Looking for your next golf balls?

  1. You are not looking to spend much on this occasion.
  2. You paid an arm and a leg for the last golf balls that you bought, and they all ended up victims of your slicing.


3. You are buying these for someone else. They are awful at the game. Buying expensive golf balls would be a waste.

We can totally understand it. There are often much better things that you can spend money on. A brand new set of pricey golf balls are not always on the priority list.

Most beginners learn this the hard way. We are all prone to shots that take the balls into a water body or out of the golf course. Even the best players in the world will throw in an occasion hook shot.

In A Hurry?

The ‘best cheap golf balls’ does not sound like a topic that most of us would want to read in any great length. We took one for the team on this occasion.

Instead of leaving it at the top five picks, we decided to push it a little further.

If we could only buy one ball which one would it be?

After some careful testing, consideration, and research we landed on the Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

They give you a reasonable all-round performance. They are soft, they deliver more distance off the tee due to low spin.

You will find a more detailed review below.

Our Test Winner After 40 + Hours Of Research:

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

Our Honest Star Rating

Why is it the BEST?

  • They deliver on a good distance off the tee.
  • They are suitable for players with slow swing speed as well.
  • There are various colours to choose from.
  • They are highly visible both on the green and in flight.
  • The pricing point cannot be faulted.
  • Low spin off the tee.
Our Score





40 +




Our top 5 Best Cheap Golf Balls

When we go to the driving range the last thing we would ever do is take the pricey golf balls. The cheaper the better. This is a place where most people go to just lash at the ball or to improve on their swing. If there is one place where we will make the most mistakes, it is right here. If we cannot try things out at the range where else would we ever do it?

That being said, not all cheap balls will do. We want those that would maintain some sort of standard of performance. You would also want them to not fall apart when you get your swing just right. This is not too much to ask. No matter where you search there is a lot of golf balls being sold at significantly low price points. This makes it very easy for us to commit to a purchase without giving these things the proper consideration that they ought to receive. Even at such a low cost, there is no reason to throw your money away on terrible balls. We are not expecting the top quality ones, just some reasonable quality.

We got our hands dirty. Hours of research were invested in searching for the perfect balls that did not cost too much. This was a process of elimination. We wanted to find the lowest prices that we could possibly get without completely doing away with quality. As you would imagine this is no easy task. After days of testing, we think we have cracked it. Our list of cheap balls ended up with 5 balls that we think fit the bill.

1. Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls - TOP PICK

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

Our Honest Star Rating

There are not many manufacturers that can say that their products are well suited to both beginners and experienced players alike.

This is a claim that Wilson can live up to.

If in no other way, their pricing points are on both extremes. These balls deliver balanced performance. They bring together an aggressive core and a responsive cover. The result is distance off the tee and reasonably good performance on the green.

Wilson has delivered better rubber chemistry on the core. According to them, it is 22% softer than their competitors. This is not a claim that we can support or deny.

They have also put together their 302 PhD aerodynamics. This is a design that anchored on the dimples that make up the exterior of the ball. It is flat bottomed. The dimples are shallow.

They float right through the air without encountering much resistance. For enhanced durability, Wilson, have implemented a brand new plastic slide pack. The exterior of the ball is resistant to scratching as well as general wear and tear.

The ball is made up of two pieces. It has an ionomer cover and a rubber core. They have a compression level of 50. You will see some good distance on your shots. Each box comes with 12 balls.

They are packed up into four sleeves of 3 balls each. You can take your pick from 4 colours that are available.

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  • They deliver on a good distance off the tee.
  • They are suitable for players with slow swing speed as well.
  • There are various colours to choose from.
  • They are highly visible both on the green and in flight.
  • The pricing point cannot be faulted.
  • Low spin off the tee.


  • Low spin on the green.
  • The balls get scuffed up quite easily.

2. Nitro Golf Balls

Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball

Our Honest Star Rating

If you are looking for nothing special.

This may just be the perfect set of golf balls for you.

They are available in 8 different colours.

If you want to mix it up a little, these make it that little bit easier. The one thing that they deliver on without a shred of doubt is distance.

They make the perfect companion for shooting at the golf range or playing a casual game on the course. Nitro Golf has also made sure that these adhere to USGA regulations.

They have a soft exterior and feel. They fly off the tee when driven. There are equally impressive on the fairway. This is largely due to a hyper level of compression. They are fitted with a bimolecular cover and finished off with a matte layer.

This guarantees that you will always get a rising trajectory when you strike the ball with some power. Players of all sorts of swing speed will enjoy playing with this.

Once you get onto the green the feel is not as you would want it to be. They do not give off nearly enough spin. It makes it quite difficult to make your way to the hole if you find yourself in an awkward position.

At the price that they come at, it is very difficult to say that the manufacturers should have delivered more than they did.

Each box comes with a total of 12 balls. That is enough balls for you to finally perfect that swing.

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  • The balls deliver great distance off the tee.
  • They are incredibly low priced.
  • You get 8 different colours to choose from.


