When preparing to play golf, it’s a common rule to invest in the best driver since it’s one of the most vital piece of equipment for the sport.

You always have options to use the different golf clubs in your golf bag, but a golf driver is the most important of them all.

Why you asked?

Simply because it is the golf club that will give you the biggest advantage from your tee shots.

A driver is usually the longest and biggest golf club in your golf bag, and, in most cases, they are the most expensive.

As a beginner, it’s easy to get confused with various options, brands or types that the market has to offer.

It's easy to fall and just pick the most expensive driver.

What you don't know is...

High-end and expensive drivers are usually built for golfers with ADVANCED skills, and who already understand their every swing.

Of course, you can always buy these if you want, but, as a beginner, your most likely are not ready to use its improved features.

So, to harness the full potential of a driver, we’ve created a list of the best drivers for beginners to help you pick the right one.

How to select the best driver for a beginner?

You need to read our complete review if you want to know the latest and greatest technology of 2019 that would match your game.

Below you will find 5 of the best golf drivers for beginners:

Let’s take a closer look at the attributes of these drivers for beginners.

Are You In A Hurry?

Our Test Winner After 45 + Hours Of Research:

TaylorMade Men's RBZ Black Driver

Our Honest Star Rating

Why is it the BEST?

  • It combines stylish elegant looks, and powerful overall performance.
  • The large 460cc Titanium head enables maximum confidence and accuracy at address.
  • It has an Ultralite titanium core that strategically positions mass resulting in higher launch and better control.
  • The Legendary Speed Pocket unlocks higher launch and lower spin for incredible distance.
  • It features a bold Black Satin finish that makes it more elegant, while improving visualizations and alignment.
  • There’s an adjustable loft sleeve that allows more accurate launch and ball trajectory.
  • The Premium Matrix White Tie 55 Shaft increase ball distance and provide excellent sound and feel
Our Score





45 +




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1. TaylorMade Men's RBZ Black Driver - TOP PICK

TaylorMade Men's RBZ Black Driver

Our Honest Star Rating

Here’s the future of golf drivers.

With the TaylorMade RBZ Black Driver, you get the most accurate and forgiving driver of today.

Excellent overall performance, and it has precision every beginner needs to improve or win some games.

This generation of the TaylorMade RBZ Black Driver features a new breed of STUNNING style and POWERFUL performance.

RBZ Driver, short for ‘Rocketballz’, is an ultra lightweight driver.

It's a product of high technology engineered to send the ball far as possible off the tee, while maintaining accurate ball trajectory.

Just like what every beginner needs, it has a large 460cc titanium club head for maximum forgiveness and confidence for every shot.

It also has a huge sweet spot to help you hit that ball more accurately even on mis-hits.

To add more forgiveness, the Ultralite titanium core strategically moves weight to the perimeter of the club head resulting in higher launch and better control.

TaylorMade’s revolutionary Speed Pocket also reduces spin to give more ball distance.

This driver offers 3 different base lofts: 9, 10.5 and 12 degrees which are pretty much easy to adjust.

#PRO TIP: For beginners with slower swing speed, it’s always safe to go with 12 degrees loft.

The RBZ driver combines a high launch and low spin characteristics, which can help you reach more distance for every shot.

Additionally, the alignment features are extremely effective in helping you aim the driver towards the right direction.

John Ledley Review



It’s the best word that describes this driver, because you can get an incredible performance, beautiful looks, and sturdy build at a price that you can afford to pay.

The RBZ driver uses up-to-date technology, and produces tournament-level results to give you the best game on the golf course.

We love that it’s lightweight and very well making it easy to swing resulting to maximum forgiveness and increased ball distance.

Appearance wise, the simple and elegant stylish look will make you look like a real PRO.

This driver is attractively styled, with classic looks which delivers better results at impact.

It appeals to most golfers especially those who prefer the sleek black look of the clubhead, with its very clean and well-designed graphics.

As for its shaft, you will be impressed by the feel it can deliver which can be your confidence-booster. It also promotes smooth and aggressive swing with great feedback.

Here comes the key takeaway…

No other driver can give you those versatile features, high-technology materials, or the extreme forgiveness at such an affordable price - most of them are gold in price.

