4. Medicus Dual Hinge Irons

Medicus Dual Hinge 5 Iron

Our Honest Star Rating

Medicus came market with the goal of making clubs that allow players of "all levels to swing in tempo."

Whatever that means.

The products have made headway.

Over a million amateur players and professionals have jumped on board. Let’s look at why this may be the one for you.

Improving golfers often struggle with their swing. The dual hinge mechanism is built to resolve this problem.

It is the sort of golf club that gives you feedback on your swing without the need to be on the course.

When you swing well, the dual hinges remain connected. Otherwise, they will disconnect.

What this does well is build on your muscle memory. When you do the right thing over and over again, it soon becomes second nature.

You’ll begin to execute your swing without thinking about it. It will help you improve your game and play with relentless consistency. When the swing is right, the distance follows suit. Ball flight and accuracy will do the same.

You can get this as right or left handed. They are also gender specific variations.


  • Incredibly lightweight golf clubs.
  • Good value for money.
  • Well built golf club.
  • Offers great grip.


  • Shaft length is not to everyone’s preference.

5. Tour Edge Bazooka Platinum Golf Clubs

Tour Edge Bazooka Platinum Golf Iron Wood

Our Honest Star Rating

The Platinum Iron Wood by Bazooka is available to be purchased as a single iron or as part of a set.

It has a hollow, oversized head made of steel that is weighted around the perimeter.

For the improving golfers, you will be pleased to note that there is a great degree of forgiveness that comes with this iron.

This is because there is more weight below the ball than above it when you strike. The result are straighter shots that are also longer.

The body of the club is fairly lightweight. It is made out of forged crown that is cast.

The crown is incredibly thin, by all standards. 

This is not something that negatively impacts the quality of the clubs. It is what allows for 20 grams to be put at the sole of the crown. You will get more distance per shot.

The manufacturer is so confident in the product that they back it up with a lifetime warranty and a 30 day play guarantee. The club weights about 1lb.

You can purchase it as a right handed or left handed club. The flex is available as either ladies, regular or seniors.

Regular in the case would mean “men”. I’m not sure how I feel about that. The loft is available between 21 and 45 degrees.


  • Great aid for training, and improving your shots and swing.
  • You will love the hinge.
  • Great for low handicap and high handicap players alike.


  • Not as durable as you’d want.

While some may deny it, there is a definitive correlation between a good golf club and one’s performance. I believe that some of it may even be psychological.

When you have something you believe in, you back yourself more. There is a side of golf that is down to expression. That is the ability to allow yourself to put into action everything that you know. This is the factor that sees pupils led by coaches whose game is not as good as theirs.

Observations that are made will go a long way in correcting errors in the game.

When you have irons that you trust, you have more belief and expectation in a great result. Your swing and all else are therefore executed to match this. The right irons can bring out your inner Tiger Woods.

The opposite is also true. Having a set of irons that is subpar will negatively impact the way you play.

Golfing has been around for a while now. This makes it very difficult to judge what would qualify as being the best iron of all time. The one thing that we can do with certainty is conclude that the game has improved quite significantly since inception.

Innovation has come onto the market to address issues that professional golfers of each era encountered.

For some it was the weight of the irons. Others wanted the shape amended to be more suited to desired performance levels. This has been achieved. Scientific advancement has meant that our decision making could also be driven by data.

It is safe to say that the best irons for game improvement today are the best ones ever!

Game Improvement Irons Buyer’s Guide

Our recommendations are meant to make it easier for you to pick the best golf improvement irons of all time for your needs. To achieve this, we severely narrow and otherwise overcrowded field.

Our approach with the buyer’s guide is geared at equipping you with the knowledge that you would perhaps need to make independent choices when looking for your golf clubs. Whether you do this online or in store, asking the right questions of yourself and anyone serving you goes a long way.

We talked about two features in the text, the MOI and the CG. These are important concepts that every golfer should seek to understand.

Let’s explore them in a little more detail....

