Kirkland Signature Golf Balls Review (Must Read Before You Buy)

Golf balls cost money; and if it’s a premium, popular Tour level ball, surely it comes with a hefty price tag with each golf ball costing at least £4 or £5.

Imagine the number of balls you lose: that is a loss of the money you invested, which may amount to as much as £600 a year!

What if one magic performer, cost miraculously less while performing the same as the leading golf balls? The golfers and the people would obviously go crazy to get their hands on them. Such is the case of Costco manufactured Kirkland Signature golf balls.

Kirkland Signature Golf Balls Review

Our Kirkland Signature Golf Balls Review

Let’s now dig deep into Kirkland signature golf balls. What do they actually have to offer & is it worth the price? We picked the most important features for you.


Value for Money:


Energy Transfer:




Four Pieces of Goodness

Its cover is Urethane, soft and premium, the same as that used in almost all premium balls. However, a softer outer covering makes it susceptible to cut and scuffs, which is very prominent in this case, lowering consecutive performance. The exterior is a 360 dimpled design that greatly improves the ball trajectory and spin rate. The outer core is a rubber to provide the desired feel.

The large core of the Kirkland ball maximizes the velocity when it hits the club face while ensuring efficient energy transfer. The softness of the core ensures maximum compression. The mantle of the ball is such that it doesn’t feel hard when hit, feels soft upon impact, zips through the wedges with reduced, unnecessary driver spin.

Not For Everyone

These balls are, sadly, not for every golfer out there. Professional or very skilled golfers who consistently shoot well in 18 rounds, have good control, swing very well and are without 14,18 or 19+ handicap will be able to make the ball fly and genuinely be able to handle it.

The rest, disadvantaged players, might just fly to get their hands on it, only to mope about it later. Don’t buy the ball if you’re a mid to high handicapper. All that technology won’t make sense to you. And just because the pros use it, doesn’t mean you must get ’em too. Just use a ball that matches your skills and ability.

Let’s Compare With Other Golf Balls

Don’t let the low price point fool you into thinking that the balls lag behind in performance. On the contrary, they perform just about as good as the leading, most selling golf ball, i.e. Titleist ProV1 balls, coming in close ties to its level of performance. Any review of this gorgeous newbie which is creating all the hype and ripple is incomplete without actually comparing it to the golf ball kings, Titleist ProV1.

The two balls perform like equal and it would take a very skilled player to spot the slight performance lacking of the Kirkland. For driver shots, the Kirkland appeared in tests to have a lower spin and flying further than the ProV1. For iron shots, it almost battles as equals: with almost the same spin and flying distance.

For wedge shots, there may be a little or negligible difference. It may be slightly less appealing and less responsive in the greens but this is hardly noticeable. Spin rates are consistent while control was pretty decent. However, it is ever so slightly less than Titleist ProV1 balls.

Value For Money

Costco manufactured Kirkland Signature balls are really cheap! And since they sell out fast like thunder, they are almost always unavailable, and out of stock. They have this insane offer of 2 dozen balls for just $30, which is mind-blowing for a ball which performs so well and almost a third the price of high-end premium golf balls.

It is the value for money that helps these balls sell. There’s always a crazy stampede to get them and a lot of disappointed golfers return empty- handed, so make sure to grab them when they are actually in stock.

Also, the 2017 version may be inherently different from its 2016 original counterparts due to some controversies it embroiled in: all the balls were out of stock literally as soon as they were available, resulting in Costco apologizing for being under stocked! These balls sell I tell you and not for the wrong reasons of course! With a ball performing so well and costing so little, it doesn’t hurt even if you lose a few balls out on the course.


The ball has the tendency to cut and scuff a lot, on cart paths, trees, etc. and thus lowering its performance and abilities. Durability remains its one and only flaw, making the ball last roughly one round and requiring a replacement soon after a round. Also, a Urethene cover makes golf balls more prone to yellow due to continued exposure to the sun.

Either way, Kirkland balls last less than many high-end balls, including Titleist ProV1.



  • Great performance, comparable to leading golf balls
  • Great spin, distance, energy transfer and feel on the greens
  • Value for money
  • Minor performance lacking, as noticed by very skilled players
  • Less durable: cuts and scuffs more than other premium balls
  • Prone to yellowing of the Urethene due to exposure to the sun
  • Only for very skilled or low handicapped golfers.
  • Verdict

    To sum it up, the Kirkland Signature lives up to is hype and glory. the balls perform just as good, if not better than Titleist ProV1 or other most selling premium balls in the market, whether it be iron, wedge, driver or putt shots (with data to back up claims of course!). And with the balls costing so low, it is always wise to stock up on them whenever they are available (if anytime soon, by the look of it).

    Best Golf Sunglasses For Men Reviews & Buying Guide

    The sun is out and it is time for our best golf sunglasses reviews. With modern technology and stylish design that doesn’t compromise on functionality, there is a HUGE range of sunglasses that cater to the needs of the athletes. The sunglasses come in all ranges of price and even the lower priced ones pack in a ton of useful features.

    If you do not want to invest a lot of money on the premium ones, there are a range of less expensive ones that outdo their small price tag in terms of performance. Most popular sunglasses for golf come from well-known manufacturers like Nike, Adidas, Ray Ban, Oakley while a lot of higher and lower priced, great performing ones come from lesser known brands like Sunway, Mau Jim, Sundog, Dirty Dog, etc.

    The sunglass companies are just getting creative, with so many offering in terms of frame style, open or close bottomed designs, lens tints, etc. No longer do you now have to take off your sunglasses before landing the perfect shot, but you can now also wear your “golf sunglasses” while driving, cycling, biking, skiing and they are bound to be a loyal, good looking companion for all your outdoor pursuits.

    Some sunglasses actually aid in better vision, better depth perception and better color reproduction to make you perform better with them on, rather than off. Also since almost all sunglasses have a prescription version available, one does not have to face hassle and can choose freely.

    Top 10 Golf Sunglasses We Reviewed Today

    Here’s a quick list of the best golf sunglasses according to our team. In case if you don’t have time to get into the details, simply click on any of these names and you will be taken to Amazon to check price and customer reviews there.


    Measures: Bridge: 12mm || Temple: 133mm || Lens Width: 59mm || Diagonally: 63mm || Lens depth: 38mm || 8.5 mm base curve.

    The first in our list of the best golf sunglasses would be this unit. The Oakley Flak 2.0 XL Sunglasses seems to upgrade to the already popular and hot selling Oakley Flat Jacket XLJ.  It is now even more comfortable, improves the field of vision and the coverage is greater. The sunglasses score high on the comfort arena because they are laced with anti-slip UnObtainium rubber nose pad and ear sock that are engineered to provide secure fit even when you are sweating a lot.