  • They do not perform as well on the green.

3. Nitro Pulsar Box Golf Balls

Nitro Pulsar Box Golf Balls

Our Honest Star Rating

The Pulsars are slightly higher on the Nitro pricing scale; ever so slightly.

They deliver on distance and feel off the tee.

Ionomer has been used in a hybrid format together with titanium to give the ball incredible lift and trajectory off the tee. They have a high energy speedcore that responds in an impressive manner to striking from the golf club.

 It favours players of all sorts of swing speed. The greatest improvement in comparison to the previous version is accuracy. These balls have a high moment of inertia which helps with direction and forgiveness.

There are 352 dimples that cover the entire exterior of the ball.

3 pieces are put together to make up this ball. There are a high-speed core, a high resistance polybutadiene rubber and a huff metal cover.

The polybutadiene is responsible for giving you good feel both on and off the tee. The flight of the ball is both smooth and straight. This is courtesy of the dimples that make up the exterior.

There are 6 options to choose from. This gives you the chance to select some balls that offer a good amount of visibility both in flight as well as on the green. Each box comes with 12 balls.

For what they cost, there is little room for disappointment. If you get your expectations managed from the beginning. You are not buying PGA tour-level golf balls.

They would certainly make incredible practice balls. A day at the range or on the course for a casual game would be best suited to these.

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  • They deliver good distance off the tee.
  • They have a great feel both off the tee and on the green.
  • There are various colours to choose from.
  • They do not cost much.
  • They are suitable for beginners and elite players alike.


  • They do not have good stopping distance on the green.

4. Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Balls

Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Balls

Our Honest Star Rating

If the distance is what you are searching for, you have come to the right place. These balls are powered by a high energy core that will respond to your swing speed.

They deliver optimal flight trajectory off the tee.

With the low spin that they have on long shots. You will get shots that go further and straighter.

The balls are made up of two-piece construction. They have a high-speed core and a durable outer cover. The cover is designed to be durable. It is resistant to cuts and general wear and tear.

You will not that there not much feel when knocking these balls off the tee.

Off the tee, a good connection will reward you with an incredible maximum initial velocity. The ball is well balanced to penetrate the air at a consistent trajectory. ​

They have a compression level of 100. The distance that you get on these is so good tour players would envy you.

It is not the same once you get onto the green. The lack of spin that we love off the tee becomes a massive hindrance once you are on the green. The cover of the ball has a good feel to it when putting.

It gives a good level of feedback that will allow you to better gauge your power. You can get these in white and yellow.

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  • The value for money is undeniable.
  • They deliver on distance off the tee.
  • The visibility is good on the green as well as off the tee.
  • The performance of the ball is consistent even as they get worn.
  • There are two colours to choose from.


  • They do not hold up well to high swing speed.

5. Wilson Staff F.L.I. Golf Balls

Wilson Staff F.L.I. Golf Balls

Our Honest Star Rating

These are sold as balls that deliver freakishly Long Impact. Hence the F.L.I in their name.

This is another golf ball that is made up of two cores.

It has a high-speed core that sits underneath an ionomer cover. This cover is designed to deliver durability. It is resistant to cuts and abrasions. It designed with distance in mind.

Every shot that you take off the tee with good connection will give you a good flight and go the distance.

Most of the drives off the tee were also very straight. It does have some spin on the tee. Which would be a massive concern for players that are prone to the occasional mis-hit.

There was also some curve generated on it when it was in flight. The disadvantage of this is that it eats away some of the total distance that the ball would have otherwise travelled.

The one thing that we could say was concerning was how hard the ball feels when struck by a player with mid-range to high-range swing speed. This will cause a lot of struggling around the tee.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that it was not as bad as we expected once you get onto the green.

There is not much movement or spin on it. However, there was enough to get the ball around reasonably comfortably. There is minimal feel when using the putter. Gauging your shots of the ball will be more difficult.

Each box comes with 12 balls. They are not separated into small boxes or sleeve. All of the balls come in one box.

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  • They deliver great distance off the tee.
  • No one can fault the price.
  • It is a beginner-friendly ball.
  • Low spin off the tee.


  • Not suitable for low handicap players.
  • Low spin on the green.

Best Cheap Golf Balls Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have read about all of these cheap balls, you must already have a ball in mind that you like? If you, congratulations. Others will still have some doubts and questions that they would like to get answers to before they can pick a ball. That too is fine. This is what our buyer’s guide is for. We have taken the time to look at some of the most asked questions in regards to cheap golf balls. With this in mind, we have provided some responses. This guide will also give you an idea of some of the factors that we looked at when considering all the golf balls that we considered.

Before you buy your golf balls you want to make sure you know why you are buying them. This is an important aspect where expectations are concerned. No matter how cheap or expensive a ball is, you just want to make sure that it has the characteristics that you are looking for in a ball. If you are not sure about the characteristics start by considering what you want to achieve with the ball. Perhaps it is a distance. It could be getting straighter shots. Whatever the case may be. Go into your search with these pre-defined. This is how you can avoid disappointment. It would also guide your search positively. You will be able to rule out a lot of golf balls right from the start, based on the fact that they do not deliver your minimum requirements.