One thing is for sure...

The RBZ driver is an ELITE driver at a mid-range price. 

Make sure you also check out our guide to the Best Golf Drivers for Distance.


  • Built especially to increase ball speed.
  • One of the most forgiving golf drivers today
  • It has a great shaft that can deliver excellent feel and feedback.
  • It has the best performance at a mid-range price.
  • An elite driver with premium features at a very reasonable price.
  • Lightweight and easy to swing.
  • This driver can give you high and straight ball flight


  • Minimal alignment features.
  • Some golfers complain about the accuracy of its forgiveness.

The Best Golf Driver For Beginners In 2019

Every golfer needs a golf driver, however, it can be hard to choose sometimes.

This is why it’s important to find those “beginner-friendly” drivers, and start from there. These drivers are more comfortable to swing compared to what most professionals use.

Nevertheless, these are the basics, but they can still improve your game until you’re ready to use a more advanced golf driver.

Obviously, the goal here is to give you the best driver that’s suitable for your swing, give you the most accurate ball trajectory, and increase ball speed at a price that you can afford.

So, are you interested to know more?

Then, continue reading our review.

2. TaylorMade M4 Driver

TaylorMade M4 Driver

Our Honest Star Rating

The TaylorMade M4 Driver features a great shape, and nice blend of accuracy and good looks.

It offers good feel and excellent feedback. It's also forgiving, easy to draw, and powerful at address.

What more could we ask from this driver?

It almost has everything that a beginner golfer needs.

The TaylorMade M4 Driver might be the simplest driver in TaylorMade’s line up, but it has everything that a beginner needs in playing golf.

It is made specifically for maximum forgiveness, and increased ball speed.

The combination of carbon composite in the crown and its thin face makes this driver lightweight, and easy to swing.

The M4 Driver has the ability to push the mass lower and deeper back of the head. This results too higher and stable launch even on off-center hits.

"TaylorMade did an incredible job of producing a forgiving driver with great looks, and excellent performance."

We like the improved speed slot in the sole adding more rigidity to the lower part of the face. This also helps in reducing ball spin, while increasing ball speed at impact.

 The CG of M4 driver is lower and deeper resulting to higher launch, better ball direction, and gives more forgiveness.

Another notable features of this driver is the new TwistFace technology. It’s designed to create a gearing effect, and enhanced curve angle even on mis-hit shots.

When it comes to control and performance, you will definitely get better consistency because it can give you high and straight ball flight.

Alex Etches - GolfBox TV


The feel and sound of the M4 is a little high-pitched and loud, but for the performance that it can offer, you can settle for this especially if you’re a beginner.

This has always been the case with TaylorMade drivers though, so no need to be alarmed.

Don’t worry, it isn’t that bad. In fact, the Geocoustic technology of this driver helps in controlling and producing more pleasing sound at impact.

The appearance of the M4 driver is quite impressive. It has a Titanium-made crown that’s made thinner, and painted in matte silver.

The design is more subtle offering better alignment to the ball and the target.

Meanwhile, the carbon part of the crown have more lines added on the edge of the crown, plus the M4 logo is placed closer to the hosel.

Overall, this driver is a great value for your money.

There may be some shortcomings when it comes to feel and sound, but when it comes to other aspects it’s definitely excellent.

Our handy guide to the Best Golf Drivers of All Time features more great products like this.


  • It’s easy to hit producing high launch, increased ball speed, and more accuracy.
  • The TwistFace technology makes this one of the most forgiving drivers on the industry today.
  • Lightweight and easy to swing.
  • This driver can give you high and straight ball flight
  • It’s better when it comes to alignment because of its silver titanium and black carbon finish on the crown.


  • It sounds loud and high pitched but the feel is slightly muted and the ball really pops off the face.

3. PGX Offset Golf Driver

PGX Offset Golf Driver

Our Honest Star Rating

The PGX Offset Golf Driver is one of-its-kind golf driver.

It offers the largest possible sweet spot which is essential for beginners to enhance their confidence to swing.

A good choice for golfers who want perfection, and doesn’t want to commit any mistake on the golf course.