    Oakley Three-Point Fit System makes sure the sunglasses hugs your skull and is optically aligned. The glare reduction is pretty good but not the best. The glasses block sunlight, protecting from UVA, UVB, and UVC rays, but suffers occasionally on extremely bright days. The O Matter frames are extremely scratch resistant, durable, impact resistant and lightweight, build to resist a lot of wear and tear.

    The Flak 2.0 XL comes with one of Oakley’s Sports Soft Vault case and a microfiber cloth that works as a lens cloth and gives sufficient protection when you toss your case around without you having to fuss much. In short, they may seem a bit pricey but totally worth the money because of not just golf, this one pair would work great for all your other outdoor activities as well. The large interchangeable lens protects against wind, dust, sun, and impact. What’s greater is that it is available with a prescription for single and progressive lenses.

    The only problem is that the sunglasses don’t really fit larger faced people and leaves a visual gap at the bottom for a few people. The base curve extends peripheral view and side coverage and improves visual acuity. Prizm lens technology for enhanced ball tracking.


    • Tough, durable, impact and scratch resistant
    • Clear vision in fairways
    • Premium look and feel
    • Consider glare and side glare reduction
    • Lightweight and comfortable
    • Protection from UVA, UVB and UVC rays.


    • Glare reduction may not be the best
    • May not fit larger faces

    Check Today’s Price & Customer Reviews Here


    Measures: Bridge: 18mm || Temple: 127mm || Lens Width: 60mm || Lens Width: 37mm

    The lens has a wrap around feature with up to 10 base curve thus ensuring maximum coverage and widest field of vision. The sunglasses use the ClimaCool technology for air ventilation which redirects air to prevent fogging. Quick Change Lens System offers a quick and easy lens changing technology to keep you ready for all lighting conditions.

    Lens Lock System aids this even more to give a fast and sturdy lens interchange system that requires a few clicks only. The Traction Grip is responsible for comfort, pressure-free fit flexibility. LST Lens Technology makes the lens extra-light and impact resistant. Also available in a range of frame colors such as flash red, green, yellow, navy, and black, they provide superior level of performance on the course.

    The lens colors vary in tints like Gold Mirror, Grey/Blue Mirror, LST Contrast Silver, and Grey. These premium looking pair of sunglasses offer crystal clear and distortion free vision and are especially advantageous for putting tricky shots. The lens is made of lightweight, vision-enhancing polycarbonate while the frame is made of SPX. A successor of the Adidas Kumacross 1.0, a largely popular model, these are just better and bigger, with both of them available in prescription lenses.

    Check Today’s Price & Customer Reviews Here

    NIKE EV0873-010 GOLF  X2 PRONIKE EV0873-010

    Measures: Bridge: 14mm || Temple: 130mm || Lens Width: 59mm ||

    Well, a best golf sunglasses list is never complete without a Nike in it. Created in collaboration with Nike Gold athletes, the Nike Golf X2 packs in some useful features for a great game. Nike Max Optic Golf Tint enhances the greens, amplifies the whiteness of the ball and provides visual acuity at all angles.

    The frame is made of lightweight nylon, with thinner, adjustable Silicone Secure Wrap temples to maximize stability and allow you to comfortably wear a hat with the sunglasses securely in place. The self-adjusting nose bridge is ventilated and equipped with an individualized fit. The ear grips also have custom fit too. Lastly, the ProCut lenses have a deeper cut to provide greater coverage, for medium to large fit.

    The sunglasses come with a soft case. The frames come in various colors: Matte Dark Magnet, Matte Gym Red, Matte Squadron Blue, Matte Seaweed and Matte Black. The sunglasses come with two interchangeable lenses and some of the tints maybe darker than anticipated. The appearance may have a less expensive look to it, but don’t be fooled: it performs great despite prices starting quite low. True to its athletic vision, the glasses are ideal for baseball, golf, cycling, and tennis. The frame is a semi-rimless design for greater coverage.

    It blocks 100% of UVA and UVB rays to ensure eye protection. The frame fares quite well in durability, as they are scratch resistant and won’t snap easily.


    • Best suited for athletic pursuits
    • Scratch resistant, tough looking, durable
    • Custom nose fit and ear grip
    • Well ventilated to prevent fogging
    • Deeper cut for maximum coverage


    • Tints may be a bit dark for some lighting conditions
    • Looks plasticky, less premium

    Check Today’s Price & Customer Reviews Here


    Measures: 135mm (hinge to hinge)

    For people who do not want to invest a fortune in sunglasses or do not play for a living, big names like Oakley are too unreachable. Saving the day, Canadian sunglass company Sundog has numerous models (most in the range £50 to £80) to cater to the athletic tastes. The Sundog Prime Ext is one such budget-friendly sunglass that doesn’t compromise on quality and performance.

    The Prime Ext uses TrueBlue technology to protect against UVA and UVB rays. It gives a subtle amber tint, which enhances clarity, and significantly reduces glare. TrueBlue branded lens technology makes use of synthetic Melanin and OLP (Ocular Lens Pigment) to filter blue light and block ultra-violet light, both of which help reduce eye fatigue. This spectacular technology is unique to the company.  Weighing just 30gms, it has an open bottom design. The amber /rose tint named Aurora works best for cloudy days, giving more visual clarity than even the naked eye perhaps! The Bolt lens is better for the brighter days. The lens also has deeper cut for maximum coverage.

    The Sundog, for some, may compromise on style or coolness, but it definitely has been trying hard for the past 30 years to offer the most sophisticated eye protection technology. The Metal Core Adjustable Megol Nose Pad provides excellent grip. The Maxflex RILSAN Frame comes in black or very dark grey with the Sundog logo the only bit of color on it. The Sundog glasses are lightweight and do not feel like a knot of pressure at the back of the head from wearing 5 or 6 straight hours. The pair comes with soft cleaning cloth case.


    • TrueBlue Technology reduces eye fatigues and blocks out blue light
    • Budget friendly
    • High performing
    • Light, sporty, durable


    • Being a lesser known brand, may have some difficulty with order shipment and stock availability.

    Check Today’s Price & Customer Reviews Here


    Measures: Bridge: 12 mm || Temple: 128 mm || Lens Width: 60mm || Lens Height: 42 mm

    || Lens Width: 74 mm

    Tifosi Crit is all about options and adding variation to your golf gears; the company offers 8 difference lens options and 5 different frame options to choose from. The Light night Fototec lens offers the best tint for low lighting conditions. The lens is ventilated uniquely to prevent fogging: two lens vents on each lens and two on the frames.

