Golf Accessories

Howdy there player, welcome to our in-depth look at golf accessories. We have covered a TON of different accessories, why you need them, and how to choose the best ones for you and your game.

Whether that be sunglasses to help you avoid that glaring sun on your back swing, or the perfect glove to help you grip the club in torrential rain (or hey, maybe you suffer from sweaty hands in the summer, if so, check out our guide to the best gloves for sweaty hands here). We have you covered from A to Z. Well not exactly, more like hitting mats to indoor putting greens but you get our drift.

Ever wondered what golf accessories you actually need? 

Maybe not, but maybe you've been missing out on some of the great benefits they can bring to you out on the course. For example, we swear by our golf towels, we honestly believe they help us shave points off our card each round. Why? Well we keep our club faces clean and our hands grippy wiping off all that sweat and dirt. 

But that's not all, check out our best guides on our favorite shoes for walking out on the course and also what shoes to wear when it's wet and rainy (and pick up and umbrella too). Some of our newer posts also cover key accessories such as best golf training aids reviewed, the best smartwatches for golf and what is the best winter golf glove to wear in the winter months, brrrrrrghhhhh.

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