What is MOI?

The MOI stands for Moment of Inertia. This refers to the amount of forgiveness that you get when your golf clubs comes into contact with the ball at an odd angle.

It is the resistance that you get naturally from the club and ball due to a change in direction.

You know those moments when you don’t catch the ball quite right. The twisting that occurs in these cases is such that the ball would usually head off in a wayward direction.

Where there is a high MOI, you tend to see less and less of this. The result is that you as a golfer will have the impression that your club has a large sweet spot.

When you do not hit the ball with the sweet spot, and hit it from the edge of your club you find that your club will twist or rotate. This is what affects the direction of the shot. When your MOI is high, you club doesn’t twist as much. It is more stable on impact.

As a result you get longer and straighter shots.

A golf club would either have a high MOI or a low MOI. When there is a high MOI the golf club offer more resistance when it comes into contact with the ball at at odd angle. For instance, if strike the ball with its edge, outside of that swift spot.

Where MOI is high, the shot would be more likely to maintain the intended direction.

When MOI is low, there is more spin of the golf club on impact. This will mean that in the event that you don’t quite strike the ball with a central position of the club head or in that sweet spot, the head will twist thereby messing up the direction of the ball.

Whether you are driving the ball or going for a putt.

The MOI plays a significant role in the results that you will get.

What is CG?

CG stands of Center of Gravity. To explain this we will start by mentioning the benefits of a lower CG, which is what most golfers would aim for. When your CG is lower, your shots have a low backspin.

They also go a further distance. You’d also have increased control of your shots, which can be linked back to that backspin that we mentioned.

Once you are on the green, there is much less emphasis on the need for lower CG. The element of being able to control your shot remains prevalent. In many cases you would want a little back spin on the green.

It aids in directing your shots as well as in increasing the bend that you can generate as needed. You will not need a lot of backspin to achieve this. Having some will certainly go a long way.

When you have a higher CG, your shots have higher spin and less flight per stroke. This is not always a bad thing. As golfers improve they start to see that these tools and conditions that they produce are ideal within certain paradigms of the game.

There are moments where you’ll need more backspin.

This is what makes it necessary to change golf clubs based on the conditions that you are facing on the green. Some recent models of golf clubs have been built to be adjustable.

They allow golfers to change the position of CG. By undoing a screw and adjusting the position at which the shaft links with the head and tightening the screw again, you are set.

You can change from low CG to back CG in a matter of minutes.

What is the Sweet Spot?

We have repeatedly mentioned sweet spots, which you undoubtedly have heard thrown around on the gold courses. It is not just in golf where this term is used. Cricketers’ bats have this sweet spots.

As do hockey sticks, ping pong bats and so on.

Your sweet spot is usually the point on your bat that produces the best power on impact. You will find that cricketers use a mallet to knock in their bat to enhance the effect of this spot and somewhat enlarge it.

Golf club heads are such that we really do not have the option to enlarge the sweet spot.

Seeing as you make better shots when you strike the ball with the sweet spot. A large sweet spot favors your overall golfing performance.

Of late, manufacturers such as Callaway have been working to ensure that the entire surface of the club could be as effective as a sweet spot.

As an improving golfer, you want to have a golf club that offers you a good sweet spot. There are several reasons for this. Some go beyond the distance that you get on strike. You will also find that this area of the club is more forgiving of stray shots.

Which of course is somewhat of a double-edged sword to your performance.

4 Ways to Improve Your Golf Game (Equipment Isn't Everything!)

It would be difficult to go on any golf course and find a player that does not want to improve their game. There is a deep allure in the game. It is one that makes us want to be better, to perform better. There are many ways by which we could approach this task.

As the saying goes ‘there are many ways to skin a cat’, there are many ways to improve your game.

1. Swing

Your swing would be the first aspect to look at. The way you move your golf club from a resting position to hitting the ball and all the way through to follow through.