    Grilamid TR90 nylon frames are durable, lightweight, resist impact. The arms are adjustable and call for a custom fit. The nose pieces are adjustable and made of hydrophilic rubber great when sweating or exercising. The Fototec (photochromatic) lens change swiftly from one light condition to another, with about 15% light transmission on very bright days and about 48% transmission on less illuminated conditions.

    Shatterproof, polycarbonate lenses are light as well as impact resistant. They are optically decentered to avoid distortion and magnification of any sort. Fits medium to large faces, and with adjustable ear and nose pad, they ensure the sunglasses do not slip off and fit snugly. The Crit comes with both a hard case and a soft microfiber bag, armed with a lifetime warranty for manufacturer defect.

    It is an athlete-friendly product, especially good for runners and cyclists. Fitting medium to large faces, the sunglasses provide good coverage and slip resistant adjustable rubber so the glasses stay in place even if you sweat a lot. Also, it is tough, durable and extremely wear and tear resistant.


    • Durable, lightweight and wear and tear resistant
    • Offers a range of tints for various degrees of light transmission and lighting conditions
    • Optically decentered to avoid distortion or unwanted magnification.


    • May not be the best for very rainy days even with a hydrophobic coating on
    • Looks sporty, not classy – unappealing to a certain segment of golfers

    Check Today’s Price & Customer Reviews Here


    Measures: Bridge: 16 mm || Temple: 129 mm || Lens Width: 81 mm || Lens Height: 42 mm

    It’s all about fit with the Bolle Bolt Modulator V3 Sunglasses. They hug perfectly, wrapping well behind the ears and on the nose. The Thermogrip temples and hydrophilic nose pads absorb moisture, keeping the glasses in place, even when you move or sweat a lot. Pinching the adjustable nose piece helps to fit around all nose types and sizes.

    The B Clear lenses provide visual clarity, glass-like crispness and enhanced vision, on levels similar to that of the best sunglasses. Equipped with an anti-fog coating in the interiors and a hydrophobic coating outside, the pair is designed to ward off moisture. Photochromic properties of lens provide clear vision in all light conditions: shady, overcast or bright. However, it may warm colors slightly, making it look a bit unnatural.

    B88 frames use a fine grade and lightweight nylon that provides both durability and flexibility. The frames are semi-rimless with colors in neon yellow, shiny white and shiny black, with straight temple. The pair is suited for medium to large faces. The lenses are not polarized but these are a pair that works great in reading the greens without polarization, something that a few golfers prefer.

    The edge of the lens sometimes does not sit well in faces with high cheekbone. Clarity and contrast not very far away from the best golf glasses. The brown tint actually highlights the subtleties of the grass, trees, cloud, etc. They provide undistorted vivid contrast while blocking out 87% of the blue light.

    Even though the Oakley surpasses them on distance vision, they are better at reducing glare. Carry and semi-hard case included with the pair.


    • Thermogrip temple wraps comfortably behind the ears.
    • Adjustable nose piece
    • Lightweight nylon frame provides durability and flexibility
    • Photochromic lenses provide clear vision in varying lighting conditions.
    • Reduces glare without being too dark in very bright light.
    • Blocks out 87% of the blue light while providing protection against UV rays.


    • Not the best for distance vision
    • Very high priced
    • Not for people with high cheekbones, or smaller faces.
    • Not polarized

    Check Today’s Price & Customer Reviews Here


    Measures: Bridge: 19 mm || Temple: 135 mm || Lens Width: 71 mm || Lens Depth: 48 mm || 8 Base Curve

    Adidas Tour Pro is all about functionality without compromising on styles. These sporty sunglasses look modern and have a touch of classy with their aviator-ish touch.

    The lens uses Light Stabilizing Technology (LST) to improve contrast and color perception in different light conditions. The glasses enhance reading the green even better than the naked eye. The wide coverage and great peripheral vision mean one doesn’t have to take off the glasses to score a good shot. The lens also has the option of getting a polarized tint for convenience.

    Adidas is all about adjustments, custom fit, and comfort. The double snap adjustable bridge sits well on the nose according to your fit.  The ergonomically designed nonslip, adjustable temples include Tractions Grip and allows its user to have their hat, visor or cap on while sporting the sunglasses. The Tri-Fit technology allows you three height adjustments for optimum fit. With Quick Change Lens System, changing into the desired lens is also made handy and easy.

    Tour Pro has lived up to its name and has been actively starring in PGA tours since 2012, and tour players like Dustin Johnson, Justin Rose, Martin Claire among others vouch for it because of its unrivaled performance, style, and comfort. The sunglasses are super stylish, meaning one can wear them on the course and also sport them off the course, just anywhere. This is a great pair that boasts of clear vision and unobstructed view even when driving.

    It has a large fit with an 8 base curve and a weight of just 23 grams. Armed with a 2-year warranty, this pair of sunglasses comes with a micro fibre bag and a hard case.


    • Lightweight, durable, tough
    • Adjustable nose pad and nonslip temples and allows user to wear with hat, or cap
    • LST lens offers 100% UVA, UVB, UVC protection with clear vision and color perception
    • Affordable price point
    • Good for all outdoor uses: golf, driving, clubhouse, etc
    • Sporty look, aviator-like appearance
    • Tour favorite – sported by numerous tour players


    • Looks may seem purely athletic rather than classy and modern

    Check Today’s Price & Customer Reviews Here


    Measures: Bridge: 17 mm || Temple: 130 mm || Lens Width: 64 mm || Lens Depth: 39mm || 8 Base Curve

    They are absolutely durable, tough, longlasting and most customers have reported them to last about 2 to 3 years approximately. Scratch, wind dust resistant. Nose pads aren’t the best. Works for a lot of people but most of the people have complained of nose pads lifting while wearing helmets, headphones, hats, etc.

    The rectangular shape complements various face shapes. Anti-corrosive, stainless steel pin hinge offers lightweight strength. It has a non-slip, rubber nose pads for comfort. Gloss finish for a sleek look. The excellent customer service will guarantee you have a speed fix for whatever repairs or problems you face, if ever ‘t worry, you’re not going to need them repaired before at least 3 years, fingers crossed, guarantees Mau Jim loyal customers.

    The neutral grey lenses offer the richest color reproduction, sharper contrast and greatest sunlight and glare reduction. The polarized lenses reduces glare in water, snow, dust, rain, etc. The Clearshell hard coating at the back and front of the lens makes it scratch resistant and improves optical acuity. Virtually shatterproof, they are one third the weight of normal sunglasses made of glass. Grilamid TR 90 lightweight nylon frames are impact resistant, flexible and fit well. The light, durable polymer with extreme bending strength, is known for retaining its shape.

