Let's face it, a golf ball is not just a golf ball - it can be the difference between you fulfilling your potential out on the course and you well, always giving yourself a performance handicap. We've covered a ton of different golf balls, why you need them, and how to choose the best ones to suit your game, swing, and standard of play. Whether you're a 10 handicap, a senior player, someone who struggles with a slice or just a happy average golfer, we have you're back!

Golf ball

The golf ball market is HUGE, you name it and there's a golf ball to fit that player requirement. I'm a fairly slow swing speed golfer so I find balls to suit that element of my game, whereas my best buddy out on the course has a very high swing speed so he chooses a ball that suits his faster swing, as the saying goes it really is horses for course! Or should we say balls for courses? 

Did you know there are balls tailored to meet the requirements of women players specifically? Well there are, and you can find out all about which are the best to buy for you here. One of the biggest benefits I've found to choosing the right golf ball to fit the conditions is during the winter playing months. It's very easy to carry on playing with the same ball, but that isn't helping when the ball is cold in winter temperatures.

Look whether you're a beginner, mid handicap player / high handicapper, someone with a swing speed of 90-95mph, or a golfer who wants a ball that reduces spin - Honest Golfers has you covered!

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