Seeing as you are going for cheap balls, it is worth making sure that these requirements are realistic. Expecting too much will also leave you frustrated.

Can old golf balls be recycled?

Golf balls are not typically recycled at most recycling plants. We called up a few to see if we could find a local one that would take golf balls but no one would. So what can you do with the old balls?

The first option is always repurposing. This requires you to be a little bit creative. Find some projects or arts and crafts that you can use your golf balls in. You can speak to a local school or artist to see if they would either take the balls off you or give you some ideas of what sort of project you could use them for. I have seen them used as pavement lining. Any golf lover would appreciate that touch.

There are also companies that recycle golf balls to put them back on the golf course. The most famous of these is called KnetGolf. They take golf balls that are not too far gone, give them a clean and repackage them to sell. If the ball is damaged, they will refurbish it before putting it back on the course. Their refurbishing program allows you to customise a ball when ordering from them. You can get one with your name or logo on it.

Do expensive golf balls make a difference?

The difference in golf ball prices often makes us wonder what makes some balls more expensive than others. Besides the obvious aspect of the brand behind them. There is no general rule that makes expensive balls better. You will, however, find that expensive balls are generally better. This may be down to the fact that people are more tolerant of poor quality when it is cheap. Producing poor quality and selling it at an expensive price is largely frowned upon. When you factor in returns and refund, you may be out of business.

Are low compression golf balls better?

To answer this adequately we have to ensure that we are clear on the purpose of compression in golf balls. When a ball has low compression it generally delivers more distance off the tee. When the ball with low compression is struck it becomes much smaller on impact. As a result, there is less movement or swing when it is in flight. This is how you end up with the distance.

This is obviously a great feature to have in your game. Everyone likes more distance off the tee.

Higher compression balls maintain their size and integrity when they are struck off the tee. This means that they are subject to more wind and pressure resistance in flight. As a result, they do not go as far as the low compression ones would.

Why do most cheap balls struggle on the green?

When you play on the green the factors that matter the most are feel and spin. The feel is the feedback that you receive into your wrist from the golf club when you hit a ball. This plays a massive part in ensuring that you learn your shots. It helps you gauge your power and deliver accuracy. Cheap golf balls place much less emphasis on this aspect of the game.

Spin is also key when you are on the green. Most cheap balls are manufactured for players that you rather not have as much spin on their shots. These are players that are still working on their control. If a ball had more spin, it would be difficult for them to control it. As such their balls are geared towards distance and straightness. As your game improves this will matter more to you.

Do cheap golf balls go further

There is no definitive response to this question. No two cheap golf balls are the same. As a general principle, you will find that cheap golf balls do go further. They are manufactured with two key aims. One is to minimise the amount of spin that you get off the tee. The other is to have a reasonably good trajectory. Both of these feed into the distance.

The only issue that you may encounter that would pose and a hindrance to distance is the makeup of the outer core. There are obviously less aerodynamic technology and effort being put into the production of cheap golf balls. As a result, they tend to face more wind resistance in flight. In a sense, this is a struggle of two forces. The distance that you will get will depend on which one of these forces is stronger.

Final Words

So, we have covered some of the best cheap golf balls on the market. These are reviewed in some detail above. If you have taken time to read the reviews you will surely have your eye on one of these balls. If you have not read the review, we would urge you to do so. They provide a wealth of information that not only ensures that you understand the products, but that you also get a view of what goes into the manufacturing of each of these balls. Granted, that may not matter to some players. Some of us just want to play.

We have also included a comprehensive buyer’s guide which will be of great relevance to those among us that want to delve deeper into detail. They do say that the devil is in the details. If you wanted to know a bit more about some of these golf balls as well as their mechanical components, it will be covered in this section. Make sure you check it out. It will equip you with some of the key questions that you can ask yourself or a salesperson when buying these balls in a store. Although we do not expect fireworks from cheap golf balls, there are some very basic things that they should all have. Some of the questions to ask will include:

  1. What is the compression rate of this ball?
  2. What are the outer core and inner core of the ball made of?
  3. Does it deliver on the need for visibility while on the course?
  4. How good is this ball on the green? Does it give any spin at all?
  5. How does swing speed affect one’s performance when using this ball?

Getting answers to all of these will give you a good picture of what sort of golf ball you are buying. It is worth noting that they will not necessarily tick all of these boxes. The more boxes they tick the better. Finally, the advantage of buying golf balls on the cheap is that making the wrong choice is less costly. If you find yourself in a position where you feel as if you have made the wrong choice, you can always pick up what is left of your and buy another set of golf balls. If in doubt you can always get each one of our top five. We are convinced that we have found the ideal balance between price and performance. Happy Golfing!

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