    They are semirim less and have a thickened area where they go behind the ears. This athletic pair is perfect for water sport and a wide range of outdoor activities. The fit is for larger faces. It may have fogging issues when hiking in extremely cold conditions. Maui Jim Ho’okipa sunglasses come with a semi-rigid, black Mau Jim case, with zipper across it and a soft pouch for cleaning and storage.

    Check Today’s Price & Customer Reviews Here


    Measures: Bridge: 19 mm || Temple: 123 mm || Lens Width: 66 mm ||

    The style is very similar to Oakley and people who have been loyal Oakley fans but would like a cheaper pair might want to invest in this. The frame using ArmourFusion technology uses titanium and Grilamid to make a lightweight frame. The Armor Sight Technology gives 20% better visual quality, giving an improved peripheral vision.

    The mirrored lenses are also about ten times stronger than polycarbonate ones. The Multiflection coating prevents scratches and smudges. The nonhinged adjustable nose pad allows for fitting as per comfort. The UA Auto Grip temple make the sunglasses fit securely on the head and flexibility of the arm. The arms/ temples are actually more flexible than the frame itself! The arms are truly flexible, folding back and forth is very easy.

    The fit of the sunglasses exceeds excellence. They are not polarized though, and despite protection against UVA, UVB and UVC, they may not be fully anti-glare. One disadvantage is that these glasses come in Onse Sized Fit only, meaning that you’re lucky if they fit but you really can’t get them tailored to your requirements. Though they are available in solid frames, the transparent ones are pretty stylish and make the frame quite unique among competitors. Overall, it performs great despite its average/mid-range price tag.

    They are scratch resistant and durable, and perfect value for money if you’re buying for outdoor uses, biking, or other sports.


    • Excellent fit, flexible arm wraps securely.
    • Clear peripheral vision
    • Durable and tough for the outdoors


    • Not the most modern looking sunglass in the market
    • Not polarized

    Check Today’s Price & Customer Reviews Here


    Measures: Bridge: 15 mm || Temple: 135 mm || Lens Width: 60mm || Lens Height: 43 mm || 8 Base Curve

    These bold rimless sunglasses retain the modern stylish signature look of RayBan products The Chromance lenses are a gradient, polarized mirror lens with a sun protection factor of 3 and reduced glare and reflection for outdoor enthusiasts. The lenses make objects clearer brighter while having 6 layers of anti-reflection treatment, color amplification, and a remarkable view.

    The Tech frames are medium size with a standard fit, rectangular shaped and very lightweight and durable.
    A carrying case and a cleaning cloth are provided with the eyewear.

    These are available in lens colors: Green Polarized, Purple Polarized, and Silver Polarized while the frames available in grey, brown and shiny black. The polar filters help eliminate glare and reflection. The rimless sunglasses feature the signature style of the brand. The Tech frames are light as a feather and extremely durable. These sunglasses, armed with a 2-year warranty, are set to score high on style and functionality.


    • Stylish aviator, classy, signature look of Ray Ban
    • Durable and Light Weight
    • 100% protection from UV rays with maximum coverage


    • Some tints may be a bit darker, thus not the best, unobstructed vision

    Check Today’s Price & Customer Reviews Here

    best golf sunglasses

    Do You Need a Golf Sunglass?

    Even several years back, most golfers put little, if any, thoughts into investing in a good sunglass especially catering to the needs of golfers. And a few years before that, most golfers didn’t feel the need to even to don a sunglass while laying and thought of it more as a hindrance to clear vision, depth perception, etc. Fast forward some years and sunglasses are now an essential tool in your kit.

    Don’t think a regular sunglass works fine for playing golf because it clearly doesn’t.  Golf specific sunglasses are designed specifically to lower distortion on the bottom half, from which you view the ball; they also used better materials, are generally larger to wrap as much periphery around the eyes as possible, and score higher on the eye health and protection factor. The major reason for getting a golf specific sunglass is, of course, the protection factor. Golfers with cases of light sensitivity must at all times own and utilize the benefits of protective eye gear.

    Golfers are exposed to the wrath of the bright, lurid sun for a great part of the day, play in varying light conditions, and are also vulnerable to exposure to the harmful UV rays. A shield that not only provides you protection is vital. Also, with unimpeded green backdrop again a blue sky, it’s a lot for your eyes, especially when you have to squint to play that perfect shot and strive to locate the ball. Exposure to sunlight for a prolonged period of time considerably increases the risk of cataracts, etc.  A little thought into selecting the perfect eyewear reaps a lot of longtime benefits, don’t you agree?

    best golf sunglasses review and buying guide

    Your Golf Sunglass Buying Guide

    So how do you buy the perfect sunglass that helps you conquer sunlight, squints and struggles like a pro! What makes the best golf sunglasses according to us? Read through this buying guide and others if you are still unable to decide, and hopefully you would be able to determine which eyewear works best for you and your game.


    Most lenses come with three interchangeable lens options so you can choose the tints you want from a variety of options. Make sure you read manuals or thoroughly know the procedure of lens changing: mostly they are very easy, with quick change systems or easy lock techniques, that aid you to change to the desired lens in minutes and with a few clicks. Also, know which lenses are suited for different weather conditions: you don’t want to be wearing the wrong one on the wrong day.


    Green and Grey Lenses: They are more generic shades. They don’t really aid in depth perception or enhance contrast in green but they are somewhat neutral, with good allowance for seeing in the distance. They are especially useful in shutting out the excessive brightness on a really sunny day. A green lens increases color balance while you might want to wear a lighter or medium grey lens for cloudier days.

    Yellow Lenses: Works superb for contrast and depth perception but does not work well for green reading.

    Red Lenses: This lens tint makes everything you see slightly rose-hued.  The red lenses highlight the red and yellows in the green and are helpful during putting and works great in putting greens. They distort colors quite a lot but provide good contrast.

    Amber, Copper, Cinnamon and Brown Lenses: These are the perfect sunglasses for golf and score high on distance vision, contrast, depth perception, working splendidly on the fairways and the greens. Moreover, it allows you to track the ball both in the blue sky and in the expansive green. And all of this it achieves, without distorting the true and natural color of objects.


    With a wide range of designs to choose from, the modern golf sunglass doesn’t compromise on the style font while serving well on functionality and protection arenas. There are different tints of lenses available. You may also get customized prescription ones. Golf sunglasses are designed for full wraps covering a lot more than regular sunglasses. You may want to pick a more sporty sunglass that gives off athletic vibes: these look their part on the course but if you want to wear them out of the course, they might look a bit out of place. Aviator ones look stylish and modern both on and off the course. You might also want to go for a traditional classy looking sunglass, which again might look great for normal use but whether they are golf specific depends on other features up their sleeve.