The best players at the top of their game have a somewhat similar way of swinging the club for a drive. There is emphasis of creating what could be called a ‘clean swing’. By this you would move in one motion from setting yourself up for a shot, to stopping having completed the shot.

If there are any poses in the middle, you tend to lose momentum. You would also start to see some minor issues with direction.

To resolve this start with diagnosis. You can get someone to help you with this or use a camera. Record yourself hitting some drives and then watch it. Compare your swing to a top form Rory or Tiger.

Identify the things that you may be doing differently or wrong.

Note these down and make a conscious effort to work on them every time you take a shot.

2. Equipment

The gear that you use is also very important for the improvement of your game. You want to find gear that allows you to place all of your effort on the game and away from gear related issues. When your game is not up to the task, you will find yourself having to adjust your technique to it.

This is an easy way to pick up bad habits that will negatively affect your game.

They also tend to be very difficult to get rid of.

Make sure you have golf clubs that offer your a reasonably large sweet spot. Be sure to have a grip that allows you to take shots without concern for safety or feedback.

Where there are options of shafts to choose from, it is always worth testing out various models on offer. Do not just settle for one. What works for some may not be ideal for you.

Trial and error is always a good way to go about it. 

If you already have some golf clubs that you have been using for a while. Try getting different variations and seeing how they impact your game. It may just be a matter of changing your shaft.

3. Putting

Putting has always been one aspect of the game that will go largely ignored. Think about it. It doesn’t feel quite as glorious to putt the ball as it does to strike a ball very well off the tee.

There is something magical about seeing a ball fly your the tee in the intended direction, at the intended pace and flight.

This takes away all the glory that putting ought to have. No matter how well you strike a ball off the tee. If it does not end up in the hole, you cannot win. Once you are on the green, you putting game becomes definitive.

For this you may need to consider the MOI that your putting irons offer. If they twist each time you strike a ball, they are not ideal. You want irons that are steady off the strike.

Nothing beats practice. Take any opportunity you can get to work on your putting. The great things is that it does not require much space. You can do it in your garden or even around the house.

Putting practice will improve your understanding of the golf clubs that you are using. It will be an early indicator whether there is a better way to do things or if it’s time to buy new irons.

4. Pressure Management

Pressure management is a key aspect of the overall golfing experience. For some golfers it is what takes them to the next level. You will have people who entire game is brilliant in practice, on the driving range and when playing casually.

These individuals begin to see cracks in their game when competing. The level of pressure that the face is one that forces them to recede in performance.

This is not something that is limited to golfing. There are footballers that are always selected by the managers, but never deliver on the pitch.

That tells us that there is something that the manager and his/her team is seeing some aspects of this player’s game in practice that are not showing up in matches.

This goes down to gaming psychology. Some players deal with this by learning to channel out all of the noise that comes with having all these eyes watching you expectantly and just focusing on the game itself.

If not managed well, pressure will start to make you doubt yourself. This is a potentially disastrous road to take. Once that belief is gone, your game starts to fade away as well.

A practical tip for dealing with game pressure is to sign up to every possible tournament that you can. Big or small. If possible start off with the small ones and work your way up. Exposing yourself to this pressure more regularly forces you to develop coping mechanisms to deal with it.

There is no one size fits all for this. Just get out there and work on your game. You’ll soon find the best way to deal with adverse pressure.

Final Words

Having read our top five recommended irons and how we arrived at the decisions, you should have been able to select a suitable one from that list. Failing that, our buyer’s guide is written in such a way that it equips you with some of the knowledge that would be required to assess any options that you are presented with.

Most buyers start their search online and end it there. Others prefer a more hands on approach.

This would involve researching online then going out to see what the irons feel and look like.

Some would even say it’s easier to see a winner when you touch it. Accept that we are all unique. With that in mind, embrace your uniqueness and find the iron that fits into that with you.

The beauty of the wide range of choices that we have nowadays is that you no longer have to compromise. You can undoubtedly find an iron that is made suit you.