Are you looking for a unique driver with a huge sweet spot?

The PGX Offset Golf Driver is the right option for you.

This phenomenal driver is beauty on the outside, and a total performer with its latest technology.

It features an impressive offset-technology that reduces the slice. It can also make great shots even with relatively low swing effort.

The massive sweet spot is the main highlight ensuring maximum forgiveness for every shot that you make.

With a 10.5-degree loft, it makes it more ideal for beginners in improving their overall game.

Even though it has a huge head, we love that PGX managed to make it lightweight of about 200g, and it also comes with a custom-fitter head cover.

Another remarkable feature of this driver is the power rail weight balance for easy handling.

The massive mid-flex graphite shaft of this PGX Driver is seamless in hitting straight and lengthy drives.

It’s sturdy enough to boost your range, and hit the ball more accurately.

Leslie S.Russell Review

Overall, this driver is your ‘go-to’ driver if you want to get unmatched forgiveness and minimal slice. 

With its massive sweet spot, you’ll ensure impressive forgiveness even on mis-hits.

The grip is also made close to perfection offering maximum comfort on hands. We never had any issues swinging it even after several hours.

Appearance-wise, you will love the Matte Black clean finish that gives a more attractive and professional look.

This driver might be simple, but basics is what you need as a beginner.

You don’t need to be fancy yet, all you need is a driver that will help you take your game to the next level.

Find more great products like this by checking out our guide to the Best Golf Driver For High Handicappers.


  • An excellent driver for a price that any one can afford.
  • Well-built and looks exceptional on the course.
  • It’s lightweight, and easy to swing.
  • It has a huge sweet spot offering maximum forgiveness.
  • Amazing power rail weight balance for easy handling.


  • The massive sweet spot might be illegal for some tournaments.
  • It might be shorter in length compared to other common drivers.

4. Cobra 2018 Golf Men's King F8 Driver

Cobra 2018 Golf Men's King F8 Driver

Our Honest Star Rating

With the Cobra 2018 Golf Men's King F8 Driver, you get a milled-face driver that’s reliable and accurate.

We love the feel sound that it provides, plus it’s one of the most forgiving drivers we’ve ever used.

An impressive driver with premium features, at a price that’s reasonable enough to pay.

The Cobra 2018 Golf Men's King F8 Driver has become popular because of its CNC Milled face that’s a new concept to driver technology.

This technology can be the key to hitting shots further, straighter, and most accurate ball direction.

Aside from this technology, F8 Driver also provides the best aerodynamic performance, ball speed retention, forgiveness, spin optimization and adjustability.

It also features a 5-layer carbon crown that helps in lowering and deepening the COG resulting to excellent forgiveness.

We also love that this F8 Driver comes with an Arccos shot tracking sensor in the grip allowing you to record and analyse your every shot.


For the build quality, Cobra used various materials to improve the performance of this driver.

As a proof…

The body and face of it are both made from lightweight titanium that saves more weight for ease of swinging the golf driver.

Meanwhile, as mentioned, the face is forged and CNC milled ensuring thickness, increased ball speed, and precision on every shot.

Our First Impressions by GolfCity


There are noticeable patterns on the crown and sole called as the Aero 360 Trips. It helps in improving the accuracy of the clubhead for every swing.

The trips on the crown are made from polymer that, while the Aero 360 system on the sole are is from Titanium. Together, they both work to ensure maximum aerodynamics on your shots.

Additionally, it also has an adjustable sole weights positioned at the heel and towards the back of the clubhead allowing more forgiveness.

These weight can change spin rates by 300 rpm for both backspin and sidespin.

When it comes to appearance, King F8 has excellent clean finish with a quite large clubhead.

Surprisingly, with what F8 Driver can bring on the table, it’s affordable for most golfers especially beginners.

It is a top-of-the-notch and powerful driver that can help you win more games, and improve your overall game.

We have also reviewed the Best Golf Drivers, so check them out as well.