    Most modern lenses are made of polycarbonate, which is one third the weight of glass, is extremely durable and scratch resistant. Photochromic lenses are a plus point, which makes the sunglasses adjust to varying light conditions very quickly, whether it be a sunny, cloudy or overcast day.


    If you’re investing so much in a pair of sunglass, you want to look like you spent money on them! While protection should be the most important point, the sunglasses shouldn’t be lagging on the style quotient as well. Most brands have multiple color options, stylish frame or temple design, ranging between sleek or heavy.


    While there plenty of options to choose from while purchasing a pair of sunglasses. The price can be as low as £50, to allow you the basics of protection, clear vision, and contrast. The price can surge as high as £300, to pack in with more sophisticated technology, greater material control and construction techniques. The final call is yours of course. It would be wise to try and experiment to see what works. You might want to start off with a mid-ranger, or low priced one rather than jumping into buying a high end one only to discover that it ain’t the right one at all for you!


    Sunglasses must sit perfectly on your nose, not slip off and not require you to adjust time and again. You don’t need to be doing that when you have an important game to play! They should fit snugly but not pinch or make you feel like they’re compressing you. To minimize distortion, it is necessary that the optical center of the lens matches your focus.  Most sunglasses allow customizable nose and temple grip for fit and comfort. You must also know your face type (small, medium, large) and find you glasses that complement your face structure.


    Most sunglass companies have come up with their own patented technology to provide the best frame technology. You must be well aware of before investing of course. Some frames are made of titanium, some are made of nickel. TR 90 and Gilramid are also very popular choices for frame materials.


    You don’t want the sunglass to be heavy; this is one extra weight you don’t want to fuss about while playing. Go for lightweight frames always. An important point here would be to check how much the glasses weigh before you finalize the product. They must be light without being delicate since you’re buying it for the outdoors.


    The sunglasses must last a long period of time and survive the wear and tear it is subjected to. It must be tough, durable and strong.


    While waterproofing is not the most significant factor in buying sunglasses, a pair of waterproof sunglasses is quite a win. Most sunglasses have hydrophobic coating in the lens or the frame, which make them water resistant to a good extent. They must be scratch resistant as well as impact resistant.


    While many golfers, companies, and reviewers make a very deal about whether the lenses are polarized or not, there are multiple high performing sunglasses that are not polarized and the users do not feel any trouble outdoors at all. A polarized lens’ primary function is to reduce glare—that is, light reflected from a flat surface which greatly diminishes color and contrast. A body of water, a windshield, and even an asphalt road are all notorious producers of polarized light. While if you are stringent about anti-glare, you must opt for a polarized pair. Or check if the company offers a polarized variant for just a few extra bucks. If not, nonpolarized work great too!


    Yes, sunglasses can be a lot about what is provided with the pair. Most sunglasses provide a hard, or semi-hard case which means you can keep the pair safely inside and toss them with your other golf accessories without damaging them. Some pairs additionally come with a soft microfiber cloth to help clean the lenses without damaging. Most sunglasses come with 1 or 2 years warranty while a few may also have a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects! Make sure you know the product/lens/ frame replacement policies as many people often complain about receiving something totally different to what they ordered.

    Best Golf Towel Reviews & Buying Guide 2018

    Playing golf under the scorching sun can be very exhausting, isn’t it? But being a golf enthusiast, you do not even want to miss a good opportunity to play. While golf comes with multiple gears with multiple purposes, there is one kit that works to wipe all the weariness away once you make a use of it.

    And that kit is a good old golf towel. If you are a golfer, you will know how imperative it is to have a fine quality towel. Golf towel mainly serves as cleaning the golf balls or clubs, but you can also use them to dry your hands and face as well as taking out all the debris from the gears. That’s why this best golf towel review was necessary.

    However, hunting for the best golf towel might look like an easy task, but once you step outside, you will realize the opposite. And to put you out from that situation, this write has collected all the information that will keep you updated as well as will help you selecting the best.

    You will find many golfers that tend to be careless regarding buying a towel and then later, end up regretting for the consequence. If you have already made a mistake over getting a low-quality towel, this write would be an expedient medium to rectify your mistake. So why waste time, let me start.

    10 Best Golf Towels We Review Today Are:

    1. Clothlete 3 Pack Greenside Microfiber
    2. Callaway Golf 2018 Uptown
    3. Nike Microfiber Towel
    4. Greens Towel Microfiber
    5. Club Glove Caddy and Pocket Towel Set
    6. Team Golf NCAA Embroidered
    7. Simplicity 100% Terry Velour Cotton
    8. Team Golf NFL Embroidered
    9. Grip Boost GB Tri-Fold
    10. Spotless Swing Multi-Use Towel

    Clothlete 3 Pack Greenside MicrofiberClothlete 3 Pack Greenside Microfiber

    Your chase for a budget friendly cloth pack might end once you get this 3 pack golf towel from the Clothlete. This is a three pack product, that is you will be getting three towels that will work for wiping all your sweat that you produce from playing golf. The towels will have three different colors that come for different purpose.

    While the white one will be for your face and hands, the gray and the black ones have been made for the balls. As for the size, well you will find it quite long and this could work as both pro and con for you. However, it still manages to serve what you command it to. Hence, no more worries for getting all drenched as this best golf towel pack can come to your rescue.

    Bright sides:

    • It comes with a snap attachment design that lets you snap the clothes to any part of your bag.
    • The clothes are able to pin to each other so you can make one bigger one.
    • The pack comes in white, black and grey color that serves different purpose.
    • The white one can be used for cleaning your face and hand.
    • The black and gray ones can be used to clubs and ball wiping.
    • The design features absorbency of 400g per square meter to show great cleansing ability.
    • It comes in 24 inches that is pretty long.
    • The pack features microfiber design that works for fast drying no matter how much wet the condition is.
    • Comes in reasonable price tag.
    • Very washer friendly.

    Dark sides:

    • The pack might not fit into your golf bag if it is already crowded with other golf gears.
    • The towels come larger in size and you might have to roll or fold them up to stuff in your bag.
    • The black towel might bleed its color after a contact with any kind of liquid.

    Callaway Golf 2018 Uptown TowelCallaway Golf 2018 Uptown Towel

    Slim and sleek cloth with a touch of good quality is the reason why a towel can claim itself to be the best golf towel. And the Callaway is a brand that seems to offer it so with its 2018 Uptown towel model. This cloth measuring 21 inches by 16 inches comes with super soft touch that you will feel smooth to use it.

    Albeit it comes in slimy size, yet it works amazingly for you. The Callaway has boasted it to be constructed with cotton, so the material can be a great trait for cleaning your hands and face. Like most of its enemies, the towel too has a carabineer ring with which you can attach it to almost anything that you can use for your convenience. However, there is one thing that they have been unfair in, that is putting different price tags in different colored towels or else you will find all the best traits in this cloth.

    Bright sides:

    • The cotton material works the best as a towel for cleaning.
    • The towel has a soft touch to feel, so you won’t feel weird using it.
    • The material is durable and wash friendly.
    • Comes with a metal ring so you can clip to anything for your convenience.
    • Comes in a variety of colors to pick one from.
    • You can use it for you or for your clubs and balls, the choice is all yours.
    • It is able to clean all the wet.
    • Does not get faded even after a lot of washing.
    • Does not come oversized.

    Dark sides:

    • Different colors come in different prices.
    • You might find it pretty expensive.
    • It does not have microfiber traits in it, hence no quick drying nature.
    • The metal clip might not be as durable as you think.

    Nike Microfiber Golf TowelNike Microfiber golf towel

    Nike is highlighted as one of the coolest luminaries in the world of sports. And whenever you look for any stuff, this brand will be there to offer a lot of its product. You can say the same for their golf towel as well. Since that little piece of cloth has bagged several positive feedbacks from its users, there is no reason to not call it the best golf towel. If you look at its traits, it features superior absorbent element for its smooth waffle weave microfiber material.

    For this material, it is able to dry all the sweat out like a breeze. As for its size, well it is indeed big measuring 19 by 41 inches so there are chances to face trouble while stuffing it in your little golf bag. There is highlighted attribute as well which is the Swoosh embroidered trademark that you will get in both the sides of the towel. And this element makes the towel different than many of its rivals. But above all of these elements, the finest thing it does is cleaning all your sweat. And I don’t think you will need to look for more reason to buy it right!

    Bright sides:

    • Provides great absorbency to dry all the wetness quickly for microfiber design.
    • The towel comes big in size.
    • Able to clean all the sweat from your face and hands.
    • Swoosh embroidered trademark makes the towel different than others.
    • The towel feels soft to use.
    • Easy to clean as it dries out quick.

    Dark sides:

    • There is no clip or hook in the towel to attach it to other stuff.
    • There is no color option as it is only available in blue.
    • The big size could be a trouble for you while putting it in a packed golf bag

    Greens Towel MicrofiberGreens Towel Microfiber

    This is another best golf towel pack that should be brought to the light for its cool cleaning performance. With their microfiber design, it is an easy guesswork how slickly the towels will wipe all the worrying wet. Moreover, it will also help in reducing all the odor to keep you clean.

    To add more, there is a carabineer clip that is another trait for which you can snap it to about anything. Although the quality of the towels is top-notch, yet it has a bad habit to collect dirt from the golf ground. To talk about its quantity, you will be getting a pack of three, hence you can utilize them for different targets. And you know what the best part is? The Greens towel offers this pack for the price of one. And that’s pretty much a great deal to have something for your ‘after golf session’. If you think the pack as the best golf towel, then you can have the option to pick one from its 10 different colors measuring 16 b 16 inches square.

    Bright sides:

    • Super absorbent capacity to clean you and your clubs effectively.
    • The Microfiber design helps a lot in reducing odor as well as drying all the wet quickly.
    • You will be getting 10 different colors to choose on from.
    • Comes with a carabineer clip that works to clip it to your cart, bag, belt loops or anything.
    • The towel itself is easy to clean.
    • You can present yourself three for the price of one.

    Dark sides:

    • The towels have the tendency to pick up the dirt from the golf ground easily.
    • You might feel awful to use it in your face as it feels weird when you touch them.
    • They come a bit smaller in size.
    • The towels are more on the thin side.

    Check Today’s Price on Amazon Here

    Club Glove Caddy and Pocket Towel SetClub Glove Caddy and Pocket Towel Set

    Would you love to splash out a bit of money on a care that you can get from a towel? Then have a look at this best golf towel set that Club Glove is offering. The set includes a tour-sized caddy towel measuring 17 by 14 inch that you can use for cleaning your face and hands or for your clubs which is obvious. It also includes a pocket-sized towel that measures 8 by 12 inch that can be used for the same or different purpose as well. So, the towels do nothing but try to suit all of your golfing requirements for which they are known as the best.

    With a non-abrasive and lint free design, the set aims to give a smooth cleaning without leaving any lint. Moreover, their 15 different color options create a greater range from which you can take the one of your favorite color. And if you think you are one of those picky golfers, then this color variety would work as a great option for you. Besides, being a microfiber cloth, you will find the towel to be able to absorb all the water up to 400 percent pretty quickly. Not only that, it works to dry them out fast as well. So, if these traits do not succeed to appeal you then what trait will?

    Bright sides:

    • The set comes with a 17 by 40 inch tour sized towel.
    • It includes an 8 by 12 inch pocket sized towel as well.
    • It is able to hold up to 400% of its weight in water.
    • Comes with a lint free design so that you don’t get to see even a little of lint after a wipe.
    • Comes with a non-abrasive design so you can feel the smooth texture.
    • The tour-sized towel consists of a center slit that lets you fit the towel on your club heads directly so can get the best cleaning.
    • Absolutely wash friendly.

    Dark sides:

    • Might not be as long-lasting as you’d feel it would.
    • The tour-sized towel can be a bit tough to fit into a jam-packed golf bag

    Check Today’s Price on Amazon Here

    Team Golf NCAA EmbroideredTeam Golf NCAA Embroidered

    With the NCAA Embroidered towel by Team golf, you can wipe all the debility that you get after a tiring golf game. Infused with 100 percent cotton, the cloth is able to give you a comfortable feel after you try to clean your sweat. Moreover, it is also able to wipe all the bits and dust as well from the clubs, balls and other golf fears. Coming 16 by 22 inches in size, the Team Golf has made the cloth a tri-fold towel so that you can stuff it easily in your bag.

    Besides, it also has a clip that that swivels and clips to about anything so you can find it right near you. Speaking of the clip, it does not come in metal, rather it is made of plastic, so you might feel it a bit cheap. Also, its expensive pricing could be another reason for which many of the golfers could get dissuaded. But as for the towel, it is definitely a good quality towel that does the job it is given to and does not offer disappointment. So, if you think the towel matches all your needs, you can take this best golf towel into consideration.