  • It offers a fantastic feel at impact and excellent feedback.
  • The CNC milling on the face adds more forgiveness, and ball accuracy for every shot.
  • It has an impressive adjustable loft that’s simple and effective.
  • The SmartPad system on the sole ensures the clubhead always sits square at address.
  • The Cobra Connect Arccos system in the grip produces provides valuable statistics helps in analyzing your shots.
  • It has various Premium stock shaft options to cater for all levels of golfer.


  • The nardo grey finish on the crown looks may be confusing for some golfers.
  • Some golfers complain about the inaccuracy of the CNC milling.

5. Callaway Golf Men's Rogue Driver

Callaway Golf Men's Rogue Driver

Our Honest Star Rating

The Callaway Rogue Driver can live up to any golfer’s expectations.

A forgiving driver with excellent sound and feel which are great in boosting confidence in every shot.

It has premium features that helped us improve our game.

Is the Callaway Rogue Driver perfect for beginners? Certainly, YES.

What makes it ideal for beginners? There are many reasons, and let’s start with…

Every design has a specific purpose, and this driver is a combination of many things which makes it amazing.

The head is a bit shallow and thin providing a perfect combination of lower spin, and higher MOI making it another forgiving driver.

This kind of head with the combination of X-face and VFT architecture offers minimal loss of energy on impact resulting to a more consistent ball speed, distance, and trajectory.

The Rogue Driver features significant design upgrades which adds more forgiveness even on off-center shots.

We think that the best asset of this driver is the Jailbreak effect which can drastically improve your game.

With the help of other features, this Jailbreak technology is greatly effective in increasing the energy transferred to the golf ball on impact resulting to greater speed, and better distance.

If you’re a beginner, you will definitely appreciate the forgiveness that this driver can offer - thanks to its Triaxial carbon composite crown, hostile sole, huge head that makes no room for any mistake.

First, the Triaxial carbon composite crown and hostile sole works harmoniously to stabilize the huge head.

It promotes straighter shots even on mis-hits.

Isn’t that cool?

Plus, the combination of vertical and Horizontal MOI of Rogue driver adds more distance, and ball accuracy on your every shot.



This driver fits various kinds of swing speed, and it guarantees that it has something to offer especially for beginners to improve their game.

To put the cherry on top…

The Rogue Driver provides an extremely satisfying sound and incredible feel giving you that confidence that you need whenever you smash that golf ball.

If you’re looking for a driver with great distance, ball speed along with a lot of forgiveness, then the Rogue Driver is exactly what you need.

Check out our review of the Best Golf Drivers For Mid Handicappers for our top picks.


  • The combination of Triaxial carbon composite crown and hostile sole works harmoniously to stabilize the huge head resulting in straighter shots even on mis-hits.
  • It has a weight-saving hourglass shape of the head.
  • It’s extremely forgiving and gives playable game even on off-center shots.
  • The head is a bit shallow and thin providing a perfect combination of lower spin, and higher MOI making it another forgiving driver.
  • The Jailbreak technology is greatly effective in increasing the energy transferred to the golf ball on impact resulting to greater speed, and better distance.


  • The price might be a bit higher for some beginners.
  • It has no CG adjustments through sole tracks.


One huge reason why most amateur golfers find it hard to pick the best golfer for them, is because they don’t know exactly what they need.

You might say…

‘Why can’t I just use the most advanced driver out there?’

You can definitely use these most advanced and newest drivers, but the real question is…

“Are you ready for it?”

These high-end drivers are specially made for those golfers who understand their game, and knows how to take advantage of the advanced features.

What you need is a driver that you can better understand, and learn easily.

Another reason to get the right driver for your swing is because you need accuracy and precision.

As a beginner, off-center hits is common. A specific golf driver for beginners are often more forgiving, which means it allows you to maintain accuracy and distance even on off-center hits.

Now with all things said, we know that you might be still at a loss of finding the best driver for you.

So, why not we head on with this buying guide to help you understand better what traits should you be looking for a golf driver.

What is it that you need as a beginner?
What are the characteristics that you can play?

This leads us to...

Factors To Consider When Buying Golf Driver for a Beginner

The best driver for a beginner will get the ball up into the air while providing accuracy in distance and trajectory, and keeping the ball away from short grass.

Continue reading, and, at the end of this article, you’ll be sure what to buy.