    Bright sides:

    • The towel is thick with a smooth texture for its cotton material.
    • It is pretty of good quality as the cloth does not get faded after its wash.
    • It is able to clean the skin as well as golf gear amazingly.
    • The swivel clip made it easier to stick it to anything for convenience.
    • The design has checked scrubber to provide you effortless performance.

    Dark sides:

    • The clip is made up of plastic, hence users found it a bit flimsy.
    • You might step a back for its expensive costing.
    • The cloth might not be durable

    Check Today’s Price on Amazon Here

    Simplicity 100% Terry Velour CottonSimplicity Terry Velour Cotton

    Although you would be preferring a towel that will offer you all the comfort yet there is another thing that you might look for in a cloth- it’s simplicity! And this is the attribute for that the brand Simplicity is known for as you can guess it already from the name itself. However, talking about the towel, this is stated to be their best golf towel that comes in pure cotton made of velour terry.

    Thus, the towel has a smooth texture and you will be able to feel it so soft that it won’t give you a bad clean. Besides, another great feature of this towel would be its tendency of absorbing wetness. So if you feel weary after a long golf game, the cloth can be a great mate to wipe all your sweat after the session. Coming tri-fold in design, the cloth has been hooked with clip and this will work impressive to hook it in and out with anything you want. To talk more about it, the clip is made up of metal so you won’t be finding it cheap.

    Besides, you can also carry it in your golf bag as it comes compact in size. However, if you want this best golf towel, you can pick any one of the seven colors that the brand has in their bags.

    Bright sides:

    • The cotton material makes it feel soft and smooth to touch and use.
    • Features great absorbency power to wipe all the sweat easily.
    • Comes compact in size so you can stuff easily into your bag.
    • The towel is very lightweight, hence it feels easy to carry.
    • The hook is able to clip onto anything for handiness.
    • The clip is made up of metal, so it doesn’t feel cheap.
    • Comes in seven different colors for option.

    Dark sides:

    • You might find it a bit long
    • Might get faded after wash

    Check Today’s Price Here

    Team Golf NFL EmbroideredTeam Golf NFL Embroidered

    Show your favorite team to everyone with this elegant embroidered NFL embroidered towel by Team Golf. This cloth comes with a checkered scrubber that helps in cleansing golf balls and club heads. Moreover, with 60% cotton and 40% Rayon, the towel has been made pretty durable so that it lasts long.

    Though the cloth is a great quality product, yet it might give you a lot of lint after wiping your gears. So, this is something that you should take care of. However, you will find it in tri-fold design and yes you can unfold the towel. However, to talk about its measurement, the NFL measures 16 by 22 inch. So you might get it quite long while you will be carrying it. There is their signature swivel clip on the top of the towel that will let you clip it to anything. Furthermore, you can even unclip it easily as well which is quite handy for a towel. However, if you are looking for something that would wipe away all the dirt, you can check out this best golf towel from the brand.

    Bright sides:

    • The stitching and pattern can look cool on your bag, so design wise it is pretty a great product.
    • The clip is able to hook to anything, hence it’s very handy.
    • The color does not get faded, that shows its durability.
    • Able to wipe all the wetness and dirt from golf balls and club heads easily.
    • The checkered scrubber does a great help.
    • The clip swivels which helps more for convenience.

    Dark sides:

    • You might find the towel a bit long to carry it.
    • It has been sewn to stay folded so you cannot unfold the towel.
    • The towel is not a lint free cloth, so you might end up with many lint after a wipe

    Check Today’s Price on Amazon Here

    Grip Boost GB Tri-FoldGrip Boost GB Tri-Fold

    When a towel understands when to grip and when to boost itself, it just becomes a guesstimate why the cloth is called the best golf towel. And since its manufacturer is Grip Boost, you won’t be requiring more reason to say more about it. However, just like most of its friends, this towel also comes with tri-folded design so it cannot be unfolded till you don’t cut it with scissors.

    As for its traits, it is made up of microfiber that has a lot of absorbency power with a touch of versatility. The towel has a checkered design that works great as scrubber, so it is capable of cleaning all the dirt from your golf equipment. There is a tiny pocket included as well so you can keep your necessary tiny items inside it that you thing you might need with the cloth. You can use it for wiping the gears also. It comes completely as machine washable so you will not need to worry of it getting faded after wash. Besides, it is available in 3 colors and each of them has a carabineer clip that is just there for your handiness.

    Bright sides:

    • Comes with a pocket to keep the gucks away from your hand.
    • The pocket helps in keeping tiny golf items as well.
    • Comes with a checkered design that works superb as a scrubber.
    • Available in 3 colors.
    • There is a hook on top so you can clip it to your bag.
    • Able to clean the dirt like a breeze.
    • Comes as machine washable, hence it won’t get faded soon.

    Dark sides:

    • Cannot dry your hands if they are wet.
    • The stitching around the pocket might not feel strong.
    • Some users did not find anything great about using the pocket.
    • The clip attachment might not perform well

    Check Today’s Price on Amazon

    Spotless Swing Multi-Use TowelSpotless Swing Multi Use towel

    Anything regarded as a multi-tasker defines it as the best in its versatility. And with this Spotless Swing golf towel, you can let yourself experience that. The brand has stated it to have multi-use so you think that it can serve different purpose differently. However, they have boasted it to do three functions.

    Firstly, you can use it to keep your hands and face clean as well as the golf equipment. Secondly, the inner part of it helps in trapping the trashes from wet and dirty club heads. Thirdly it’s microfiber material lets you clean the dirt easily so you can prepare the club to have its next shot. Speaking more of the material, the fabric is also able to absorb over 600 percent of its weight, and that’s pretty a great feature to have. Not only that, you can also clean the towel after you are done using it since the cloth is absolutely machine washable. However, there is a clip on top as well so you can attach it to your bag easily. So if you would like to spend some bucks on a great quality towel, then this one from the Spotless Swing could be the best golf towel that you can have for yourself.

    Bright sides:

    • You can keep the dirt away from your face and hands with it.
    • You can clean the balls and club heads with its inner compartment.
    • The inner compartment helps to trap the trashes.
    • Microfiber material helps to dry the wetness quickly.
    • There is a hook on top so you can clip it to the bag easily.
    • Can absorb over 600 percent of its weight.

    Dark sides:

    • It might shrink a bit after wash.
    • It still might not meet all your requirements.
    • You might find it pretty pricy

    Check Today’s Price on Amazon Here

    Your Golf Towel Buying Guide

    Let’s have a quick look at why you need a golf towel and what are the benefits of having one, shall we?