1. Select the most Forgiving Driver
Forgiveness in golf is about the ability of the golf club to still provide distance and accuracy even on mishits.

As a rule of thumb, always go for a driver with big clubhead size. It will give you a larger sweet spot, and avoid off-center hits that causes inaccuracy.

2. The Clubhead Design
As for the Clubhead, it’s better to get a driver with a bigger clubhead. Beginners usually benefit from it a lot because of bigger sweet spot which means there are more surface area for contact on mishits.

As for the size, most drivers have 460cc. As a beginner, you can always opt for this size or go to 440cc and 450cc.

3. The Right Center of Gravity
The most ideal COG should be located towards the back of the driver. It helps in producing higher launch and faster ball speed. This will reduce slice shots, and avoid the ball going in the wrong direction.

4. MOI
MOI means Moments of Inertia. A basic rule of thumb is the more the merrier. It means the higher MOI, the higher ballsped, and increased distance even on mishits.

5. Pick a Driver with Higher Loft
You will see some drivers with adjustable loft, and this is a perfect sample feature that’s made specially for expert golfers. Come to think of it...

"How can you actually use an adjustable loft driver?"

In fact, as a beginner, it will only add more confusion to your game.

Today’s club are manufactured with loft ranges anywhere from 8 to 13 degrees. As a beginner, you can settle to a golf driver with higher loft. It’s more than enough to produce less side spin, and more backspin.

This kind of set-up will help you get the ball into the air and find the fairway a lot easier.

6. Choose the Driver with the Right Shaft
Always pick the most flexible shaft to promote accurate shots. Get a shaft that matches your swing speed, so the shaft can flex to its full capacity and result in more distance and more accurate ball path.

When it comes to the shaft length, usually a longer shaft equals to more distance. For us, it’s always ideal to go with the shaft that’s appropriate for your height and swing speed. If you’re comfortable hitting shots, you have a higher rate of hitting an accurate shot successfully.

7. Head Shape
Due to today’s technology, drivers now come in both square and round head shapes. For some it doesn’t matter, but for beginners, you should always select a driver that will give you comfort and power in swinging.

Round drivers are always the perfect starting option for beginners. It will help you keep the ball in flight while improving your swing speed.

8. Materials Used
This always includes both head and shaft materials because they both can affect the performance of the driver.

For the head, Titanium might be the most expensive but it’s definitely the best performance for beginners. Stainless Steel might be the cheapest, but it’s only ideal for practice games.

When it comes to shaft, graphite is the most popular and most accurate material for beginners. It offers a variety of flex and convenience in swinging. The main goal here is to pick lightweight materials for faster swing, and larger sweet spots.

9. Your Budget
Then, of course, your budget. Yes, a driver is definitely a good investment but don’t go breaking your own bank. You can start with some affordable drivers that has some characteristics mentioned.

Your main priority is to look for a high-quality and comfortable driver that will help to improve your game at a price that you can pay. Try shopping around, and compare prices.

Most Commonly Asked Questions From a Beginner Golfer

Why Do Beginners Need Specific Golf Drivers?
Driver is the most important golf club in any golfer’s bag. You just don’t need a specific golf driver, but you have to look for the right one to match your swing speed and game.

Do I Need The Latest Technology?
No, because not all new technologies are designed for newbies. In fact, most of them are for professional or advanced golfers. As a beginner, try to filter the kinds of technology that you only need and will help you improve. So, understand the basics of that technology and figure out if that would help you.

How Do I Know That A Driver Is Intended For Beginners?
If the golf driver has a high forgiveness, there’s a shaft flexibility, and bigger clubhead size. Combine all of these and you will get the most ideal driver for beginners.

Final Words

In choosing the best driver for beginners, it is essential to know the key factors or characteristics of a driver.

We understand how hard it is to pick one, but with the right information on hand and proper practice, you’ll eventually find the best driver for you.

With our individual reviews, and buying guide, we are hopeful that you’re now confident in making your purchase.

Keep these in mind, and you will be successful in finding that golf driver that would match your swing, and game style.

In case you want to see more option, you may want to know the Best Golf Drivers. We've updated it for this 2019.

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