    Making the gears Dirt-free and Dry

    Golf towels come with a construction of microfiber blend fabric. So it has a great absorbency power. The heft and dimension of such golf towels are usually smaller than other traditional ones. Thus, it becomes easier for you to carry one with you. Not only that, most of the cloths come with a clip that helps a lot for your handiness.

    One of the foremost purposes of golf towels is, it is used to clean your golf gears including club heads or balls. Some of the tasks that the little piece of cloth does is, to buff off the grass blots on the ball, to tackle the trash in the grooves of iron and to de-sand the putter. But the uses do not end here, you can make a use of it in several other ways as well. The only thing that you need to do is, stuffing it in your bag or clipping into it.

    Who really likes to have a set of mucky clubs? They don’t only look unpleasing but also they bring a lot of terrible shots with them. And for this, the only thing that can come to your rescue is a golf towel.

    Wiping up those mucky gears with such a damp cloth will help you keep the gears from shaking off their sheen and inserting more years of stability.

    best golf towel reviews

    Personal Purpose

    Many of the brands offer a set of towels that you can use for personal purpose. While one towel is great for wiping off the dirt, it is also great to make you feel relaxed on the course of golf. All the golfers know how tiring it can be to play a single session of the game in wicked summertime. The sweat drips down the skin and you feel all the inflammation that does nothing but annoys you. It can also lead to loss of concentration and yes bad shots.

    Thus, this kind of towels indeed helps in keeping yourself dry and sweat-free so you can have a good golf morning.

    Cooling Cloth: Putting a cooling towel around the neck feels like an ice on the fire actually. So you can guess here what I am trying to talk about. A cooling towel acts like a bliss in regulating the evaporation rate. It does not only grant you a cool experience to last for hours but also calms down your weariness as well.

    So whenever you have a golf game during a searing summer time, the cooling cloth will not make the game look dreadful and distressing. However, you will also need to know that these cooling towels are not a good idea for cleaning the clubs since the result will be the damage of the gear. Thus, if you plan to buy this make sure you have it for yourself only.

    Traits of Track Down:

    Materials Maybe:

    If you’ve ever purchased a low-cost towel, you might have sighted that the threads and the little lint of the cloth get out of it after you use it. And right at that you moment you go through a moment of realization that how significant it is to get a towel of good quality. Particularly in golf games where a couple of hits could make huge differences in the win and lose situation. So, a towel with a good fabric is a must have that will not flake on people. For it, you will be needing to track down a towel made up of microfiber.

    Microfiber is a kind of fabric that shows its superb cleaning capacity since it does not peel and get the bits on you. The fabric also comes lightweight and you will find it really easy to get the towel into the grooves effortlessly. Moreover, this kind of fabric also helps a lot in drying all the dampness quickly. So, if you want a golf towel that benefits you several ways, look for the one with good quality material.

    Absorbance Ability:

    This is the technical part of your chase for getting the best golf towel in your hand. Just I have mentioned earlier that a great towel is the one that consists of microfiber fabric in it. This fabric is the reason for which you can determine the rate of absorbency.  Basically, this absorbency rate is measured in per square meter of fiber or per square foot. Although it might look tough to relate but after a couple of conversion, it becomes an easy number for comparing. You will get many companies that give the rate via the absorbency percentage comparing to the towel weight. For instance, the higher rate ranges between 600g per square meter or you can say 600% absorbent comparing to the cloth’s weight.

    Size and Snap-Hook:

    Size is one of the most common factors you listed up while you think of purchasing any item. It’s the same for golf towel as well. While picking up a golf towel, you might want one that will come big in size so you can wipe all the stuff without the need of cleaning it in the same place and spreading the trashes back where you already took them off.

    While you select the size of the towel, you might mull over if you would like to keep it in your pocket or in your bag. These are the two instances that you get encountered whenever you think of what size do you want. However, it is still better that you opt for a towel that comes with a hook so that you can clip it to anything, be it your bag or belt through a carabineer. So, whenever you step out to buy a towel, you must have a plan already that what size you will be needing. But it is advised to get the hooked one as it helps you for being a handy trait.

    Color Choice:

    This is yet another important factor to think of while buying a golf towel since it plays a significant role in determining the durability of the cloth. Just like other products, cloths too have stability attribute, hence you must have the one that will last long. However, if you plan to grab a golf towel with a goal of using it to rub your golf balls or wipe off the clubs, then you might wish to have one that comes dark in color.

    Because the rule of thumb says that the darker the towel is, the lesser you will get to see the trash inside of the fabric. And this will let you use the cloth for extensive terms. On the contrary, many brands offer white or light colored cloth that looks very pleasing. If you  wish to use the towel for personal use such as wiping your sweat, then this towel can be of great use.

    Perks of having a golf towel:

    • The towel helps to trap the debris inside so it can keep the gears clean.
    • It helps to clean all the dirt off the golf balls and clubs.
    • Microfiber towel works great in rubbing the dampness and drying them out quick.
    • Towels with hook can be a great trait to have it attached to the belt or golf bag for accessibility.
    • The cloth can also be used for personal use, so you can clean your sweat off hands and face.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Why are Microfiber Golf Towels so popular?

    There are two common materials found in case of the construction of a golf towel: one is cotton and the other is microfiber. But it has been observed that the microfiber has outweighed over the other one for which it became so popular. The reason of its popularity is that it is able to trap the dirt inside very well and can be washed also to keep it clean. Another reason is that microfiber golf towel absorbs the damp fast and also dries them out quickly. Not only that, they are also machine washable and comes in lightweight.

    Q: How do you measure the absorbency rate?

    A: The rate of absorbency is measured in either per square foot or per square meter. Mostly it is stated in percentage. For example, if a company wants to state a towel having a high rate of 500 gram per square meter, they will state it having 500% absorbent power comparing to the heft of the cloth.

    Q: Does the plastic hook last long?

    A: Most of the golf towels come with a hook that either is found in plastic or metal. Hook is one of the vital attribute since it helps in snapping it to your bag easily. If you go for the plastic hook and expects it to last long, then you are wrong. Many of the plastic hook has been felt cheap among the golfers and got disappointed since they could not prove its durability. Hence, in case of which one is durable, I would the metal hook is more durable than the plastic hook.

    Picking up the best golf towel can make your golf game somewhat easier. And for this it is essential that you get to pick the right one so that you can have the finest experience.

    There are many golfers who look offhand to think of having a towel of fine quality and they happen to put less bucks for it. So I would say even if you want to grab inexpensive cloth, make sure it is of good quality. And for this, I have spilled the 10 best golf towels that have not only proven itself to be the best but also have earned a lot of love from the golfers.

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